5 Different Ways to Make Money Online Through Amazon

Passive income is the goal. Passive income is defined as money that is made while you are able to be doing other things. That sounds nice, right? There are a lot of ways that you can make passive income through Amazon. Check out Project Nine University’s video about how to make money online and what they are doing to make the most passive income as possible. The text below will highlight what they have done and help you to earn money online too. Let’s get right to it!

Make Money Online:Find a Need and Fill it

The first tip that the video explains is that there are plenty of niche ‘voids’ that need to be filled. The guys at Project Nine University realized that a lot of people need someone to help them with product photography to enhance their listings. What did they do? They started taking pictures of other people’s products to make money online. The point is that you should research the business, find a need, and fill it for… You guessed it: money.

Amazon FBA Itself

Okay, so if you are reading this, then you have probably learned a little about Amazon FBA before. It is still very much worth mentioning because it is a passive income making machine. There are built-in ways to make passive income in the platform and, yes, you will have to do some work, but after you get it rolling, the income is very passive and the numbers keep growing. Check out Project Nine University and the video above to learn a lot more about Amazon FBA.

FaceBook Ads

Detailed in the video above is the income made by Project Nine University’s FaceBook ads. If you sell anything on Amazon, FaceBook ads will help to boost your traffic and your sales so that your trickle of passive income will continue to grow. Obviously, the FaceBook ads require a product or service being sold, but the revenue made by utilizing FaceBook ads is passive and will greatly improve your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Another great way to make passive income on Amazon is to run affiliate advertising. All it is is running ads for other sellers’ products on your page. When you do this, you can make commission off of the ads that generate sales. This is a really simple way to make extra money, and it is extremely passive income. All you have to do is set up the affiliate ads and run them. That really is all. Once people click the ad and buy the product, you make money.

Monetize What You Do the Best

Another way that you can make passive income through Amazon is putting a pricetag on what you do best. A good example is the fact that Project Nine University charges other businesses for their service of running and managing FaceBook ads. It is something that the team is good at and so they have found a way to offer the service to others in exchange for money. This is a great example of the first way listed as well. They have found a need and filled it.

Project Nine University

If you want to earn money online and really start making passive income that will let you live the life that you want, you really need to check out Project Nine University. They have learned so much about selling on Amazon and they really are excited to share what they have learned with you. Leaving the nine-to-five life behind and making money while you do the things that you love is a lot easier than you might think!

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