He Struck Out With His Amazon FBA Business - But He's Back At Bat!

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This Time He's Aiming for the Fence Thanks to Training From Nine University

John Kelley was sick of working for someone else so he decided to make a change. He knew people were making money on Amazon, so he decided he would give it a shot as well. So, he jumped in head-first and unfortunately it didn't go well, and he failed.

That was then - This is now. He signed up for FBA training from Nine University. This is his story.

John wasn't paid for this interview.

Please enjoy this interview between Nine University founder Taylor Hiott, and John.

Taylor: [0:15] What’s up everybody? I’m super pumped! Okay? We're doing all these Nine University reviews. And what I’m excited about, is that.. we ‘ve been talking to a lot of different people, we were seeing different levels of results, right? Whether it’s $10,000 a month, whether it’s $2,000 a month. Whether it’s $30,000 a month.. All of it. But today, we have something special, and I feel like this is something that no one else does, especially in our industry, right? Talk to somebody, and get their opinion and their experience, when they’re just getting started. Okay? So, please allow me to introduce.. John!
John, why don’t you say “hey” to the people, tell them a little bit about yourself.

John K: [0:55] Hey everybody, I’m John. I started the program 21 days ago. I’ve been doing a lot of product research today and all that. I’ve had a history with this kind of thing before, tried it a year back, and In my experience, I failed at it, because I was on my own. So, one of the pick-ups, that I have so far for this, is 21 days and on day 14, I could’ve done this!” I could have done this; I have the information I needed on day 14 but the assistance that’s what really kills it for me that that’s what does the deal. Just having someone to talk to and seeing other people’s experiences it’s gotten me ahead. I’m already ahead of where I was a year ago.

Taylor: [1:44] Okay, so, before we even go any further right, let’s get a couple of facts out of the way. Okay, so the first fact you have been in the Nine University program for 21 days. Is that true or false?

John K.: [1:58] True!

Taylor: [1:59] Okay uh you do not have a product currently up selling in Amazon and you are making no money from Amazon currently.

John K. [2:07] Correct!

Taylor: [2:08] Okay, the third fact is so far, you’re having a good experience.

John K. [2:12] Very much true.

Taylor: [2:15] Okay, fourth is the last one. We have not asked you to say anything, we’re not paying you to say anything. We’re not compensating you in any way for any of the material you’re about to share.

John K.: [2:25] Nope! Not at all.

John Tried and Failed at His First Stab at Making Amazon FBA Work. YouTube Commenters Weren't Any Help.

The first time John tried his hand at FBA, he did what most people do when looking for shortcuts or a way to save money. They try to learn for free from YouTube.

Taylor: [2:27] Okay Awesome! So, you said, about a year ago you kind of went in and tried this right? So, a year ago, what were you going in and trying?

John K.: [2:37] So you see all the videos on YouTube about dropshipping and this and that. And that it starts popping up in your feeds when you start looking and into creating your business. I did that. I jumped into that kind of business model a little bit head first. Watching everyone’s YouTube videos and the issue I had was there’s, there’s no support there. You know you can’t just go message the person on YouTube. Talk to them and say “hey I’m having this issue" or "I can’t figure this out, what’s the next step?” And everyone in the comment’s boards are not the nicest people you wanna ask questions to and work with. So it’s really hard when you first start on something on your own. I’ve gotten into debt of one bad decision after another. Buying the wrong software to accomplish the wrong task. It was like one thing after another without any type of support. Not understanding international sales and stuff like that. I kept getting hit with fraudulent credit card charges that the company I was working with wouldn’t deal with and ended up an extra seven hundred and fifty dollars in debt before I decided well, I can’t do this right now. Yeah, so that was my experience about a year ago. And you know like I said earlier, the first fourteen days, I knew pretty much all of my errors.

Taylor: [4:01] You know, you already had this experience a year ago. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great experience, you lost some money and you went into debt. I’m sorry that it happened-yeah, I genuinely am. Now, a year later I assume that you’re gonna see us on YouTube or you saw an ad somewhere something. What actually made the difference for you because you already have had a negative experience, right? What actually made the difference for you in making you go “You know what I want to join this program and I wanna learn from these guys?

John K.: [4:32] The advertisement I saw was one you were standing in front of I think a Jetta and that was one that hit me because I realized really quick doing all of those watching all the other videos and getting into all the other business ideas on the internet. I realized very quickly that a lot of those people aren’t making their money doing what they’re telling you to do. They’re making the money off of you watching their YouTube videos and then with you guys, you know you’re it wasn’t like a brag, it just seemed more real and once I was in contact talking with all of you, everything seemed more real, person to person everyone did have a valid success. You guys seem that you actually had the experience rather with just going and repeating information that you’ve read online somewhere. Creating a video getting millions of views and get paid that way. It just seems more real.

Is Nine University a Scam or is the Training Authentic and Real?

It's probably the most common question about any form of training. Is it real? Is it a scam? Does it work? As a paid student on the inside, here's John's honest take.

