Facebook Ads: A Step-By-Step Guide for Amazon FBA

Facebook is a vast social network that gets a lot of attention every single day. It is no surprise, then, that Facebook ads are one of the most powerful selling tools out there. If you are looking to take your Amazon ads to the next level, Facebook is the way to go. Here is a video, made by Nine University, with some more information about using Facebook ads for your Amazon products.

Track ROI

The first thing that you need to do is make an Amazon Affiliates account. With this account, you will be able to track your ROI, etc. The video linked above will show you exactly what to do in order to track the ROI directly related to your Facebook ads. Tracking your ROI is extremely important because it will basically show you how much money your Facebook ads are making. Then you can compare which ads are working well and hopefully you can figure out why.


The previous instructions will also allow you to see who is clicking your ads, buying your products, etc. Retargeting uses this information to help you to determine the niche market. It does so by analyzing people who have already clicked your ads or bought your products. There is much more on the subject of retargeting discussed in the video.

Making It Work

This is where the rubber meets the road. Once you know how this all works, you have got to put it into practice and let it make you money. Basically, all of this is summed up by optimization. The goal is to let as many people as possible see your ads. As well as also targeting your ads to appeal and appear to your niche customer base. It sounds simple, but the actual process takes some meticulous attention. And continual work. If you do not check your click-rates and other factors often, you will not be able to keep your ads relevant. If, however, you allow it to be a fluid process that is often repeated. You will be able to maintain your market and their attention to your products.

Be sure to remember to set clear goals and a viable budget. Having goals to work for and a monetary plan will allow you to achieve your success incrementally. This is important in every aspect of your business and will help to keep you motivated and avoid burnout.

So Much More

There is an incredible amount of information that can help you along your journey to making passive income and changing your life. Do your research and stay up to date on your market. If you feel like you need a mega-load of tips, tricks, and hacks to get your business up and going. Project Nine University has a lot of great material available in their course. Their Amazon FBA guide is full of information that can really take your business to the next level.

Amazon ads are the backbone of a successful Amazon FBA business. Facebook is a powerhouse when it comes to online traffic. Hopefully, you have found these tips to be useful. And the video to be integral to your understanding of how to effectively use Facebook ads for your Amazon business. Just remember that with diligence and hard work, you can start making money from home. With the help of Project Nine University, you can start letting your Amazon FBA business make you real money. As well as boost your brand and business past just breaking even. The sooner you start, the further towards your goals of passive income you will be.

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