10 Tips for Amazon FBA Business Owners to Increase Productivity

Amazon FBA is much like any other business venture. It can be hard to decrease your distractions and focus on being truly productive. When you start a business or while you are running a business, it is vital that you keep your intensity and push through, difficult as that may be. Today, the Nine University team talks about ten tips to keep you focused and help you to increase your productivity. Let’s dig right in:

1. Amazon FBA Sellers: How to Deal with Your Discomfort

If you really think about it, any time that you are tempted to indulge in distractions, it is because it offers an escape from your own discomforts. Boredom is a great example. Being bored is uncomfortable. If the task at hand is boring, you are going to want to stop what you are doing and invest energy into distractions. If you can learn to push through and overcome your discomforts, you will soon learn to ignore your distractions and keep working.

2. Want to Be a Succesful Amazon FBA Seller? Believe in Your Willpower!

A lot of people think of willpower as a resource or as a battery. This is not what willpower truly is. Just like anger or joy, willpower fluctuates with your feelings and circumstances. It is important to set the tone by starting each day or each task with the mindset of being indestructible or with the knowledge that you do have the willpower to complete the task at hand.

3. “Time-Box” Your Life

Time should be treated as your most valuable asset. If you leave your time unguarded, you are basically just inviting it to be stolen. In other words, if you do not make a plan regarding your time, somebody else will. Instead of making a generalized plan for your time, box it out hour by hour.

4. Availability: Separating Your Amazon FBA Business Duties from Your Personal Life

In other words, you should make yourself available to work during the work day, and when that time is over, make yourself available to the people and activities that you care about. Too many people try to intermittently do both, but all that does is rob yourself of both experiences.

5. Turn Off Notifications

One of the biggest time stealers and distractions during the workday is, you guessed it, your cell phone. It is a good idea to silence it for work time.

6. DFTube: Focusing on Branding Your Amazon FBA Business on Social Media Without Distractions

Okay, so it might seem like a stretch, but a lot of people watch YouTube for work. There is a program called DFTube that allows the suggested videos to be eliminated from view. It has other distraction eliminators as well. 

7. News Feed Eradicator

Another handy Chrome Extension that will help eliminate distractions is called News Feed Eradicator. It cleverly replaces your Facebook News Feed with inspirational quotes.

8. Pocket

Pocket is an app as well as an extension. It allows you to save articles in the app. When you read articles from the app, it eliminates all of the distracting advertisements and related articles.

9. De-Clutter for Amazon FBA Sellers

Cluttered work areas are proven to decrease productivity. Go ahead and clean your workspace. While you are at it, you should organize your tabs and icons on your desktop on the computer and organize your apps on your phone. Having a visually clean work environment will skyrocket your productivity.

10. Forest

Last, there is a really cool app called Forest. It literally turns spending less time on your phone into a game. This is a great option for those of you who just cannot seem to be able to put the phone down in order to focus on the task at hand.

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If you are new to Amazon FBA or simply want to make your Amazon business better, you can find more tips and tricks like the ones above here. You can run a successful Amazon business, and Project Nine University can help!

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