Grow Your Amazon FBA Facebook Page With These Steps

Social media can be a powerful tool with which to grow your business if you use it correctly. The cool thing about Amazon FBA is that Amazon is rife with people who are not only interacting with the huge market that Amazon has built-in, but are also avid users of various social media platforms. If you advertise and promote your Amazon FBA products correctly, you can make a ridiculous, passive, income without ever having to leave your home. Facebook is a powerful platform to use for promoting your Amazon business. Check out this video that Nine University made and keep reading for more.

Five Steps to Organically Grow your Amazon FBA Facebook Page

Growing your Amazon FBA seller Facebook page can grow your business. Follow these five steps to make it happen:

Step One: Post Twice Daily
This is important. It might seem like a lot of posts will get you more recognition. This is not the case. Facebook algorithms give preference to quality over quantity. It is better to post two times each day and post content that people engage with. Rather than to post a hundred times without much interaction. Posting quality content will keep you a step ahead of the Facebook algorithms.

Step Two: Keep Content Business-Related
You should always keep your content related to your business. Think of it as ‘grooming’ your audience. You will want them to remember your business and your products. Let your Facebook page be a constant reminder of your business and why it is something that they would want to support. The only reason that you should stray from this is for ‘attention grabbing’. Humorous posts are occasionally okay as long as they are clean and neutral.

Step Three: Trigger an Emotion
Pictures and videos are extremely effective at this. If you can get your audience to respond emotionally to your posts, you will get more interaction. Having engagement with your page is great and will result in a wider reach. Something else to remember is that you should not only be selling all of the time. Some of your related content can just be content.

Step Four: Do Not Link in Your Post

This seems a little weird, but Facebook has algorithms that prefer posts that keep people on the Facebook app. This means that if you share a link to your Amazon page on your post, it will not show up on as many people’s Facebook feed. To get around this, go ahead and make your post without your link. After you have posted, be the first to comment on your own post. Go ahead and put the link in the comment at that point. This way, your post will have a chance to ‘show up’ for as many people as possible without being filtered out.

Step Five: Calls to Action
Facebook algorithms also filter out phrases such as “Like and comment below”. These calls to action are effective on some platforms, but Facebook does not prefer them. Instead, you content should inspire them to do so on their own.

Project Nine University

If you are trying to learn tips and tricks for promoting your Amazon FBA business, Project Nine University has a lot of information that they are excited to share with you. Although the Amazon FBA business seems fairly straightforward, it is actually quite involved. If you do it right, Amazon FBA can finance a better lifestyle and even help you to leave the nine-to-five behind. Start your journey today and check out Nine University’s website for tips and tricks to make your Amazon business the best that it can be.

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