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If you want to learn how to sell products on Amazon, a quick search will pull up so many results that it is hard to sift through them. In the same search, you will also find a whole lot of different courses that you can take on how to be a successful Amazon FBA seller. There will be a lot of bunk out there, but there is one that stands out above the rest: Nine University. Here is the story of Dylan: why he decided to give Project Nine University a shot, what it has done for him, and his one regret about it.

Meet Dylan

Dylan was working in retail and had no previous experience with Amazon FBA. He got to the point where he was tired of working his retail job, and with a new family member on the way, he decided that he wanted to have more time that he could spend with his family. This is something that a lot of people feel, but most will never do what it takes to make it happen. Dylan, however, started digging around on the internet for other things to do. There is a lot of online chatter about Amazon FBA and how it can be a great way to start a business and make some awesome money. Project Nine University is the leading course provider on the topic, so Dylan decided to give it a shot and find out for himself whether or not the course is a scam. Let’s take a look at what he found out.


After following the program, Dylan was nervous about going live. It was a ‘do or die’ moment. But as soon as he went live, his sales started coming in. Nerves turned to excitement as he realized that he had made the right decision. Within his first 30 days, he had reached $9,587 in sales and his numbers were climbing.

So What is the Secret?

According to Dylan, the secret of Project Nine University’s program is simple: you watch the videos and follow the instructions. There is nothing to it but hard work. Most programs out there make you pay to learn the secrets, but with Project Nine University, you know what you are buying. You are buying instructional videos on how to sell on Amazon, use Amazon Seller Central, and how to deal with things like talking to manufacturers, etc. It really is that simple.

Dylan’s One Regret

Dylan made it clear that he wished to share one regret about his experience with Project Nine University’s program. In the beginning stages, while looking for ideas, he stumbled upon Project Nine’s ad on YouTube. It took him 30 days to revisit it and decide to give it a shot. His one regret is that he did not click the ad and start right away. He reiterates that he cannot imagine where he would currently be if he had an extra 30 days under his belt.

Why Amazon FBA is for You

If you are like Dylan and want a better family life as well as something better than a retail job, you should just do it. You can start learning right away with Project Nine University, and you will not believe the difference that Amazon FBA can make in your life. Do not fall for the scams out there. Project Nine University is the top course provider on the subject and offers the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow material available. If Dylan can start a business, make a great profit, and make time for his kid, then so can you! What are you waiting for?
Wherever you are in your Amazon FBA journey right now... from not even started, to deep into selling product, we can help you get to the next level.

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