6 Months In and Making $7,000 Per Month on Amazon with 400% ROI - Is This a Scam?

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It’s okay to be afraid, just be afraid and do it anyway. If these 55 year old men can do it, don’t even know what amazon, like barely even know anything. I can do it, for sure a million times better than them…

Sedona used her competitor’s product against them to create her OWN product to sell on Amazon. She crushed the competition with a better product, better pictures, a better Amazon listing! She’s started her journey knowing NOTHING just six months ago and now makes $7,000 per month with her winning product with an INSANE 400% ROI.

It’s been a journey that has opened even more doors for me than I thought possible.

Taylor: [0:14] “What’s up everybody? Taylor is back again with another, no nonsense review. So, today I’m really excited about this. She’s doing a bunch of things, her name is Sedona. How bout you just introduce yourself to the people of youtube or wherever this is going, just kind of give ‘em a little bit about yourself.

Sedona: [0:32] Yeah! So, my name is Sedona, like he said I live in Chicago and I started with Kale & Taylor in June, and now it’s December. And it’s freakishly exciting to be in this place. Because, you’re sitting there, like uhh! I can’t wait to be there! I can’t wait! And then, like I’m finally like at this point and it feels, it’s just amazing and I’m very happy and it’s been a journey and a learning experience, that has opened even more doors for me than I thought possible, so, I’m really happy and they’re really nice people and that is a lot.You know, it’s not fun working with jerks or people who don’t really care, but I can tell that they care and that’s really important to me.

Talyor: [1:13] Just to make it clear, I didn’t pay you to say any of those things.

Sedona: No, I wish! (Laughs) can you?

Taylor: No!

Sedona: [1:19] Absolutely not.

Taylor: [1:21] Okay, so you got started in June, and then I believe you had your first sale, right at the end of October, beginning of November right?

Sedona: [1:27] Yeah, and I definitely, that’s that’s longer than I, like it, I took my time and I took it a little slower and I was like, kinda back and forth on decisions and I had, you know, so, I think I could’ve gone faster but I really did take my time, let me tell you. And that’s still incredibly fast, I was hoping 6 months, 5 months, so I was pretty impressed with that.

I’m making about $7000 a month in revenue.

Taylor: [1:57] Yeah, and now that we’re in the beginning of December, when we’re filming this, uhh what are you at like results wise, like what are at in like basically your first month on amazon?

Sedona: [2:00] Basically, just totally organically, no advertising, just letting my product sit there and rank and just see what it can do by itself. I’m making about $7000 a month in revenue,and that’s just the last 30 days. Uhmm, I’ve sold 20 organically in one day. And that was my highest, just totally organic day. And I’m kinda starting to, I just hired somebody to kind of who scales businesses? And she’s gonna do like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, PPC and we hired a couple of influencers. Uhmm so, I’m really excited to kind of.. And it feels good to kinda have somebody there, who I’m talking to and uhmm, it’s kinda nice to be doing things. Doing all the things! So, it’s really cool and exciting.

I made something, you know... Really different...

Taylor: [2:43] Yeah, so 6 months end, and in the past 30 days, you’ve done around $7000. Uhh that’s a great return I mean, how are you feeling like in terms of like your return? Like your profit margin, like, what are you looking at that way?

Sedona: [2:56] I’m really happy about mine. Because I made my product a little more expensive than the competitor, because the competitor, wasn’t a true competitor... because I made something, you know.. Really different... But that’s just kind of what I based it off of theirs, and theirs was kind of crappy... And they had, I didn’t like their pictures, I didn’t like their listing, I didn’t like anything about it. But they were still making like, $30,000 a month. And I’m like, pfff... I can do way better than that with mine.. And my product’s like, $8-$9 more than theirs, but it’s still a good price and it looks so much more premium than theirs, like theirs just looks so cheap. (laughs) I don’t know.. Now I’m just going on around, but.. But I’m really happy that I have a profit margin I do, because I was worried about the ROI thing, I was like “ I don’t want 200%, that doesn’t sound like enough.. I need like 4 or 5”. And so I made it work somehow.. And here we are. (laugs)

Taylor: [3:47] And right now, on this.. On that best selling ASIN that you have, you’re like 500% ROI right?

