FBA Success Comes Down to Not being a 4-letter word. A Nine University Review From An Actual Student

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If you are an entrepreneurial type of person, you will love this. What do you think the number one thing people can do to ensure their success in Amazon FBA is?

You'll find out what one Amazon FBA seller thinks it is in this interview.

Here's a chat with a Nine University student named Jake. Jake shares what he thinks is the most important trait a successful Amazon FBA seller must have in order to succeed.

Kale: [00:00:00] Top three things you like about the program?

Jake: [00:00:02] The number one reason is communication.

Kale: [00:00:04] So advice for someone just starting thinking about starting Amazon to have success faster. What would you say?

Jake: [00:00:12] All right, just don't be a wuss.

Kale: [00:00:14] What's up everyone? Welcome back to another nine University Review. We're going to call this Nine University Review with my man Jake. Jake, what's up man? Say hi to everybody.

Jake: [00:00:15] What's up everybody?

Kale: [00:00:24] So, we're not paying you to say this. You don't have a gun to your head. Everything you say is honest, correct?

Jake: [00:00:31] Yep. you just messaged me yesterday, asked if you could get on a call with me? I said, of course.

Kale: [00:00:36] We just want to keep it honest. We just want to get people's honest opinion about Nine University, the dog seems to it to..(dog barking in the background)

Jake: [00:00:43] Yep

Kale: [00:00:44] Nine University is the best!

Jake: [00:00:46] Sorry about that (dog barking) guys, she'll stop.

Kale: [00:00:49] All good. People are watching this, they're thinking about joining Nine University, one of our programs. I have you enjoyed your time so far? What do you think about the program?

Jake: [00:00:59] I have definitely enjoyed the time. It was a lot better than I expected it to be. This was the first actual course that I've actually spent a decent amount of money on. It definitely went fully in-depth on everything I needed to know and the support is actually a lot better than I expected to. The live streams and communication via email are really, really good. Especially when you're talking about a course this size. To be able to have that interaction with two people that are running it is pretty incredible.

Kale: [00:01:30] Yeah.Sweet. And so you started that, when did you join in July or June?

Jake: [00:01:34] Yeah. I started in mid-July.

Kale: [00:01:37] Got it. And so working on getting a product, where are you at? What stage are you at?

Jake: [00:01:42] So I have my first product up. I actually just got samples in for a second product a few days ago, which looked really good. So I'm just doing some final negotiations. Then I'm going to get that product sourced and I'm up and running pretty soon.

Kale: [00:01:56] And what do you think about, I mean some people say. Amazon is a scam. Nine U is a scam. But since you've actually been in the program and actually done some work and got a product and got a sample, what do you think about that?

Jake: [00:02:07] It's definitely not a scam. There are so few scams out there these days. Honestly, it's just the media that blows it up. I really think there's such a small amount of scams. It's just the news that makes everyone so worried. I mean, it's Amazon, you've bought something on Amazon.

Kale: [00:02:24] That's probably what I'm confused about. What do you mean Amazon?

Jake: [00:02:27] Right.

Kale: [00:02:28] You're selling on Amazon. Have you ever ordered something on Amazon?

Jake: [00:02:32] Exactly.

What Part of Nine University Does Jake Like the Most?

There is a lot of moving parts to Amazon FBA. Many details need to be addressed. Where you get your information is key. Below, Jake talks about the importance of communication, and how the little things he learned in the course probably saved him thousands of dollars...

Kale: [00:02:33] What do you think the top three things you about the program?

Jake: [00:02:37] The number one reason is communication. It's really good, especially with, I'm not in FastTrack, but I've seen a lot of reviews and stuff for FastTrack to where you can have 24-hour communication with top sellers. That's incredible. But even if you're not-- the live streams, the email communication, the level of communication that you get is top-notch. Also what saved me was the little details and the video. I found Amazon FBA through a Ty Lopez course, which was I think it was made in 2017 it was really kind of outdated and I tried to do it just off of that and YouTube videos and there was so much that I missed. And I probably would've lost a massive, massive amount of money without all the, all the minor details, just figuring out how to print out the right barcode, something stupid that could cost you thousands of dollars. That's really where I found the value in the course. Not the big overview, but all those minor stuff that you really wouldn't get anywhere else.

Kale: [00:03:37] So it's the little details more than, more than the overall concepts. That's true.

Jake: [00:03:43] Yeah, I mean, the overall concept obviously is really important too. And you simplify the product research method, which we all get kind of confused about when we start. But the little details, at least for me, were a lot more important.

Jake Thinks It's Easier to Succeed With Amazon FBA if You Have One Thing

In the next segment Jake boils down much of his success to having one thing. It's something both he and Kale think could be the biggest difference between people who just dabble with starting a new business, and those who are truly ready to succeed.

Kale: [00:03:55] So advice for someone just starting thinking about starting Amazon to have success faster. What would you say?

Jake: [00:04:02] Do I have to keep this PG on here? Can I swear?

Kale: [00:04:06] Try not to swear. There might be little children.

Jake: [00:04:09] All right. Just don't be a wuss, just go for it. Just invest in yourself. Even if you lose all your money, those are lessons that you will never get anywhere else and especially if you want to be an entrepreneur. It's important to take risks and just go for it. I remember when I was on the phone call with the interviewer, I was shaking, but you know, it was well worth it to spend the money. And then the same thing, sending money to China, but it's all, it's so worth it.

Kale: [00:04:40] It always feels weird when you try something new. People think. That's a bad feeling, but I mean, you know, victories in my life come after that feeling, right?

