The True Story of How One Person Went From Being Underwater With Amazon FBA to Being Profitable in 6 Months

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This is another in our ongoing series of No-nonsense Nine University Reviews. Nine University founder Taylor Hiott interviews student Terri Beth to get her honest review of Nine University.

Taylor: [00:00:15] What's up everybody? I'm Taylor and I am here today for another no-nonsense Nine University review. I'm super excited because today we have Terri here has a cool kind of path and story that has led her to where she's at today. So Terri, will you please just introduce yourself to the people and tell them a little bit about you.

Terri Beth: [00:00:38] Yeah, sure. Thanks. Thanks for having me. I've been in the program since April. I've had ups and downs, through the process, but really, the program has helped me overcome those challenges, and now I'm making 16K in revenue per month and with the new products I'm really excited for 2020!

Taylor: [00:01:01] Do you have the Seller Central app on your phone that you could pull up?

Terri Beth: [00:01:07] Yeah.

Taylor: [00:01:08] People like to doubt, so could you show it to the camera so that we can see that 16 K? Cause honestly, I mean that's a great number. That's a great place to be, especially with a lot of the things you've gone through.

Terri Beth: [00:01:24] And it looks a little lower now, cause obviously, I'm out of stock.

Taylor: [00:01:29] Yep. Perfect. That's $14,240. Amazing guys. It really is real and for anybody who's trying to doubt anything like this. But that's incredible. That's amazing. And what's the profit margin that you're operating on?

Terri Beth: [00:01:48] Yeah, so right now, I have 25% profit margins around there, depending on the product. But this new product that you guys helped me get launched, it's doing really well.

Help! I have a product that is selling every day. Where's my money?

Terri was stuck in a rut many Amazon sellers find themselves in. She was making sales every day, but she wasn't making any profits. All of her customers were happy, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos was happy, but Terrie - not so much. She needed to make a change. Keep reading to discover her secret.

Taylor: [00:01:59] So what I actually want to do is I want to go back about a year, from what I understand, I want to go back through this whole journey. And I want to hear you kind of tell us your journey of when you actually started selling on Amazon. What you were doing then, because you started selling an Amazon before you came into Nine University. So tell us about that portion of your business and then tell us where having after you joined the business to how we got to where you are today.

Terri Beth: [00:02:29] I had been in some other courses I had started selling in December 2018. So I thought I knew it wasn't that I was doing. I wanted to start so bad. I wanted to rush into it. So I started selling in December. I was selling really well, but I wasn't making any money. I had good revenue, from that first product, but all of the profit was going back into ad spend and things like that, and I was really having a hard time finding new products, right? So I was like, Oh, this first one, I'm going to keep going and get something else. But I was really stuck. And, when I found your program, you know, found you on YouTube and watching videos and stuff like that, you just had a lot of smart things to say about one ROI, which some people talk about it, but not everybody talks about how important it is. and then also once I joined the program, it was really easy to find low competition product niches to get into, which totally changed my outlook on what to get into and what not to get into and why. So, yeah, I joined in April, had some snafus like products that didn't go as planned because of quality. But, the group's really great cause it just kind of pushes you, right? Don't give up. You see so many people in the group doing well, you're like, it's real, right? These people are not fake. They're not lying about it. They're sharing their real screenshots. They're sharing their profit margins, not just the revenue. So yeah, it was awhile coming. I have now three products, two that I got started with this program and they're doing really well.

How to Avoid the One Thing That Stops Almost Every Other Seller From Succeeding

At this point in the interview, Terri credits her education with Nine University, as the reason she was able to sidestep a pitfall that affects thousands of FBA sellers every day. In fact, not clearing this hurdle could very well be the one thing that prevents most people from reaching success in Amazon FBA.

Taylor: [00:04:19] That's amazing. So one of your biggest challenges you've had over the past year was just about finding the right products, right? That's something a lot of people, especially people who are considering, opening an Amazon FBA store have to deal with. That's one of their biggest concerns is how do I find the products? Could you give a little bit of detail of like kind of what you were doing compared to what changed once you got into the program to help you do that better?

Terri Beth: [00:04:49] Yes. So one, the Boost 9 tool really helped me hone in on finding the right products to investigate further. Everyone's like, "Oh, you got to go after low competition products", but what does that mean? Right? What is a low competition product niche? Looking for ones that had below 75 reviews was really key for me to start that process and then investigate further. So that was a big thing for me. And you can get lost on Amazon forever, analyzing a million things, but it really simplified the process for me so I could get there quicker.

Taylor: [00:05:35] What are your goals? Why are you building an Amazon business that's doing 16K, in your best month, on the app, 14K? Why are you building and where are you trying to go?

Using Her FBA Profits to Create the Life She and Her Family Want to Live

Terri Beth: [00:05:50] I want to be making enough profit per month for me and my husband to be financially independent, work for ourselves, inspire my son. I have a teenage son who is 15 and getting him into that mindset of "you don't have to just go get a job and work for someone else", even though that's a totally legitimate option. But that he has choices, right? If that's not what he wants to do, he can pursue anything that makes him happy. In our own family, my husband's been laid off and fired so many times, and not having that security, and always having to rely on office politics or who likes who or things that are totally out of your control. Not that Amazon's always in your control at all, but, just being responsible for your own finances and freedom. That's really why I'm doing this.

