Amazon Reviews: How They Can Help Grow Your Business

Ever since Amazon established in the ‘90s, its success has been linked to its customer reviews system.
The reviews system was first established on Amazon. It has completely taken over the consumer culture. For a product to achieve successful sales, it depends a lot on how it’s rated by customers. In this article, the Nine University team explains what Amazon reviews are, how they work, and how to get them to help you grow your business.

What are Amazon Product Reviews?

Former clients provide unbiased feedback in the form of customer reviews on Amazon. These reviews are meant to help potential customers with the following:
1. Help clients understand if a product will fulfill their expectations. As well as, learn more about a product. Such as, quality criteria, pros-and-cons of a product, etc.
2. Help clients understand the target audience for the product.

How Does the Amazon Review System Works?

Unfortunately, when the whole review model began, businesses took advantage of it by creating fake reviews .  Reviews paid by companies for customers to give positive feedback on their product.

To solve this problem, Amazon created the Amazon review checker. This system relies on two things: The “Amazon verified purchase” and banning unauthorized reviews.

Amazon Verified Purchase

When a customer writes a review of a product they bought their review gets verified. 

If the review is from a real customer. For exmaple,  one who didn’t get a discount on the product. Also includes getting paid, or received any kind of compensation to write the review. They get an online “badge” that confirms the authenticity of their review. This badge separates unbiased reviews, from unverified reviews that may be fake.

Types of Reviews NOT Allowed in Amazon

Amazon has no tolerance for fake reviews. Amazon reviews not allowed are:

1. A review made by someone interested in getting compensation. For example, monetary reward, bonus in-game credits, positive review exchange, etc.
2. Reviews made by the business owner. Or someone who has a close relationship with them.
3. Multiple negative reviews from one customer on the same product.
4. Negative reviews made by sellers in products of their competition.

How to Get Positive Verified Reviews?

To increase positive verified reviews, we recommend implementing the next measures:

1. Ask your customers to leave a review. For example, send email reminders after they have received the product.
2. Offer discounts or free products for reviews. Amazon allows sellers to get incentivized reviews. But ONLY, through the Amazon Vine Program. Otherwise, the reviews will be removed. Sellers may face serious consequences. Although, if you want to offer a product for free, give it away to a “top Amazon reviewer”. Their review will benefit you more than one from an average customer.
3. Create high-quality product descriptions. Include pictures and optimized content. (Add bullets, keywords, headings, subheadings, and anything else that makes it quick and easy to read), etc.
4. Shipping Quality. Customers appreciate the quick shopping. The reviews reflect it as well. Inventory should be up to date. As well as make sure your products are being delivered on time.

 Nine University offers practical advice for anyone who wants to become a successful Amazon FBA seller. Visit our website today, and get further advice on how to increase organic and unbiased reviews on your products. We are here to help!

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