Become Your Own Boss on Amazon: Stop Putting Time in For Little Money

It is crazy to think that most of the world’s wealth is owned by only one percent of its population. Even crazier to thing that most people are willing to trade five workdays for merely two days of ‘free-time’ during which they have to somehow incorporate all of the other responsibilities and self care that life requires. It's definitely a societal trap that most people fall into. However, it is almost impossible to escape. The real dream is to be able to stop trading time for money. In fact, people need both to survive today’s world. Here is a great video with some solutions to this problem from Nine University on how you can become your own boss buy running an Amazon business 

Avoid False Amazon Information Groups

The first thing that people should realize is that there are a lot of people with opinions that shape their lives. These people do not always have the best ideas about how to manage money. These people are not bad people, but they should not be giving financial advice. Would you take a culinary class from a mechanic? Would you let a chef fix your car? No. False information groups can include parents, grandparents, siblings, or friends. They deserve to be heard, but their ideas about making or managing money might not be the best. If you want to transcend the 99%, you are going to have to listen to professionals, entrepreneurs, and people who know how to manage their money.

Another Surprizing False Information Group
The first false information group is obvious, but another false information group is the ‘top of the pyramid’. People who provide the products that you but and people who are in the top one percent are trying to get you to spend money on them. This means that all you will hear from them is advice that will benefit themselves, not necessarily you. It is unfortunate, but false information is coming from all directions.

Build a Vehicle

Since the societal ‘norms’ are so hard to break and you will constantly be bombarded with false information, the only real way to ‘break out’ and make the kind of money that most people do not make is to build your own way out. The only vehicle that can do this is a business. With a business, you can call your own shots and learn the lessons that you need to learn to make big-time money. When you have your own business, you will no longer have to trade your time for money. You will have to spend time, but the more efficient you are, the more you will earn. As well as will no longer be choked by your timecard.

An Amazon Business Will Not Just Land in Your Lap

If you want to make your own business, you are going to have to work for it. The good news is that you can do this fairly simply through Amazon FBA. Of course, you will have to put in the work, but Amazon is a great opportunity because the market already exists, the platform already exists, and they even handle a lot of the marketing. If you want to get a better lifestyle set up for yourself and to walk away from the societal pressures associated with your nine-to-five job, you should really consider starting an Amazon FBA business. Nine University has so much information that they would love to share with you about it. Nine University group of professionals that has been through the trial and error process and is really excited to help you to make a successful business.

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