Taylor: [00:06:51] that's so cool. How confident are you on a scale of one to 10 that over the next year, two years, three years that you're going to be able to accomplish that with Amazon?

Terri Beth: [00:07:05] 100% absolutely. Even with my first product, even though it wasn't like the rock star winner, it did prove to me that I could sell on Amazon, right? I could sell. And then once I got into this program, I was like, "Oh, now I can sell profitably". So, really I know not every single process is going to be perfect, and not every product is going to be that rock star winner. But I know I can do it. I've proven that I just need to keep up on the process. Repeat the process as much and as often as I can, and I know I can get to my goal.

Do You Need a Course From Nine University? And Will You Succeed With Amazon FBA?

Those are hard questions to answer. Terri believes it comes down to what type of person you are.

Taylor: [00:07:49] That's amazing. What would you say to someone who comes up to you and asks A if they should do Amazon FBA and B should they get an education about Amazon FBA from Nine University? What would you, how would you answer those two questions?

Terri Beth: [00:08:05] I would say you have to be the type of person who's committed, right? It's not something that happens overnight. And you have to be okay with having challenges and overcoming them. Right? There's always something. You can't get easily discouraged. So if that's the type of person you are, and if you're committed to your goals, and you don't get discouraged from bumps in the road, then I would say it's definitely a great opportunity now also because there's a lot of people who aren't willing to put in the work. So there are definitely hundreds, or, thousands of Amazon sellers, but if you're a committed person, then you're going to be the one that, stands the test of time and makes the difference in your family's life.

Taylor: [00:08:50] I saw this stat yesterday. There are over 5 million, Amazon seller accounts on Amazon. But out of those, only 1.7 million of them actually have a product up for sale.

Terri Beth: [00:09:09] Wow.

Taylor: [00:09:09] And then out of that 1.7 million that actually have products up for sale, third party sellers on Amazon do close to $125 billion a year in revenue.

Terri Beth: [00:09:24] Wow.

Taylor: [00:09:25] So when you do the math, it's actually $70,000 a year or something on average, and you're already almost triple that. That's kind of weird.

Terri Beth: [00:09:40] Yeah, yeah. Just going into 2020, putting together my plan, what do I have to do? What's actually going to get me where I want to be? And basically, I worked it out. If I launch eight to 12 products this year. It would be very easy to hit my goals. So, that sounds like a lot, but when you think about it, once you've done it a few times, it goes a lot faster. For sure. Yeah. But I would definitely recommend the program to people. I know for a lot of people it's a big investment, but honestly, the other investments I made in different programs and things like that, you know, they were half as much, but they didn't give the support that your program does with. All of the livestreams, all of the email support, you guys have FastTrack now, which wasn't even there when I started, you're paying a little bit more, but there are much more expensive programs and there are much lower ones. So I feel like you guys give a great value, as far as the support side, because, you know, there are tons of free videos and even you guys have a lot of free videos out there, but, once you're getting into the weeds, you need someone to talk to and ask questions and I love that you guys help people review products because that's something that most programs don't get into.

Taylor: [00:11:09] Right and that's reviewing the products of what to sell on Amazon, right?

Terri Beth: [00:11:13] Yeah, absolutely. Because when you're new, that is super valuable to have people who are multimillion-dollar sellers give you advice. Because you can say hypotheticals all day, but if you don't know what the product is or the market or what's going on it's really hard for someone to give you educated advice. So, yeah, I really appreciate that, about the program and I think people should take advantage of it.

Taylor: [00:11:46] I love, sometimes we have people that come onto Facebook in there. They're out of the ordinary. And honestly, some of them are doing crazy things. Some of them aren't. I actually just before this, I did an interview with this guy named Dylan, who literally, in his first 30 days in business, he did about $10,000 in revenue, right? And it's like, what the heck?

Terri Beth: [00:12:10] Wow, that's awesome.

Taylor: [00:12:11] What the heck? That's ridiculous, right? And then we come and we talk to you and you've been in this for a year, right? But what I love is, you have had some ups and downs and you've had some things that have hit you as well, and you haven't stopped. And what I love is that you have three products up and you went out of stock, but you're going to come back in stock and you have a plan and a vision put together for what next year looks like. So what I love about what you're doing is, that you are building a sustainable business. Right? You're building one that is long-term. You're building one that can take care of your family for a long time. So I'm just, I'm super excited about it and I just really thank you. You've been around for a while. You've helped a lot of people. I know. I've seen you answer a bunch of questions yourself, so thank you for that. And I really appreciate your time today.

Terri Beth: [00:13:04] Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for the interview. I'm happy to help. I'm happy to tell people about it. Because I know it can make a difference. I even have people in my own family ask me "should I be doing that?" And I'm like, "well, we'll talk about it." Yeah. It's definitely fun. And it's a great community, so thank you for that.

Taylor: [00:13:26] Yeah. Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you so much. Here's what we're going to do six months from now, in a June timeframe. We're going to do another one of these interviews. You said you need eight to 12 products next year, so by June of next year. Let's see. You have three products up right now, so we would need to see you having seven to nine products up on Amazon. That's what we're going to be looking for next June, right?

Terri Beth: [00:14:02] Yeah, absolutely.

Taylor: [00:14:04] We'll see you then.

Terri Beth: [00:14:06] so much. Thanks. Take care.

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