Prediction: This FBA Newbie Will Outfox Most Seasoned Sellers in the Next 9 Months Because of This One Small Skill.

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Rachel Nichols joined Nine University's FBA training programs less than a month ago. Although she hasn't made a penny yet with Amazon, she possesses one skill that Nine University co-founder Taylor Hiott says most experienced Amazon Sellers don't have. Keep reading to discover her secret.

(00:08) Taylor: What’s up everybody? Here we are again, I am very excited to have Rachel here with us. I'm excited about this because she can give a review of our programs, VIP and ELITE. How about you introduce yourself to the people, and once again, thank you for being here!

(00:35) Rachel: Hi! I’m Rachel I started Elite at the beginning of November as a VIP member and recently upgraded to Elite because Elite offered us a little bit more. We got more one on one attention with coaches, and of course FastTrack. FastTrack is the way to go, because having that one-on-one, being able to talk to somebody that’s been through it, is the way to go.

(01:10) Taylor: I love this! Just to be clear with everyone, you have been in Nine University and one of our programs for a little over a month, right?

(01:22) Rachel: Yes!

When You Need Answers to FBA questions in the Middle of the Night, Where do you go?

When you run an Amazon FBA business, you are running an international business. You may be based in the USA, but your suppliers may be in China. To negotiate with a Chinese supplier, it is helpful to work in the middle of the night, while they are up. This can be tricky though if you are chatting with a supplier and you need help negotiating your price down and you need to know what to say fast. Who can you turn to at 2 am for instant answers?

(01:23) Taylor: Little over a month, and you’re already talking about some of the things we offer in one-on-one coaching, in FastTrack, which is a 24/7 live chat with Amazon FBA coaches. Why is it so amazing to have that one-on-one coaching? That FastTrack access to 24/7 live chat?

(01:47) Rachel: I tend to be on here in the middle of the night, there’s no other business, other than like the emergency room that is gonna give you that attention in the middle of the night. I have got on there and talked to coaches at two o’clock in the morning and they’ve been readily available. We did upgrade to Elite because that gave us the one-on-one with an experienced coach that is selling over a hundred thousand dollars of merchandise a month. We wanted the experience of somebody that’s been there.

(02:18) Taylor: So, in your first 30 days or 40 days. What is your actual experience been like, with the course material itself and the videos?

(02:39) Rachel: One of the things I like about this, I can go back and review a video after the fact. I do have a course through someone else and I’m not able to do that. Once I watched the video that's it. I don’t know how other people are but I actually have two notebooks here and I can actually go through here and tell you how to answer a question what week, what lesson it’s addressing in, which I do reference quiet frequently and I reference that in the Facebook groups too. If somebody asks a question, I’ll be like “Hey, you know, Kale answers that on this week with this video” because you have to be able to reference back and if you don’t keep a track of what video, what’s covered in what video you might not necessarily know exactly which video you go back to. So, I’m tryin’ to keep exactly what video it is.

Giving and Receiving Help in the Facebook Groups Can Be Amazing

Being an active member of the Nine University Facebook groups can give you a huge advantage of other FBA sellers. It is both powerful and gratifying to be able to chat with a group of people who are going through the same issues as you when growing your Amazon business.

(03:29) Taylor: I love it! And then, you mentioned the Facebook groups. Talk to me about your experience in the Facebook groups?

(03:34) Rachel: If I have a question, I try to post a picture as well because that helps everybody else understand exactly what I’m asking about. When I get on there, and I’m really, really active on Facebook groups. When I get on there, I try and answer questions to the best of my ability. And I’ll ask the follow-up questions to kind of clarify it. I know there was somebody the other day that asked about doing products in a bag versus a box. Then, my follow up question was, don’t you have to have a suffocation notice on there?

(04:13) Taylor: Okay, so, with all of your experience, and all of the tools and resources and access to knowledge that you have, and even though you have not made a single penny yet on Amazon doing this opportunity, how confident are you that over the next few months and years that you are going to be able to build this business to where you want it? How confident are you in that?