Jake: [00:04:48] All the motivational pages on Instagram that everyone follows and stuff that always talks about getting out of your comfort zone. And, that's really the only way you can be successful is by staying out of your comfort zone consistently.

Kale: [00:05:00] That's awesome. I love it. Don't be a wuss, that can be the quote...

Jake: [00:05:02] The quote of the week, guys,

Amazon is Just the Beginning

Next Jake talked about his plans to join the number of successful Nine University Students who have launched their products on Amazon and then branched out to have them be sold in traditional brick and mortar retail stores.

Kale: [00:05:05] What do you think about the community? What do you think about the product that you have that you're about to sell? Where do you see this going?

Jake: [00:05:11] The first product I did ...I started on a small budget. I wasn't expecting much out of it. It was kind of to test the waters. This new product though, I expect it to be massive. It's a market that's kind of emerging, I think eventually going to become part of the law. So my plan is to start it on Amazon and use that to really drive the cash flow that I need and then eventually get it into bigger brands. You're on the East coast, you may have Big Y I'm talking with some of the directors at Big Y. I have some really, really big plans. I'm going to plant the seeds within Amazon though.

Kale: [00:05:51] And kind of be your cash flow engine to move into the store. Big box. Sweet. Good for you, man. I just did an interview with this dude, Michael has a brand called Cedar sense. He's been the group for a couple months and now he's in 26 stores.

Jake: [00:06:05] I saw your post about that.

Kale: [00:06:08] We can link that one below two guys. Great interview. And, and the coolest part I think is just meeting people you. It seems everyone's kind of cut from the same cloth. You know? Don't be a wuss. Do the work. It's a real business. You're not going to make $50 million overnight, but this is a real thing. I love that. I love that. I love that. Talk about the ups and downs, the highs and lows, starting a real business. Is this a real business or is this just a get rich quick thing that everyone says?

The Truth About the Highs and Lows of Amazon FBA

Jake and Kale both know Amazon FBA is a real business. And no business comes without struggles and rough patches. Jake explains it's how you deal with the struggles that could propel you to success.

Jake: [00:06:33] No, it's a real business and it's slow. It's really slow going. You're not going to see success overnight, at least I didn't. And I'm still not seeing the level of success that I want to, but it's on the horizon now and it's visible and I can actually feel I'm touching it. And I have really high standards. Some of you may be just fine. You know what I mean? But it is a real business and it does require a lot of work. The ups are incredible. The upside when you make your first sale online, it's such an incredible feeling. And the level of hope that it gives you...I guess it all comes down to freedom really is what we all want. It's an opportunity that allows you to achieve that. It empowers everyday people.

Kale: [00:07:24] It's so true, man. The highs and lows and also that feeling when you get your first sale. Man, we just, the reason I even want to film these interviews is to obviously give people that are thinking about Nine University, the chance to know what's actually inside, but then also to give current students, the motivation Hey, it's being done. I've seen it done here and here and here and over and over again. Cause honestly the ones that don't quit are the ones that have success. It's been, it's very, very simple formula.

Jake: [00:07:51] Exactly. There'll be a lot of lows too. I've had suppliers that I thought were going to be great and then they just go MIA stuff like that is, it's a tough feeling. There's a lot of lows, and you need to be able to push through that as well.

Kale: [00:08:12] I agreed 100%. Okay. Quick hack for anyone who just got started. Anything you've learned along the way that kind of just was a revelation for you with Amazon.

Jake: [00:08:22] Not technical. It's just mindset. It's really all it is. It's not product research. It's just mindset. That's all it is. I think in any business is just have the mindset that failure is not an option. Cause I guarantee you if you're a new guy watching this and you're considering getting into Amazon. you have to go in with the mindset that you will achieve the success that you want to. Because when you do start doing product research, some people get lucky, and I see people finding a 10/9 (10/9 is a potentially profitable product) on their first day, and that's amazing. But it takes a lot of work and you really need to just get your mental state where it needs to be in order to achieve what you want to.

Kale: [00:09:05] It's so true. And that's what we try to do when we are on phone calls and trying to figure out who's going to join the program. I don't know really. I think this whole interview is kind of like you said, it's about mindset. It's about people that are on the edge of doing Amazon or their edge of joining Nine U. And they need one little push to get over the edge. What would you say to those people?

The Fear of What You Don't Know Vs. The Certainty of What You Do Know

When asked what he tells people sitting on the fence wondering if they should get into the Amazon FBA business, or to join Nine University, he answers with some candid advice.

Jake: [00:09:23] I don't think anything I say is gonna make them. It's about, if you really want it, you'll go get it. If you're okay with where you are and you want to just stay uncomfortable your entire life, or you'll be in your comfort zone, but you'll be uncomfortable. If you want to just stay in that position, then just do it. If you want to make things change, you have to make changes. Nothing that I say is going to make a scared person actually take action. It's going to come from within you. If you really want to make the changes, make the changes, or if you're just happy where you are, then stay where you are.

Kale: [00:09:59] Dang, we should have a Motivational Monday with Jake. My God, this has been fantastic. Hey, I think that's probably honestly good for the interview. I think people's attention spans are short. Guys, if you're watching this, subscribe to the channel. Smash the LIKE button. We love you. We post all the time. We want you to get a real feel for this Amazon thing and we'll see you next time. Thanks, Jake. Thanks for the time, bro.

Jake: [00:10:25] Yeah, of course, man.

Kale: [00:10:27] Appreciate it. Cool.

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