Amazon FBA Vs. Shopify: Which One is Better For Online Selling

If you own or run a business in today’s market, you are likely trying to figure out how to grow your business. Especially online. There are so many avenues by which you can do so. But the first thing to consider is a platform on which to sell. As well as from which to distribute. The two main contenders for this role are Amazon FBA and Shopify. There are some inherent differences between the two, as well as some things to be aware of. Today, Nine University digs into this subject to help you decide which eCommerce platform is best for you!

The Biggest Difference Between Amazon FBA and Shopify

The main thing that you should consider while expanding your business is how much time and effort you want to put into the preparation of each platform. Shopify allows for more control over the site. You will be able to customize and design your online store with a platform such as Shopify. But you will compromise simplicity and outreach. Becoming an Amazon FBA seller is easy, and the marketplace is already set-up and ‘ready-to-go.’ 

Some Other Aspects to Consider

Now that we have established the convenience of Amazon and the flexibility of Shopify, let’s have a closer look.

Brand Reputation
Another thing that Amazon has that Shopify does not is a built-in brand reputation. People already know that Amazon Prime offers fast delivery and free shipping. Dependability is a huge advantage. Customers already trust Amazon to get their purchases delivered. Amazon also has a huge customer base. People are already shopping on Amazon. And can combine orders for maximum convenience.

Built-In Customer Service
Although you will have more control over your site and advertisement with Shopify. You will also have to be the provider of customer service for your customers. Amazon has a 24/7 customer service line and can handle returns and other issues. Which relieves your business of a lot of customer service hassle.

When you sell through Amazon, you will have the option to utilize their FBA program. Fulfillment By Amazon allows you to store products in warehouses that are located in strategic places. This is how Amazon is able to offer Prime shipping and other benefits. The cool part being that this also allows your business to keep a bigger stock ready to be purchased.

How Easy is it to Become an Amazon FBA Seller?

Thanks to Amazon Seller Central, (the interface that sellers use as third party affiliates). The process of setting everything up is easy and the advertisements, etc. are taken care of for you. Here is a quick video about Amazon Seller Central. Although it might seem daunting, the process of becoming an Amazon FBA seller is quite simple. If you need some help getting started, is a great resource.

The internet is the powerhouse when it comes to the free-market. It is vital that you remain relevant as a business. And that your product is easily accessed by the world that so dearly loves to shop online. Not only will you have a built-in marketplace when you become a seller on. But you will also allow your business room to grow. By having more available space for your physical products and a better distribution plan.

You will not be disappointed when you decide to use Amazon’s FBA program. With Nine Universities guidance, the process can be simple and easy, and it will be the catalyst for growth of your brand and your business. 

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