Sedona: [3:52] About that, yeah, without shipping.. With shipping, it would be like 400.. But like, just with the price of the product.. It’s about 500.

I’m so mad I didn’t do it sooner, so mad but I’m also really happy that I’m already this far.

Taylor: [3:59] Yeah, that’s amazing! Uhmm let’s like jump to like, a completely different topic.
Uhmm what are your like, GOALS? Like, why are you doing this? Why are you doing amazon? What are you trying to do? What are your goals for all of it?

Sedona: [4:13] Well, I’ve always wanted to have a lot of money, so that I can... Because I have this business and I plan to put more money into real estate and then I plan to start a non profit, so I can give as much of it away.Not only so I don’t have to pay taxes on it, but because that’s always been the only purpose I’ve ever had. It just flows through me, I’ve always wanted to change people’s lives, I wanna pay everyone’s student loan, I want to pay everyone’s mortgage, I wanna be able to give people who are playing guitar on the streets, a thousand dollars. And, because I don’t need it and I’ve always wanted to be able to live under my means and be happy and be able to travel everywhere and give to people.

I want.. My goal is, once I die... For the ripple effect that I created in the world to never ever die. Like I will never really die, because thousands of people from now, will be living a life because I might have done something for their family. And that’s pretty much the ultimate goal. And this journey has helped me discover.. kind of, it’s like the goal has always been the same, but the path to the goal is always gonna be changing and winding, and you’re never gonna know what’s gonna happen.. And I have no idea this was…. At the beginning of the year, I wish I knew that this existed, like... I’m so mad I didn’t do it sooner, sooo mad but I’m also really happy that I’m already this far. I feel like I started 2020 early. Cause, I was like 2020 is like a huge.. I think it’s just gonna be.. It’s just a big change to the big decade and’s the roaring 20’s… and

I’m glad that I started a little early, because everyone’s like “it’s too late to get into the FBA game” and I’m like, first of all, “No, it’s not.. And two, I’m good.” I’m in it and I’m super happy that I started and I didn’t hesitate. I’m glad y’all hired somebody how just kept bothering me. (Laughs)

Taylor: Hahaha!

Sedona: [5:58] He was like “you’re gonna do so well and he wasn’t bothering me to sell me on it, he was bothering me ‘cause he was like “you’re wasting your potential if you don’t do this!” like, why are you like.. “This would be amazing for you.” and I just like had a good connection with that guy and that’s kind of, it brought me on and so, that’s super important.

Taylor: [6:14] You got a lot of people that are.. That are thankful for you, and so I think this is interesting and kind of hitting at it but, you know you have these big goals and that’s what they are, is they’re really big goals right? And seven-eight seven or eight months ago, did you know how you were gonna accomplish those goals?

Sedona: No

Talyor: No, do you feel like you did?

Sedona: [6:32] I kinda did, but the path was still.. I was just waiting for it to.. I knew that I thought accomplish a goal, I was gonna have to work really really really hard, doing a bunch of things I didn’t wanna do for a lot longer than I was gonna have to do them. And since I.. there’s just things that I want to pursue that I can’t do if I’m tied.. you know, time wise or money wise. I just can’t.. I can’t really focus on them, and I’m a very like.. One focused person.. Like FBA, I haven’t been able to do any other things, because this.. I’m like really focused on this and so it’s just hard for me to split. And I have technically four careers now. So, it’s like I’ve been really complicated splitting them all.

What’s been the hardest thing in this Amazon FBA journey so far for you?

Taylor: [7:11] I actually asked you this question before, but I wanna ask it again because your answer was so good!

Sedona: Okay..

Taylor: [7:17] What has been.. What’s been the hardest thing in this Amazon FBA journey so far for you?

