This Navy Vet Went To The Top With His Own Amazon FBA Business

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Bobby Pullen is a Navy Vet who decided to start selling his products as an Amazon FBA seller. After sifting through information online, Project Nine University’s ad caught his attention. After just 90 days in the program, Bobby’s success has changed his life and has put him ahead in the Amazon FBA seller’s market. Click here for a little bit more about Bobby’s journey. Below is a closer look at why Bobby chose Project Nine University and what he is doing to ensure his continued success.

200% ROI

The main thing that caught Bobby’s eye about Project Nine University is that they reiterate that an Amazon FBA seller that follows the program can see an ROI (return of investment). There really is not another company that offers a program that can bring that kind of return. The only catch is that you actually have to follow the program. When you put in the work, you see the profit. If you are not willing to follow through, you will not see your return at its fullest potential.

What is the 7/7 Score?

The 7/7 score was developed at Project Nine University to help determine whether or not a product has the potential of being profitable. Utilizing the 7/7 method is quite easy. Basically, you will need to ask yourself if the product is up to your standard as a consumer. Would you buy that particular product if it were something that you are looking for? How conducive is that product to maintaining your 200% ROI?

Bobby does mention that the 7/7 score can be a fluctuating number and not to worry. He also asks his family and friends about the product. Is it worth the money? How does the quality measure up? This is especially crucial if it is a product that you yourself might not choose. Find someone close who would and pick their brain about it!

Ghost Listing

Ghost listing is an extremely important step that you will learn, as Bobby did, through the program provided by Project Nine University. Basically, a ghost listing is a way to make sure that there are no problems with your listing before it goes live. When you make a ghost listing, your listing will get flagged if there is a problem with it. A common problem that occurs is that a listing might need some work before it is approved. It is better that you find out via a ghost listing so that you have some time to rectify the problem before your product goes live. 

Bobby’s Game-Changing Secret

With all of this considered, there is still a missing piece to the puzzle; What made Bobby’s business so successful so quickly? The answer is branding and hard work. Through Project Nine University’s program, you can learn to effectively brand your product just like Bobby did. Amazon is a huge marketplace that is rife with competition. You will have to be able to stand out amongst the competition, and not just momentarily. This will take some hard work and follow-through just as it did for Bobby but in the end, you will be glad that you put in the effort. Bobby has been with the program for around 90 days and has already hit a huge milestone goal.

Should You Become an Amazon FBA Seller?

Using Amazon FBA can take your business to the next level, but is it right for you? If you are wondering if you should make your business an Amazon FBA business, Bobby encourages you to ask yourself one question: “Do you want to change your life, or not?”.
Wherever you are in your Amazon FBA journey right now... from not even started, to deep into selling product, we can help you get to the next level.

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