Expanding Your Online Amazon Business: How to Sell IN-STORE Products

Running an Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) business can be extremely gratifying and profitable. Passive income and the ability to work from home attract people to Amazon FBA. Passive income is money that trickles in even if you are not working at that moment (like if you are sleeping and people are buying your products). The idea of working from home is especially intriguing since the beginning of COVID-19.

One of the aspects that people often overlook, however, is the fact that Amazon FBA is flexible. There are many ways to grow and expand your business. One of these ways in which you can expand your Amazon FBA business is by offering your products for sale in a real brick-and-mortar store. Here is a video about it. Keep reading to learn more Amazon FBA tips from Nine University.

The Hardest Part 

Some people are intimidated by the idea of having to talk to someone. This is often one of the reasons that people hesitate to investigate selling in-store products. It does not have to be so difficult, though. The store of your choice may have questions or objections at first, but if you are prepared to answer them, you could be just a few steps away from letting a physical store carry your product!

Three Objections to Prepare the Products of Your Amazon Business 

“The Product Just Does Not Fit”

This is a common first objection. To prepare, you should have a look at the store and the products that it offers. Have a spot in mind. For example, if you are selling dog toys, suggest that your product should be shelved next to the pet food.

“I Want Exclusivity”

The best answer for this is to tell them that you are a new brand with a new product and that you are merely testing the waters. Once you determine which places your product will do best, those places will eventually get more exclusivity.

“Your Price Margins Are Too Thin”

This is a really common objection. Tell them that margins are extremely important to you as well and that that is a reason that you will be great partners. Explain that you are a new brand with a new product and that over time, as your product does what you know it will do in sales, you will be able to relax the margins.

Expanding Your Amazon Business: It is Not So Scary After All

When you go into any business situation, you should always be prepared. When you know what to say and are confident with your pitch and your counter-points, talking about a store carrying your product is not so scary at all. In fact, after doing this a few times, you will most likely become excited about the prospects of expanding your business.

Learn More About How to Grow Your Amazon Business

If you want to learn more about Amazon FBA and all of the ways that you can grow your new business, click here. The team at Project Nine University will teach you more than you could ever imagine about selling online. They learned about Amazon FBA through trial and error, and now they can save you the trouble of having to learn things the hard way.

Amazon is booming, with no sign of it stopping or slowing any time soon. The sooner you start your Amazon FBA business, the sooner it can start making that sweet, passive income that you have been dreaming about.

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