Amazon FBA Beginners: Don't Make These Mistakes!

If you are new to Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you might be wondering what kind of mistakes you should be trying to avoid. There are six mistakes that beginners often make that can be detrimental to your business. Nine University created this guide to help you understand what these mistakes are. For more information you can click this link and keep reading below!

#1: Lack of Branding on Your Amazon FBA Business

A lot of new sellers on Amazon FBA do not consider their brand or the direction of their brand when they launch their first product. It is tempting to chase random items that have a good price point and a “seven and seven” score. This method, however, will not allow you to create a recognizable and consistent brand. If people are not sure of the purpose of your brand, they are less likely to trust it and buy from you.

#2: Amazon FBA Sellers Failing to Reinvest Back 

When people start making money on Amazon FBA, a lot of times they are quick to celebrate and start to spend their profits. The better thing to do is to reinvest profits at first because it will cost money to grow your business. That money is hard to come by if it does not come from the business itself. Reinvesting in your business will set you up for bigger future success.

#3: Ineffective Differentiation for Your Amazon Products

If your potential customers cannot see a clear difference in one or more aspects of your product from your competition, why would they buy from you? You have to be sure that your product stands out from the competition. Although a lower price is one way to do this, it is not the only way to stand out. Show your potential customers what makes your product better, why it is different from other, similar products, and why people should choose your brand. 

#4: Failing to Order Samples for Your Amazon Business

Oftentimes a new Amazon seller will trust that the product that they are ordering from their supplier is nice because the pictures and videos look good. It is a wise choice to go ahead and pay the extra money to have a sample product sent. This way you will know exactly what you will be getting before you buy a whole order of them. If you blindly buy a bulk product and it does not meet your standards, you will either lose a lot of money or be forced to sell a low-quality product which will hurt your brand.

#5: Rushing Your Way to Start Selling on Amazon

In the excitement of the new Amazon FBA venture, it is easy to hurry through the process out of excitement. Inevitably, doing so leads to cutting corners and making avoidable mistakes. Yes, mistakes are going to be made, but some of them can definitely be avoided. Mistakes can be a waste of time and money. 

#6: Failure to Recognize Seasonality and Trends

The last big mistake that is very common among new Amazon FBA sellers is the failure to check to see if their chosen product is seasonal and whether or not there are any trends regarding that product that they should be aware of. Seasonal products are not typically a good idea since they will not sustain your business all year. Products that are experiencing a downward trend are also not a great idea for obvious reasons.

So Much More

There will always be trials and mistakes in any new business venture. If you are trying to start a successful business through Amazon FBA, you should definitely get help and guidance from a reputable source so that you can avoid as many mistakes as possible. Project Nine University can help you to make your Amazon FBA business what you dreamed it could be and more!

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