Desperate Mechanic Discovers the Secret of How to Use Amazon FBA to Escape the American Rat Race

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Desperate Mechanic Discovers the Secret of How to Use Amazon FBA to Escape the American Rat Race

Garrett is a mechanic who desperately didn't want to miss all of his five-month-old daughter's milestones. He was convinced if he would stay a mechanic for the rest of his working life that was bound to happen. Garrett took a chance on FBA and the Nine University training program. This is his honest review of the course.

Garrett: [00:00:00] It was easy for me. I mean, the way that you and Kale have explained it in your videos, I've got my reason right here. I'm not stopping.

Taylor: [00:00:08] What's up guys? Taylor back for another no-nonsense Nine University review. I am here today with my man, Garrett. He is in our VIP program. And listen, I just had a chance to talk with him for a couple of minutes and I'm super pumped. So Garrett, thanks for being here. Why don't you introduce yourself, tell the people a little bit about you?

Garrett: [00:00:27] Hi, I'm Garrett. I'm a mechanic still. I'm still in the process of getting this Amazon stuff set up, but I couldn't have any better reason to do it than my kids.

Taylor: [00:00:37] Yeah. And you're actually sitting right there with your five-month-old daughter, right?

Garrett: [00:00:41] I am, yeah.

Taylor: [00:00:41] That's where your hands are right now.

Garrett: [00:00:43] Yeah. I'm trying to make sure she doesn't roll over on me.

Taylor: [00:00:47] Got you, man. So, you've been in the program for about six weeks now. You joined the middle of October, right? Yeah. Okay. So can you just tell us kind of where you're at with your Amazon business?

Garrett: [00:00:59] So I'm waiting for my final samples to get here to approve the changes and my logo that I've put on it. And then if I approve it, there goes my 30% deposit and on the roll from there. And then I've already negotiated the shipping to a good price. I was doing research before this on by price points, the FBA fees so that I can calculate a good return. So I'm not hurting myself in the end with doing this.

Taylor: [00:01:24] Absolutely. Absolutely. So just to be clear for everyone on YouTube, we're going to be clear about two things. First off, we're not paying you anything for this. We're getting your real answers, right, Garrett?

Garrett: [00:01:29] Correct.

Taylor: [00:01:31] Okay. And the second thing is you have yet to make a penny off of Amazon. Is that correct?

Garrett: [00:01:42] As it sits right now? Yes.

Taylor: [00:01:43] Yes. Okay. But that's obviously not the plan for the future. So let me ask you this, why Amazon? Why did you choose to get into this? Why are you choosing to go after an Amazon business?

Garrett: [00:01:57] Like I told you just right before I chose this to stay home with my kids so that I don't miss any more important life milestones, I guess you could call them. I'm tired of taking time off work to go to baseball, football, karate, whatever this one decides to do when she gets older. I don't want to have to try and schedule a day off and the possibility of that day off being denied that would hurt. And this, I mean clearly gives me the reason not to have to worry about that.

Taylor: [00:02:23] That's amazing. And I told you, I'm right there with you, right? When we're filming this right now, I have a four-month-old son and I'm able to spend time with him, be around him, and it's literally the greatest thing on the plane. And what I love so much is that we do see a lot of people who want to start Amazon businesses, but the reason they want to start them is to buy a new car or to buy a new house or buy a boat or go on vacations or do all this. And I'm sure we all want to do all of those things, right? But the ones that actually get us going are our loved ones, the ones around us. So that's incredible and amazing. So you're in our program called VIP. How is the program going for you? When you got started, did you know anything about Amazon?

Garrett: [00:03:08] I knew a little bit. I had done about a week's worth of YouTube and Google research on it just to see if it was actually a thing. You see so much crap scrolling through Facebook. Oh, you can make money at home doing this so you can make money on doing this. So I wanted to make sure it was real before I even put a penny towards it.

Taylor: [00:03:25] Yeah.

Garrett: [00:03:26] I'm not in a position where I can just dump a bunch of money on something and be okay. So I did my research on it. It didn't seem too hard with what I was seeing. Some guy who's like, Oh, I started with 50 bucks. Oh, I started with 100 bucks and scaled it up from there. But after going through the course, I don't see how anyone could do that that without an immense amount of footwork involved. I mean, running to the ups store to ship your stuff every day. I just don't have that kind of time.

Taylor: [00:03:52] Absolutely. A lot of those guys are doing what's called retail arbitrage. So basically they're just going to Walmart, finding a product that they can buy for cheaper at Walmart than they can sell on Amazon, and then getting a couple bucks profit and then just working their butts off. Like you were saying somebody has a whole bunch of time. You had a week of experience and research, and then you joined VIP. How has the learning curve been?

Garrett: [00:04:19] Oh, it's huge. There's stuff in the course that I wouldn’t have even thought of, which means I would have screwed up, and probably wasted a bunch of money, and then I'd be more in debt, which it's not good.

The 7/7 Score -- A Formula That Revolutionized An Entire Industry

Taylor and Kale, founders of Nine University defined a formula that turned the FBA business on its ears. Without a doubt, one of the hardest areas in succeeding with Amazon FBA is finding the right product to sell. It has to have a high demand. But, it can't have a lot of competition. Do you know the saying "it's like finding a needle in a haystack"? Amazon sellers wish it was that simple. See, Amazon is not like one haystack, but an entire field of them. Amazon has over 600 million products on sale and adding on average another 1.3 million products daily. Taylor and Kale came up with the 7/7 Score. It's their formula that makes it easier to find products that could be potential winners. Below Garrett talks about his product research experience since joining Nine University.