Taylor: [5:34] Gotcha! Okay so it seemed more real and that overcame the negative experience that you had so you get into the program three weeks ago. You start watching the videos. Do you still feel as though it’s real and genuine and authentic after going into the program watch the video?

John K.: [5:49] Oh yes, I’m in the Facebook groups, the VIP group and the normal group, I’m in those. I’m seeing people’s successes; I’m also seeing people’s failures you’re gonna have those. There’s always hurdles to climb over. I’ve tried twenty different types of get-rich-quick schemes. There’s, no get-rich-quick scheme. Once you wrap your head around that and understand that you have to build and if you fail it’s actually a learning experience. Just, move on you know. Learn the information there and proceed with that as a better person and you’re better suited for the next challenge. And one of the things about the groups is you know looking in that seeing people do what you know it looks more real. It gives it the appearance and you can tell it actually is real. You’re seeing people make successes in the group, you’re seeing other people fail but then when they do fail you have someone else saying “okay we’ll try this, this might be something you can try or this is what you did wrong” and it’s that support level. You’re in a group. We act like a family you know?

Taylor: [7:04] I love this so much because, to be honest with you, you know, most of my interaction with people in the program is when people are coming to me with questions right? How do I product research? How do I negotiate with suppliers? How do I do PPC? All of these things, and to hear someone so fresh into the program come in and say “it feels like a family”... I’m just saying that feels really good because that is the atmosphere that we want to create and to hear that even though you know the program is growing and we have a bunch of people in it, it still feels that way that honestly just means so much and I’m so proud and happy of everyone that you know you can come into something like this until this way. Let me ask you this, one of the relatively newer things that we added to the program was the Bootcamp, the two-week Bootcamp. You’ve only been in for three weeks so you may not have known this but Bootcamp has only added about a month or two ago. Before that, it wasn’t on air. What, have you gone through those Bootcamp videos?

John K.: [8:09] Yes, so that was the first fourteen days where I said I was pretty much ready to go. It was at the end and you know I took them one video a day making sure I did everything and understood everything. Watching them again the next day just doubling back. By the end of the fourteen days, I was ready to go. I knew more than I knew a year ago.

Taylor: [8:33] Wow! That’s amazing, so right now with your Amazon journey, obviously, you’re just getting started. What are you doing today, yesterday for your Amazon business?

John K.: [8:46] I’ve been in a lot of product research, identifying products. I’ve got like a list of about ten products that should be good products that I could roll with. I’m in contact with suppliers on three of those products. I had to back out one because further research, keep going, find out that, that’s probably not a good product to roll with. It won’t, it won’t pull in as much money as I hope the return on investment is not high. So, pull out of that one but I’d already lined up other products and have the emails ready to send out to the suppliers. I started getting pricing within the first seven days. I had identified a company name that I can use, got into contact with artists on Fiverr. I got my logo ready to go. I'm still not a hundred percent sure I can use the logo on the trademark yet. I have to get in contact with the trademark lawyer but - I’ve got a brand. We’ve got three different business model and ideas that I can roll with it. And I’ve got a couple of different products identified. I’m in communication with suppliers. It’s coming up on January-February. It’s gonna get kind of slow over there. Getting products shipped and all that but I think within the next couple weeks I should be able to put in my first quarter products.

Taylor: [10:07] That’s amazing. I’m gonna ask a question that honestly if I was talking to someone who did PR or anything like that, they would tell me don’t ask this question because it could be bad, right? But here’s my question, you spent money on the program, you have not made a single dime back yet. You’ve only been in for three weeks, how comfortable are you feeling right now? Without making a single cent that you are going to be able to successfully build an Amazon business and multiply your initial investment by 10x or whatever it’s gonna be?

John K.: [10:48] About a hundred percent, I’m about 99 percent confident you know, there’s always that room for margin for error and failure. We’re all humans, we will make mistakes but using the information you know it’s I knew certain pieces of information I was, I was missing certain things that I really needed to know. And going through the videos and you know I’m only on day 21. You guys have four hundred plus videos, so I know there’s more information out there. So, I think with what I know now plus what I still stand to learn over time watching this and working my way through the courses there, you know, the only reason for failures on my end.

Thrown Into the Deep End of the Pool

During John's first attempt when trying to figure out to succeed with FBA just from YouTube videos, it seemed like he just couldn't find the information he needed. Taylor asked for an example.

Taylor: [11:36] What is one piece of information or one tip or something that has stuck out to you the most. Is there anything that stuck out to you?

John K: [11:58] The negotiating with suppliers because, when I was doing this on my own, in the beginning, no one really got into detail about negotiating with the suppliers and what all the information for shipping... And some of the negotiation tactics like how to get the prices down to the margin you need. And one of the amazing things was the 7/7 software itself -- Boost Nine. I didn’t have that in the beginning so once I actually saw the videos on how that worked, it made so much sense and taught me how to make money over time picking the right product by using the trends and algorithms - however that software works, the Amazon API whatever it’s using but using that thaw was kind of my gotcha moment when I first typed all that stuff in and got my search details, defined down and then I was like “wow, you know, it really is that easy to find a good product” you know and then the idea of working with the manufacturer to improve upon a product, that was something that no one went over before any of this. Those were kind of my gotcha moments.

