Amazon Business: 10 Reasons Why They Fail

There are droves of people who have tried to use Amazon FBA to make their dreams a reality. Amazon is a massive marketplace and a sea of opportunity. When done correctly, you can have your business up and going in no time. You can even turn a large profit. Although it is a huge opportunity and a viable Amazon business option, people still fail at it all of the time. Check out this video  made by Nine University and read below to learn the top ten reasons Amazon businesses fail.

Reason #1: Lack of Get Up and Go

One thing that can cause an Amazon business to fail is that the business owner does not have a sense of urgency or excitement. A lot of times people start something new, then quickly lose interest or motivation. Selling on Amazon requires a consistent level of determination and hard work. You have to start strong and stay strong if you expect to see any profit.

Reason #2: Lack Of Amazon Business Mentorship

A failed Amazon business can come from trying to do it on your own. There is so much to know and understand about Amazon FBA. Learning them all through trial and error can take a toll on your business and cost a lot of money.

Reason #3: Analysis Paralysis

People get bogged down trying to figure everything out. After looking at the numbers and logistics day in and day out, it is easy to become exhausted or confused. People lose momentum because of exhaustion. But the best way to defeat the problem is to just keep going. Having help along the way is critical when it comes to this problem.

Reason #4: Trying to Do Everything at Once For Your Amazon Business

Starting a new business can feel overwhelming. Some people try to alleviate that feeling by working as hard as possible. But trying to do everything at once, instead of following a plan, can cause poor execution and mess up your timeline. Be patient and methodical. 

Reason #5: Listening to Family and Friends Who are Trying to Help

Too many directives from too many people can lead to bad decisions. When it comes to your business, let the professionals lead the way. Your friends and family might mean well, but they do not know the business. Remember not to mix family and business!

Reason #6: Listening to Mentors Who Only Want Your Money

There are professionals out there who will try to scam you into paying big bucks for junk information. Do your homework and stick with legitimate programs like the one offered by Project Nine University.

Reason #7: Not Investing Enough Into Your Amazon Business

A lot of Amazon FBA businesses fail because the owner would not invest in the business. It might seem like a risk, but frugality is not necessarily the best policy when starting a business. In Amazon FBA, your investment will bring a return. Just trust it and go!

Reason #8: Not Researching Products Well

If you do not have the right products or quality products, your Amazon business will flop. Do your homework to make sure that everything you launch will sell. Keyword research is important, too.

Reason #9: Not Understanding Automation and Delegation

People who micromanage often fail as well. There are plenty of tasks that Amazon can automatically do for you. Take advantage of it and avoid burnout. There are also certain tasks that Amazon or other professionals understand better and are used to doing every day. Let them do it!

Reason #10: Not Winning the War of the Mind

At the end of the day, business is a head game. Fatigue, burnout, and apathy can be silent killers. Keep your head up and avoid negative thoughts. If you can stay focused, motivated, and excited, you will avoid letting your brain get the best of your business.

For more information about how to be a better Amazon seller, check out the guys at Project Nine University. You will not regret it!

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