Taylor: [00:04:35] One of the areas that we see people have a lot of questions about, and sometimes people struggle with, is product research, right? Talk to me about you doing product research. How it went for you, what it was like, all that kind of stuff.

Garrett: [00:04:54] It was easy for me. I mean, the way that you and Kale have explained it in your videos, I don't think there's a better way. Well, I mean there's Black Box, but that's totally different. If you're using Boost Nine that you guys provide, you start by typing a letter. So I typed the letter "D". "A" is the most common letter and in the autofill, so, I typed in an "A". That's actually how I found the product I'm going after. It took me 20 minutes. And I've got 40 more items in a list set to the side that I check every couple of days. I check the revenue, the reviews, the 7/7 score because that outlines it really well. I mean, that's a good basis. So it's a 7/7 okay. You dig a little bit deeper and you find out whether it's going to be really good or if you should probably wait until you've got a bit more available money to do it because it's more of a pricey item or it's going to take more advertising to get you to that second page or the first page.

Why Do Nine University Students Fail with Amazon FBA?

At this point in the interview, Garrett doesn't mince his words at all. He shares his brutal, honest answer about why people fail after taking the Nine University course.

Taylor: [00:05:51] Yeah. Obviously, you're only a couple of weeks away from someone who is thinking about doing Amazon. Based on your experience now without making any money yet, but going through this process, how confident are you feeling? Are you're feeling really, really good right now. Where are you at? And would you recommend this to other people to get started?

Garrett: [00:06:14] Oh, I'm stoked. I'm ready for it. I had a small moment of, "Oh crap, I shouldn't have done this". You know what? No, I've already told myself I would do it. I posted my commitment. And as recommending it to anybody, yeah. Do it. I mean, do your research if you want to, but your guys' course outlines everything that I've come across. You guys give us the Facebook group, which is another added resource. If you fail in this course, it's your fault because you didn't put in the work for it. I have yet to see someone in the group say, "Oh, you know, I've done everything and I'm still failing". I just don't see it and I'm on it all the time. Yeah, so do it.

Taylor: [00:06:57] Why do you feel like the Facebook groups are so valuable?

Garrett: [00:07:02] Well, it's just, I don't know how many people are exactly in it, but there's a lot and they've all gone through the same steps. If not, they're about to, there are a few people on there that have been doing this for a while, that are posting actively. They're actively answering questions and they've been doing it for 18 months, 19 months, two years. They've gone through the same thing you've gone through, so all you gotta do is post it up there and you get your answer real quick. I have yet to have a post that doesn't have any comments.

Lack of Computer Skills?

Starting what is primarily a business based on computers can seem like a huge hurdle. Especially to a mechanic with very little computer skills. Does Garrett believe that should stop those who are technically challenged?

Taylor: [00:07:32] I feel like you have an interesting perspective because right before this call, one of the things that you said was that you know you're really good with your hands. It's why you're a mechanic, you said you were never really good with computers. How do you feel going through the course and doing what you're doing with Amazon now since you're dealing with computers and that kind of stuff?

Garrett: [00:07:52] It just comes easier the more you do it. Like I said before, you and Kale have explained everything in such a dumbed-down way that it's hard not to understand it. It's not like rocket science. You just write it down. You type it in, you click this link, you click this PDF, you copy and paste, maybe you do a little bit of editing. Even people who (one finger) poke the type, can still do this. It's so easy.

Advice to Those Thinking About Joining Nine University

Taylor: [00:08:26] So I want to wrap up. I don't want this to be super long. Everything that you're saying is so, right. If you could say anything to somebody who's getting started, or somebody that's trying to think about getting started, what would you say to them? What would your piece of advice be?

Garrett: [00:08:43] My piece of advice for people who are looking into it, is just do it. Don't hesitate because everything is explained to you, everything is given to you, basically. But for people already in it don't give up. I mean it's like you said, you've been able to stay home with your kid and see all the things growing up. I've seen people go from $4,500 a month to $50,000 a month. So don't give up. You put so much work into it already, it would be pointless to give up. It's a waste of your time and your effort and money. Don't give up.

Taylor: [00:09:18] Even though you haven't made a dollar on Amazon so far with what you know and what you have seen, and all the things that you're going through right now, how confident are you that in a year, two years, three years, five years, 10 years down the road, you're going to be able to be there for every single thing that your kids do.

Garrett: [00:09:35] I've never been more confident.

Taylor: [00:09:37] Would you say that Amazon FBA is easy?

Garrett: [00:09:39] No.

Taylor: [00:09:40] Okay. It's not, and we've never said that it is, and it won't ever be easy, right? But what it does do is provide a platform upon which someone can come in and they can create a sustainable, scalable business upon which they can make things happen. And man, I'm just really excited for you. I really am. You have your reasons, your "why", and they're the right reasons and the right "why". And what I'm really excited about is coming back in two months, three months, six months, a year from now, and doing another one of these. Where you can say, I didn't miss my daughter doing this. That's what I'm excited about is just a little bit away it may take six months, man, it may take two years. Right? But it's worth it and whatever it is, I'm excited to come back in here. You'll say, you know what? I'm getting to spend whatever time I want to spend with my daughter. With any of your other kids, that's what I'm really excited about.

Garrett: [00:10:35] Let's get to it then.

Taylor: [00:10:36] Absolutely, man. Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you guys. Garrett is amazing. Garrett is killing the game and you know what? I don't want any weird haters to come on this video and say "Oh, Garrett is not making any money". Look, here's the deal, the difference between somebody who's going to make money or is making money and somebody who's never going to make any money is their mindset, the way they think, and this man. He's got it. All right. And so I'm excited. We'll be back in a couple of months with Garrett. Appreciate you, man. Thanks for your time.

Garrett: [00:11:07] Not a problem.

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