Sedona: [7:22] Definitely the fear. Just this, the.. just the person on my head telling me that I can’t. That’s been.. If that disappeared, I would have beat.. I would have started selling like maybe.. August. Like there’s been so many little.. I mean, that’s one, pretty much the hardest andthe impatience. Because I’ve started like, I don’t want.. I wanna quit working now.. I’m like very.. I’m like doing things knowing “okay, I can’t do that,I need to like.. chill .. and it’s just, the impatience is hard, the fear is hard. The money is kind of hard, but for the most part.. You know, I’m really creative and I’ve you know.. All the work was easy.. Like, I didn’t complain about any work. I love every step I was like “boo!! Gibberish… let’s do it! It’s exciting! And it was so fun, and I love having all these like official documents on my desk, like look at me! I got a.. You know, this other business, it also inspired me to make my other business an LLC, cause I was like.. I should probably do that, and so.. And I did it with the same company y’all told me about and now I’m learning.. I’m gonna start learning to do Facebook ads for my photography business.. and so this is really just been expanse of my own business.

Taylor: [8:23] The biggest.. You know, one of the biggest things.. The hardest things is FEAR.

How did you overcome that, to actually go in and you know, buy the inventory and do all the work and now have your products up and selling in Amazon?

Sedona: [8:35] Honestly, I have a lot of like.. Affirmations and things I tell myself and.. I tell myself that, first of all, fear is a lie.. It’s not real,it’s the biggest lie you are ever told.. It’s just your ego lying to you.. It’s just your fear.. It’s our human.. Thousands of years of pain and suffering. We.. we are here.. And we’re like worried and we don’t want to lose our money and we don’t wanna.. We don’t wanna know. That will hurt our egos, that will hurt us. And I tell myself that “It’s okay to be afraid, just be afraid and do it anyway. Like, you can be afraid.. But just do it!”

Like, be afraid.. That’s okay! And.. and just accepting and being like, it’s okay to be afraid.. Also, I know it’s like the opposite of what I’ve said.. But like,that’s a part of it, and you know.. We only really have two emotions.. It’s “fear and love” like.. Those, like.. That’s what we’re made of, and so, like I love myself so much and I love life so much! And I love freedom so much, that it is stronger than the fear. And what I want, is stronger than the fear. What I desire is within me. Like, I tell myself everyday..everything you desire is within you, because.. It is! It’s nowhere.. It’s all inside you, you have to grab it.. You have to find it and that’s pretty much what has pushed me forward everyday and just seeing what I have done in life.. Like everything I have tried to do and puts that my mind to “I have accomplishment, I’m doing it, it’s all good”. Why is this any different? Like, if these people can do it, “If these 55 year old men can do it, don’t even know what amazon, like barely even know anything. I can do it, for sure a million times better than them”.

And I’m also a photographer. So, I got to take.. I get to constantly.. Like think of new ways to take pictures of my product.. My pictures are gorgeous and I love it, and that’s saving money and that’ll save me money down the road too. Which is.. Which is always fun!

If these people can do it, I can do it.

Taylor: [10:15] I love it! I love it so much.. If you could.. So you’re in the VIP program.. Is there anything that you like, remember from like the past 6 months that like..any little thing in the course, that like kind of stuck out to you like, you.. It blew your mind.. Like, you were like.. “Oh my gosh!” like, do you remember anything specific from it, that help you? Or main impact on you, in you business?

Sedona: [10:33] Yeah, I would say.. What I looked forward to the most were kind of the energy that you all put in everything.. I don’t know.. That’s maybe.. That sounds weird, but like, it was really..if you will see..there’s people online who are selling courses. And they just piss me off. Like you all? I love seeing your, there was a warmth about them, but some people are just very cold.. And kinda like, “look at me! I got a business suit on.. Like you can’t relate to those people.. Like, I can relate to you all. You all are normal people.. You all are close to my age and the fact that you’re close to my age and you use personal experiences like, your always thrown in.. Like, I had this and I lived and I had this struggle. And you all have been through all of it. And so, just the personal moments, I really appreciate. Because I’m a personal person and I like.. Like, when I meet people, I give them hugs and I just like, when people are real and tell it to you straight and I like that you all don’t put on like a filter or like.. I like that you all cuss! And like, just say.. Say how you are… say how life is and when, and when things suck, you say that they do suck! Like, you’re not sugar coating things to some people.No matter how hard they try, they aren’t honest, you know.. Especially when they’re trying to sell something. And so, I really feel like you all are just being real. And that is what I appreciate- that’s what I remember form all the course.. Is just being like, Uh! I feel like I’m just in their living room, talking to them. It felt really good, and it made me excited to go back to the course, cause it’s a lot of work and sometimes it’s no fun to listen to people talk, but you know. It was always exciting.. So..

