8 Things You Need To Know About Making Money Online Through Amazon

Through Amazon FBA, you can start making passive income by selling products online. Amazon has a massive built-in marketplace with a lot of room to grow. Amazon also has a lot of marketing opportunities as well as distribution options through Amazon FBA. If done correctly, Amazon FBA is a great way to make extra money online. If you want to know how to make money online, check out this video and keep reading.

Make Money Online: 8 Things to Know

Nine University has described the top eight things that you should know about how to make money on Amazon. Let’s take a closer look:

Number 8: Start Quickly and Non-Scalable, Then Scale Up
When you first start, the goal should be to simply make money online. It is hard to start out with room to ‘scale up’ and that is okay. Just start with the intention of building your finances so that you can grow in the future. After you make the ‘quick money’ with a non-scalable business model, you can transition to a more scalable business.

Number 7: Start Where You Have to Start
It can be easy to get discouraged about your ‘starting-point’. If you have to start with something as small as walking dogs or flipping items on Craigslist, do it. Do not let discouragement and apathy keep you from starting towards your goals.

Number 6: Get to the ‘Big Three’ as Quickly as Possible
The ‘Big Three’ include:
Amazon FBA
Facebook Ads
Affiliate Marketing
These three things will be the catalyst for the exponential growth that you are looking for. They all take a little bit of money up-front, but they are powerful vehicles that can take your business to the top.

Number 5: Use the ‘Big Three’ Together
The three things listed above do not work as well autonomously as they do when used together. ‘Mash them up’. When you overlap your strategies, you will be making and extremely effective marketing funnel. This is critical. 

Number 4: Become a Master at One Thing and Repeat

When you are learning the things listed in step six, or even other aspects of business, master one before you move to the next. This will help you to more thoroughly learn all of the aspects of your marketing etc. One step at a time is better than trying to ‘jump the staircase’.

Number 3: Teach What You Have Mastered
After you become proficient at something, go ahead and sell your knowledge! People want to learn this stuff so badly. If you are good enough at anything, you can put a pricetag on your experience. This is also a great motivator when it comes to learning something thoroughly.

Number 2: Personal Branding
In today’s world, it is not sufficient to just tell people how awesome your product is. You have to make it unique and help it to stand out. One of the most effective ways to do this is personal branding. Put yourself out there and make your product an extension of you and your expression. People will ‘eat it up’.

Number 1: Use Other People’s Knowledge
It is not efficient or effective to only rely on your own knowledge. There are a lot of people with valuable information and advice. It is okay to learn from other people. In fact, it is one of the only ways to achieve success at its full potential.

Project Nine University

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