Amazon FBA Seller Failure? This Nine University Student Cations “Don’t Go Too Fast”

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Jacob shares how his eagerness to get his first Amazon FBA product sourced and selling on Amazon got him into trouble with the Nine University VIP course. In this interview with Kale, Founder and CEO of Nine University, Jacob Gardner will tell you exactly what happened when he found one product and I ran with it, but didn’t do enough deep market research.

Jacobs words of wisdom, “To have success faster, go slower! In the beginning.” ring true in this powerful interview. Let’s dive in!

Kale: “Do you see this Amazon thing as being like a viable business or is this like a scam like everyone says it is?”

Jacob: “To have success faster go slower!”

Kale: “What’s up guys, welcome back, my name is KaIe. I got my man Jacob on today. Jacob has been in the program, the VIP program for a while now and he is doing great. We’re, we’re right there. I feel like we are right on the cusp. So Jacob whats up man? Wanna say hi to the people.”

Jacob: “Not much man, just freezing out here in Minnesota.”

Kale: “Ha, freezing out here in Minnesota. I gotta get this outta the way for all of these new Nine University reviews were doing. Um, didn't pay you to be here today did I? Besides being late to the meeting. I didn't, I didn't pay you did I?

Jacob: “Nah, unfortunately not.”

Kale: “Ha, unfortunately no. So these are your actual opinions, I’m not extorting you.”

Jacob: “Correct.”

Do Amazon. Don't do Amazon. Do Nine University. Don’t do Nine University

Kale: “Ha, so that’s what we want. We just want honesty guy’s we’re trying to give you an honest opinion from people who have been in the program for a little bit and have experienced it. Jacob is actually like number four. Your like your, your badge of honor is he's the number four most active person in our VIP group. Here within nine university. So he's helping and communicating and and contributing to the community so I just wanted to bring him on to get his thoughts on the program. So the people that are watching this man they um, they are probably on the on the fence. Do Amazon. Don't do Amazon. Do Nine University. Don’t do Nine University. What do you think? What should they do?”

Jacob: “I mean you got to be ready for it. If you want to do it. I still got a lot to learn. I knew it wasn't going to be a get-rich-quick thing but I do think it'll be a get rich in the long-term.

Kale: “Ha.”

Jacob: “That's why I did it. I'm I'm on my first product that I launched in July. my sales kinda plummeted because I ran out of stock with right before Black Friday

Kale: “Dang terrible timing.”

Jacob: “Yeah I know you say don't run outta stock don’t run outta stock, but I did because I hesitated on reordering, but that's behind me now. We're back to stock so we're trying to get those numbers back up and um yeah number four in the Facebook group. I think the group has been, that's been my biggest asset. I probably haven't taken advantage of the live streams as much as I could have. Just because they tend to happen were in my other job. Um I have a freelance schedule so it’s never set in stone. I got kids I’m chasing around so a lot of times it's hard for me to make those so I kind of make up for that by spending a lot of time in the Facebook groups asking questions and I'll actually learn a lot by helping people answer questions that I don't necessarily know, but then I'll go find the answer.

How did you do it? How did you get to this point?

Kale: “Hmmmm that's so cool yeah and it's helping. Like people, obviously are loving it and you're you're helping so I want to like thank you for that. That's honestly amazing. Um, if you had advice for people. I don’t know, that are just getting started. How did, so you got to about $4,000 a month like you said you know. If you wouldn't have run out of stock. You’d probably be a lot higher, but how did you do, how did you do it? How did you get to this point?”

Jacob: “I followed the course. I did my product research and I made some mistakes on this product and not making as much as I want. We're almost to the point where it's going to be profitable, but I know those mistakes are and I won't make them again on my second product. But kind of what I did is I launched the product. Um I had good photography. I had a great listing and I got a, for velocity, I just got people to buy it and paid them back. Not for reviews. I just got tons of people to buy it. Um, then um, then I kinda of started working on my review program. Got those up. Started PPC. Um, and that’s kinda where I’ve been breaking even is my PPC has been costing me, you know just as much in PPC to get sales. But I am in a little more competitive market then I would recommend to somebody who is just starting, so hopefully I can rise to the top of a couple of those pages and turn this around.”

Kale: “Yeah. We were talking before we got on the recording that your idea is to kinda of take these things you learned about, you know, markets and, and overall which product to get on your second product right? You think you are going to do on your next one.”

Jacob: “Yeah, I think, I think one of the biggest things I learned. Is the 7/7 is an amazing tool, but it’s not the gospel. Like once you get that 7/7 you gotta be like alright. I need to find maybe ten other keyword combos that are also 7/7 that I can sell this product on. I think my problem was you know is that I found one and I ran with it and didn’t do enough deep research and you guys and you guys tell us to do that, but uh, it just didn’t hit home hard enough with me. Cuz I was just too eager I think to get a product going.”

Kale: “Yeah, no that makes sense.”

Don’t go too fast!

Jacob: “But don’t go too fast! Don’t go too fast I guess is my main advice.”

Do you see this Amazon thing as being like a viable business or is this like a scam like everyone says it is?

Kale: “Huh, no that’s good. That’s great advice and that, that's probably advice I wish I should have taken at the beginning to. My, for our first ones you know. Made mistakes and learned from them and went from there. And it’s not always the first one that you hit a home run on but what about the business model as a whole? The program as a whole? Do you see this Amazon thing as being like a viable business or is this like a scam like everyone says it is??”