Take risks. You’re never gonna live, if you stay in your comfort zone.

Taylor: [12:00] That is.. I’ve asked a lot of people that question.. Like, what sticks out to you in the course? Because we’re always always trying to make it better, right? We’re always trying to add more to it, make it better and I can 100% say that, that is by far.. The most unique answer we’ve ever gotten. Most people are like “Oh I remember this like one product research video on how to do this” or like, something like that. So, I really appreciate that! We, we wanna be ourselves right? I really do appreciate that. So, thank you! How bout this.. If someone.. You know, it’s seen a video or something like you, and they were thinking about getting started with us, doing Amazon FBA or even without us, and doing Amazon FBA.. what would you say to them?

Sedona: [12:35] I would tell them that, there’s nothing to lose.. Really, there’s nothing to lose. If anything you’re gonna gain.. You’re gonna learn more about yourself and about life than anything else and you have to take risks.. You can’t..That’s what life is about, you know...You’re never gonna live, if you stay in your comfort zone. You know.. You’re never gonna live. I’ll tell them all those things.

Taylor: [12:54] I love it! I love it so much. Seriously! Thank you so much for taking some time on your day. I know you’re busy, I know you’re doing a bunch. But I’m really really excited to do this with you.. I’m really really excited to have you in the program, obviously. And what I’m most excited about, is that you do want it..and that you’re going after it..and what I’m excited about is to come back here in.. you know 3,4,6 months.. Whatever it is, and look back at this..and say “Hey! You were doing.. You know, at that point in time it was like $7000 in the past 30 days. Six months from now, looking back, you know.. It’s 40, 50, 60 thousand, whatever it is.. In the past 30 days.. That’s what I’m excited about. Because I’m excited to see you grow, your business grow..and you go out and do the things you wanna do.

Sedona: [13:36] Yeah, me too! I can’t wait! You and me both!

Taylor: [13:40] Awesome! Well thank you so much for your time.. Guys! Hope you enjoyed it! There is Sedona, she’s got.. She’s just killin the game and guys, I love this! Because once again.. This interview has proven.. What we’ve been saying over and over and over again, is that how to do something isn’t what matters, it’s why you’re doing it, and how hard you’re working and it does matter. And she said it over and over and over again, and her answer is, It’s what we’ve said for years now.. And it’s true! So, love you guys! Thank you for being here! Thank you Sedona! You’re amazing.

Sedona: [14:10] Hey, thank you!

Taylor: [14:13 So, one thing, real quick that we didn’t do, do you have like, the seller central account on your phone or anything?

Sedona: Yeah!

Taylor: [14:19] Can we like, alright.. We’re gonna like cut this in.. but could I be like “Hey, could you show your, like.. Seller central app on the camera real quick? So, basically you’re just gonna show it and then like, swipe down and refresh it, so people don’t think it’s like a photoshop or something. People are wild, they’re crazy!

Sedona: [14:37] People are crazy! Here,hold on.

Taylor: [14:41] look at that

Sedona: [14:42] One of my uhmm. My best seller’s being moved to a different warehouse right now.

Taylor: okay

Sedona: [14:46] I haven’t been able to sell my best seller, it has zero for the last 2 days.. So, I’ve only had like.. I’ve had like sad sales the last 2 days.

Taylor: [14:54] There it is! Right.. Right under, $7000 just like we said.. It’s real.. It really is real.. Love it!

Sedona: [15:01] With my happy day.. I don’t know how.. I got 20 sales.. I was like, why can’t that be everyday.

Taylor: [15:06] You’ll get there. That’s crazy! No, wait! So, with that.. So you’re.. You’re basically.. I mean, you’re running like a little bit of PPC right now, right?

Sedona: [15:13] A little bit auto.. But it’s not really getting me anything.It’s got me 10 or 11 sales.. But other than that, none of my sales have been from PPC. My products just kind of organically ranked. Even.. and one of the main keywords is above the competitor now. But it’s still.. Losing that one product and having some of the issues I’ve had, has been messing my ranking. But that’s okay, because I know they.. Like, I don’t have the inventory right now, just go crazy.

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