Taylor: [13:43] This has been incredible just to get to know your view and your experience so far. I want to do another one of these with you in about six months, okay?

John K: [14:00] Okay.

Taylor: [14:01] And we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna see where you’re at. We’re gonna compare that first 21 days, the first six months. Can you give me a realistic goal of where you want to be in like May-June of next year? And six months honestly is not that long of a time, right? It’s gonna be here before we know it but where would you want to be in that May-June time frame?

John K.: [14:34] Ideally, if I can have the business funding itself I would be so ecstatic because to me that’s an achievement it within six months because you know taking out a loan to get started, you have to spend money, invest to make money so I’m invested in myself, I'm gonna do this but ideally to have the business pay for itself would be a great first step. That way I could focus and I can actually build from there and maybe within a year, year-and-a-half be extremely profitable -- that would be my goal is just to have it pay for itself. Right there!

Why John Doing This Even After Failing the First Time

At this point in the interview, Taylor uncovered the real reason John is working so hard to make FBA work.

Taylor: [15:16] I love it! I think that’s totally realistic and I think that, based on this conversation, if you keep going, if you keep putting in the work and keep going at the pace that you’re going at man, I think you’re gonna blow that out of the water. And that’s what I’m excited about. So my last question and, I love asking this to people because I honestly think how someone answers this question, I can very easily tell the difference between somebody’s gonna make it, somebody’s not going to, okay? What is your reason behind building an Amazon FBA business? So, you tried to do Amazon before and failed, you said you’ve, you looked at the courses, you’ve done all this, right? But right now, you told me that after 21 days you’re a hundred percent confident, ninety-nine point nine that you can get to where you want to go. Why do you want to do what you’re doing right now?

John K.: [16:10] I realized that since I was 18-17 I worked my way up working for other people and you kind of get your heart broke a couple times...being a business owner, you know, doing something yourself that’s where the money is. That’s what allows you to take care of your family, you know. I’ve got a son with special needs, I’ve got a mother who’s disabled. Where am at right now, I can’t afford to pay all my debts and take care of my mother and provide my son a future when he moves into his adult life. That’s my goal, I wanna be able to take care of my mother and my son and to be able to stay home, spend time with my family. Working for someone else, I missed out on pretty much the first three years of my son’s life out of town working. All the important things, those first steps, the first words all that stuff missed. I just wanna be able to provide for them because that was something that I’ve always thought I’d be able to do when I was a child. That was one of the big things, you know, being able to take care of my mom and my family that’s probably my number one driving force behind this.

Taylor: [17:45] I love it! Listen, I have a son, he’s four months old, my mother has some health issues and directly because of Amazon FBA, and this business I haven't had to miss a single thing that my son has done the first four months of him being alive. A lot of people will talk about the things you’re talking about, you know, first words, first all these things, right? Oh, I got to see this first smile, I got to see the first time that he rolled over from his back to his stomach. Yesterday afternoon, we fed him baby food, some sweet potatoes for the first time and I got to see it, and record it, take pictures. And I’ve been able to provide for my mom, she moved up here to Pittsburgh from where she was born and raised so that I could take care of her, I would pay for her to move up here. All I want to say is that I’m not in the exact position that you are, but I want to speak to you personally and tell you don’t give up because it’s real. It’s possible and I’m telling you that because of my own personal experience. You’re only 21 days and man but you have so much more to go not only in work, in time and all that kind of stuff but you have, you haven’t gotten a single result yet, right? And when that stuff starts, it’s just gonna get sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and I’m just super pumped for you because I kind of know what you’re going for and I can tell you that I have a small piece of it and it is the most incredible thing in the entire world.

John K.: [19:59] That’s, that’s the goal!

Taylor: [20:01] I don’t know but I just really appreciate your time because your experience and what you possess right now is something that most companies, most people, most anybody would be afraid to ask you what you think because you haven’t gotten those results yet, right? But I’m just so, honestly grateful for you. I’m so grateful for everyone in the group, it’s made you feel like you’re a part of the family because you are. Honestly, you haven’t made any results yet but because you can’t speak to results if somebody was sitting on the fence and wondering if they should start an Amazon FBA business and if they should trust Nine University? What would you say to them?

John K.: [20:47] A hundred percent sure. If you are thinking about doing this and you’re really confident and you’re approaching with that attitude that I can succeed at this then this is the program for you. That’s the catch with anything when you’re starting out on your own, you have to be confident in yourself. If you can build that confidence up in yourself, you can take the information here and you can, you can go far. I can see how this will get you far.

Taylor: [21:12] That’s amazing man! Thank you so much for your time!
Guys, John is incredible. I’m excited. We will come back with John in six months, see where he’s at.

John K: [21:25] Thank you! Bye!

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