(04:45) Rachel: A hundred percent confident! I mean if you follow the course work and you do what you’re supposed to do. If you run into an issue and ask the question, you’re gonna get an answer. It might not be an answer that you want but you’re gonna get the answer.

(04:55) Taylor: Yeah!

(04:56) Taylor: Yeah! Know, I love this so much because we’re doing a bunch of interviews and reviews with a bunch of different students and we’re talking about all the different experiences and where they are in their FBA journey, and where they want to go. You’re gonna see people that are doing 20 thousand, 30 thousand, 40 thousand, 50 thousand a month, whatever it is, but it’s very rare to be able to get the perspective and the experience from someone who’s been in the program for maybe a month. Because you can’t necessarily, right at that second, speak from a position of results because you haven't gotten there yet, right?

(05:41) Rachel: Right!

(05:43) Taylor: But you can speak through what you are going through right now and I think you have such an interesting and honestly almost refreshing perspective because you’re not somebody who’s been around for a year and is doing 30 thousand a month. You know what I mean?

Haters Gonna Hate

Rachel talks about negative reviews and Nine University, and how she read the negative reviews and the positive reviews to help her make her choice.

(05:55) Rachel: Well, to address that reviews and stuff, you know, before we purchased this; we did watch all the reviews that what we could find. But one thing that we noticed in a common thread when it came to negative reviews was that they didn’t have all the information. The negative reviews that we’ve seen, the people are like “oh, well, I did it and then they wouldn’t refund and blah blah blah but you didn’t read the fine print for one, for two you didn’t follow the instructions of the course. If you don’t follow the instructions of the course you can’t get a refund. I mean, it’s that simple, People are like, I don’t like it! Whatever!

(06:32) Taylor: Okay! Time out, time out! Just to make everyone clear, okay? Just so everyone is crystal clear. We did not offer to pay you or compensate you or tell you what to say or any of that for what you have been going through on this video, right?

(06:52) Rachel: No payment whatsoever! Nothing! Nothing signed to do this interview at all.

(06:58) Taylor: Okay then why did you agree to do the interview?

(07:02) Rachel: Part of the reason I agreed it’s because I feel like sometimes NineU gets a bad rap from people that just didn’t follow through with the program. Like, you don’t follow through with the program, you’re not gonna succeed and don’t expect NineU to pay you back because you didn’t get off your butt and do the work. It’s that simple.

Story Editor's Note: This is probably the exact moment Taylor was starting to realize Rachel possesses a rare skill.

(07:21) Taylor: (Laughs)

(07:22) Rachel: The other thing is my other half and I have agreed one hundred percent that whatever we can do to help, we’re gonna do. And it doesn’t mean just helping you guys but anybody else that’s out there, you know. If they need help, we're willing to help ‘em.

(07:34) Taylor: A lot of the things that new students are going through are things I haven't gone through in two and a half, three years. I can think back, and, we obviously record videos and we can do everything we can but having a community, a family, of people who are all going through the same thing at the same time can be so helpful. We can help each other up. I love that so much and I’m so honestly thankful and grateful that you have only been in the program for a month now that you feel this way. Because that means that we’re doing it right, that means we’re building it in the way that I envisioned in what to build this program, this group.

(08:16) Rachel: Right! It really is like a family. I mean you get on here and you support each other. You get in the groups; you ask a question. People support you. You build friendships through this.

(08:30) Taylor: So being where you are right now, I would love to come back and have another interview in six to nine months. Where we can talk about some results that you’re going to get over the next couple of months. Where do you think you'll Amazon business will be in six months?

Rachel's Special Skill Was Hidden in the Following Answer

It was this point Rachel unknowingly revealed she had this skill. Can you find it? It is not easily spotted, but Taylor spotted it right away.

