Amazon FBA: What is It and How You Can Start Selling

If you are interested in getting started with an eCommerce business, Amazon FBA is a great place to start. You have the option to sell your products directly or by using their fulfillment service. Either way, you get the advantage of having your products showcased on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. By selling on Amazon FBA, you can reach out to millions of customers in multiple countries and profit overall.

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is a service that is offered by Amazon. The service provides sellers with storage, packing, and shipping assistance. FBA takes a lot of the burden off of new online sellers and offers them with more flexibility with their business.

Become a FBA Seller

The Amazon FBA Seller service allows sellers to ship all their products to the Amazon fulfillment center nearest them. There, the items are stored inside a warehouse until they are sold. Whenever an order is placed by a buyer, an employee at Amazon will prepare, package, and ship the product for the seller.

What are the Benefits of Using Amazon FBA Services?

There are several advantages to using fulfillment by Amazon. Here are some of the top benefits of using this service to give you a better idea of what you can expect.

Subsidized Fees for Shipping

Since Amazon has already created a strong relationship with major shipping companies. Sellers who use FBA will have lower shipping costs. Than those who choose to ship directly. All FBA sellers also have the option to offer free shipping up to a specific amount. Since products sold through FBA are eligible for Amazon Prime’s Free shipping.

Amazon’s Name will be Associated With the Products You Sell

Your buyers will appreciate the quality guarantee they get when purchasing products from Amazon. Having Amazon’s name associated with the items you sell will help you gain more trust and gain more buyers.

Fulfillment on Multiple Channels

Amazon is capable of shipping and handling your inventory. Even if it is being sold on multiple channels, and not just on Amazon marketplace. That makes it possible to make more sales. As well as reach out to even more customers throughout the world.

Get Access to Amazon’s Prime Audience

All qualified Fulfilment by Amazon listings are eligible for Prime shipping. They will be displayed with the Prime logo. It allows the seller to reach out to brand new and current customers, who interested in free one-day or two-day shipping exclusive for Prime-eligible products.

Precise Product Guidelines

Amazon always has very specific requirements for shipping certain products. Such as wrapping them bubble wrap or including poly bagging. That will further ensure that your buyers receive their items in pristine condition. It will also guarantee that the items you ship to the Amazon fulfillment center will arrive without any harm to them as well.

Higher Shipping Standards

All orders placed through the FBA are processed in the same manner as all other Amazon orders. Therefore, when an item is purchased, Amazon will choose the item from their inventory. Then pack it. And finally ship it to the buyer. The seller can always feature the item on their website and still have Amazon take care of the problematic parts involved with shipping.

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