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Simply listing their products on Amazon FBA won’t help brands and retailers succeed. Alongside being proactive and up-to-date with the site’s evolving trends and requirements, you should also take enough steps to make sure your products and brand stay a step ahead of competitors. In this blog post, we will share three of Project Nine University’s most treasured strategies that will help you succeed as an Amazon FBA seller.

Secret #1: Optimize the Search Terms and Listings On Amazon FBA

Before a consumer can buy your product, they will have to find them in Amazon FBA search results. This can only be achieved through detailed, deliberate, and accurate product data. When writing your product listings as an Amazon FBA brand, put yourself in the shoes of your consumers.

What are they looking for? How will they search for it? A few best practices to find the right mix of keywords include:

1. Research similar products to see the top-ranked listings and look for keywords you might not be using already

2. Stick to Amazon’s 60-character limit for product titles 

3. Use only relevant and accurate keywords

4. Utilize terms that describe your specific product, not third-party brands or trademark search terms

5. Use hidden keywords wherever appropriate

Secret #2: Keep Your Prices Competitive

When operating as an Amazon FBA business, you are competing against hundreds of other retailers who offer the same item. The best way to stand out from the crowd is by constantly offering competitive prices. Nevertheless, you still need to retain a sufficient rate of return and employ security measures to ensure you don’t breach policies elsewhere.

Secret #3: Improve Your Customer Metrics

Positive customer ratings are essential not just for retaining existing customers but also securing new ones. New customers look at reviews before making a purchase. Around 85 percent of buyers trust online reviews and personal recommendations.

How you respond to customer reviews matters as well. For example, a customer might have a legitimate bad experience with shipping. As well as may be unhappy about the experience. But still like the product itself. Working to resolve the issues will go a long way in gaining loyalty and trust.

Amazon offers a wide array of information on how your business is doing with respect to customer satisfaction. Watch these performance metrics:

1. Order Defect Rate (ODR) – The percentage of orders that receive negative feedback.

2. Return Dissatisfaction Rate (RDR) – Measure of customer satisfaction with respect to how returns are processed.

3. Late Shipment Rate – The percentage of seller-fulfilled orders confirmed after the expected ship date.

 Your reputation as an Amazon FBA business is extremely important. Consumers listen to other consumers and that affects your bottom line. Keep a close watch on your metrics and ensure you are addressing customer requests and issues promptly and efficiently.

Take The Next Step With Project Nine University?

As the driving force behind the global e-commerce landscape, Amazon sets the stage for successful online selling. However, the days of simply getting listed on this e-commerce giant are gone. Although, to stay competitive and succeed as an Amazon FBA seller, you will have to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and implement the best practices. That can be a lot of work for a complete beginner. That’s where Project Nine University comes in. 

Project Nine University is a fantastic consulting resource that teaches unique methods for Amazon FBA businesses to scale and succeed in 2020. With an ever-growing base of satisfied clients, Nine University is on the mission to build an army of successful entrepreneurs who can change the world.
Wherever you are in your Amazon FBA journey right now... from not even started, to deep into selling product, we can help you get to the next level.

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