(08:55) Rachel: Well, there’s a couple of things that are probably gonna slow us down and that’s the Chinese New Year, obviously. So, we’re hoping to at least have our first product sourced and launched. And be making decent sales, I’m not saying a hundred thousand dollars at that point. But, you know, I’d like to be up to it at least the five-thousand-dollar per month level.

(09:15) Taylor: To anyone who ever watches this video, or reads the transcript, remember, she's only been in the program for 30 days. Obviously, you did the research on your own but you’re already talking about something that happens three months away in Chinese New Year. That’s going to impact you six months from now in a business that you have not even gotten the result from yet. That is business IQ at the highest level and I love everything about it.

Rachel Posses the Business IQ Skill

Taylor will return to this further down in the interview.

(09:49) Rachel: Ahahah!

(09:51) Taylor: That’s amazing!

(09:51) Rachel: I think that’s what a lot of people don’t pay attention to is when you’re sourcing a supplier and you’re trying to find products. You didn’t take into consideration what is going on in the other country. Obviously, that’s gonna affect your business. Period.

(10:06) Taylor: Yeah!

(10:08) Rachel: From watching other people I also know that I need to have enough money set aside to not only make my first purchase but my second purchase because I’m not going to make enough money off my first order to pay for my second order. And then for some people who might get confused just thinking that they can have “X” amount of dollars and is gonna start their business and keep them running. You need to have “X’ amount of dollars plus to do your second order. And then, keeping track of what’s going on in the market and how, how the products are selling because that’s going to determine when you need the order again. I think people don’t necessarily pay attention to that!

(10:47) Taylor: I love it so much, and I’m not trying to bash anybody or be mean to anybody, but it’s amazing how many questions, both Kale and myself get that are really basic, like "how do I send a message on Alibaba" or "where do I start to look for products?" These really simple questions that are honestly solved by common sense or by doing a quick Google search and here you come, being the course for a month and you’re speaking with such a high Business IQ that I am so excited to see where you go.

(11:17) Taylor: With what you’re talking about right now and the way that you’re looking ahead. Whether you realize it or not, you probably do realize this because you’re a genius. But the way that you’re talking and thinking right now is the way to build a scalable and sustainable business. Not one that blows up and then fizzles out. You are the perfect example of someone that we want to work with, that we want to give you every resource, every tool, everything possible. And that’s what you have in Elite.

You are the kind of person that we want to work with and I’m excited because there is not a single person that could actually watch this interview on YouTube video, and who has heard everything that she has said up to this point, write something in the comment section like "oh why are you putting up a review from somebody who doesn’t have any sales yet?" Guys, sales is the end goal but there’s a whole lot of journey between there and gettin’ a whole bunch of sales. And, I can tell you that you are doing it the right way. Thank you for diving into this, and for doing what you’re doing. I'm really excited to see where you go.

(12:51) Rachel: Thanks, Taylor! I hope that we can succeed to the point that at least our coach is doing, He’s making some good money (lol).

(13:02) Taylor: He is, and he’s an amazing man. He’s got a lot of plans for this upcoming year. Listen, the goal isn’t to match him, the goal is to out beat him. Make the teacher into the student, that’s what we’re going for here.

(13:20) Rachel: Right! I guess some of the advice I’d tell somebody would be is when you start this, don’t expect to just jump and go. And if you’re getting in there and you’re ordering the first product that you find; you just might crash and burn so do your research. Do your research. That’s all I can say.

(13:44) Taylor: Absolutely so much! So, listen, Rachel, thank you so much for your time I really appreciate you. Just so everyone knows out on the YouTube world, Rachel literally was the most gracious person in the world and sat here and waited for me for an hour and a half because my son was being crazy. So, thank you so much for your time and for sharing this. I really appreciate it and in all honesty, I know it’s going to help a lot of people.

(14:09) Rachel: Thank you! And you’re welcome too.

(14:13) Taylor: Awesome!

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