Beginners Guide: Amazon Products to Avoid Selling

Amazon can be one of the best places online to start an eCommerce business. With millions of customers worldwide, you have instant access to one of the largest online marketplaces when you sell on their platform.

What to Sell on Amazon and What to Avoid

While you can sell practically anything on Amazon, some items are strictly prohibited. It is good to become familiar with what you can sell, as well as what you cannot sell. That will help you learn more about what you should add to your inventory. Along with what items you should avoid.
While it is a good idea to focus on the top-selling products on Amazon. It is just as important to learn more about the restricted items. And what could happen if you fail to abide by Amazon’s selling terms.

Selling products on Amazon’s restricted list could cause you to lose all of your selling privileges. Amazon could shut down your store temporarily or for good. This depends on the nature of the violation.

If the company discovers a restricted item in your listings, you could face termination of your business relationship. As well as the destruction of any inventory the company has in its possession. The sale of illegal or unsafe products could also lead to Amazon taking legal action against you. And that could include criminal and civil penalties.

Some Items Can be Pre-Approved by Amazon

Some items can be pre-approved by Amazon before you can list them. At the same time, others may require some additional information. Items such as laser pointers, software, and potentially dangerous products like hoverboards may require pre approval before they can be listed.
FBA sellers have their own list of product restrictions that they need to go by. Which may be slightly different from those of direct sellers. Some of the examples that FBA sellers are not allowed to sell include: alcoholic beverages, vehicle tires, floating lanterns, loose batteries, gift cards, certificates, damaged or defective items, also any item that is illegally reproduced or replicated.

Counterfeit Items

Amazon prohibits any counterfeit item from their website. Anyone attempting to sell counterfeit items such as fake artwork, pirated DVDs, or other similar products could be at risk of losing their selling privileges. Always make sure that the things you are selling are allowed to be sold on Amazon. If you are buying bulk quantities of products to add to your inventory, do some research first. Be sure that you can legally resell these items in your online store.
The selling of prohibited or counterfeit products on Amazon can be a severe offense. As a new seller, it is vital to know learn as much as you can before selling any item. Reading helpful guides about what the top-selling products on Amazon are can be particularly useful. And joining a course like those offered by us at Nine University can help you learn more about Amazon’s terms and conditions for their sellers.

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