Jacob: “No, I think it’s a viable business. I think the people who call it a scam maybe expect to just get it, this hand, this process handed to them and you really have to, I mean, it was like going back to school man. You have to teach yourself and you have to, you have to watch all the videos. You have to read as much as you can. Get inspiring entrepreneurial business books and read those. Just you have to kinda immerse yourself in learning how to be a marketer in a
Salesman in the e-commerce world. And the course will help you do that. It’s just like going to college. You can spend a lot of money and go to college and show up to class, but no do the coursework and you’re gonna fail. You’re gonna flunk out of college and you won’t get a good job because people who did pay attention and did get good test scores are gonna get that job because they know more than you.

Talk about that, like the difference between an amazon business and like being a freelancer with your time

Kale: “Wow, that’s one of the best things I’ve ever heard. I mean that’s a great analogy. We call it Nine University for a reason right? It’s kind of like going back to school and like you said, the people that are, that are complaining are probably the ones that didn’t show up for class or got drunk and didn’t actually pay attention like you said. It takes knowledge. It takes you actually inputting that knowledge into your brain. Talk about that, like the difference between an amazon business and like being a freelancer with your time.”

Jacob: “Oh man! I mean I get like I’ll shoot a commercial and it, it’s ten, twelve hour days. Fourteen hour days and the pre-production time before you shoot a commercial on a time out I mean a lot of that time, that, that prep time is unpaid and I, I still love doing it. Um, I just want to do less of it. Maybe be able to pick projects that are cooler and that I’ll..”

What would you say to someone just starting like a quick hack to have success faster?”

Kale: “I’m trying to think of, okay so let’s switch it up. If you had you’ve been in this programme for a while, for a little bit, your kind of one our most active people. What would you say to someone just starting like a quick hack to have success faster?”

To have success faster, go slower! In the beginning

Jacob: “To have success faster, go slower! In the beginning.”

Kale: “Ooooo….WISE WORDS! Keep going!”

Jacob: “Um. When you are picking your product. I feel like I’ve got all these other processes down pretty well. With the exception of PPC because that is a wild animal and there’s so many, I mean once you start digging into it and go online and join you know the Facebook groups. There are so many different strategies.”

Kale: “MmmHmm.”

Jacob: “It’s hard as a new person. It’s hard to understand like well why would this one. Why is one person saying to do it this way. One person saying to do it this way. What is really the right way and I don’t know if there necessarily is a one right way.”

Kale: “Yeah.”

Jacob: “Or there’s, there’s just different methods and some of them, a lot of them, a lot of the different methods I think work really well.”

Kale: “ I don’t know. Someone is, someone is working like you. Someone’s freelancing, Someone has a nine-to-five job they’re trading their time for money and they’re on, they’re on the fence about joining um nine university vip or elite. Any of these programs and I don’t know. Something’s holding them back. Like what would you say to those people?”

If you think you can do it it's extremely possible

Jacob: “I don't know. um, it's if you're on the fence, what I would say is it's because if you think you can do it it's extremely possible. I haven't seen the great riches yet, but I know, I know I will if I keep at it because I'm seeing so other many people do it.”

Kale: “Mmm..Hmmm...yeah.”

Jacob: “You know.”

Kale: “It’s so true. I love how it’s, it’s real. Like I don’t want these, I don’t want it to seem like it’s a big. We’ve never tried to make it seem like it’s a get rich quick scheme and if we’ve come off that way I apologize to anyone. Like I love how you are saying like look, like you’re starting a real business. There are ups and downs. Um, you come into this and you may not know exactly how much work is gonna be or what obstacles you're gonna hit but if you get through at the end of the day, that's when you’re gonna be successful and I feel like..”

Jacob: “There’s a lot of people to help you when you do hit those obstacles um and that’s probably why I’m the number four Facebook user. That’s because I am on there all the time. Um, it’s probably actually been somewhat of a bad thing too because I’ve spent too, spent too much time on the damn Facebook page and then maybe optimizing my PPC campaigns or something but no, it’s good. It’s a good thing. Um because it’s like I was telling you before I learn by helping.

Kale: “Yeah and you are helping. Your having a huge impact so that’s why we wanted to have you on man. It’s great! Any last, these people, their attention spans I’m telling you, they’re not great. Do you have any last, last words for the people?”

If you think you can do it you can cuz there’s a lot of other people that are

Jacob: “I don’t know man. Uh, if you think you can do it you can cuz there’s a lot of other people that are.”

If you think you can do it you can. If you think you can’t do it, you can’t

Kale: “I think we might just, move that to the front of the front of the, front of the interview. That’s that’s the summary if you think you can do it you can. If you think you can’t do it, you can’t. It’s goes. It goes both ways guys. It’s all about belief. The only people that bring on this channel are people that kinda believe right. Because what’s the point of adding to the, to the negative nancy’s of the world who say oh you can’t do this you can’t do x you can’t so C. There’s enough of that going around. Okay. Yeah that’s, that’s not helpful. What we need is people like Jacob who are encouraging others. Who are helping others. Who are putting their, their uh money where mouth is. Honestly and actually doing the work. So super, super thankful for you man. Thanks for jumping on. You guys have any questions or comments concerns violence reactions. Put them below. Subscribe to the channel. We’re bringing out more of this stuff all the time. We love you guys. Thank you guys for being here. See you guys soon.”

Jacob: “Peace.”

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