How Much Time Does it Take to Start an Amazon FBA Business?

If you have thought about starting your own Amazon FBA business, you are probably asking yourself; “How much time does it actually take to get started?”. A lot of people ask this question. Nine University has a YouTube video that will help to give you a better idea about how long it takes to get ‘up-and-going’. Keep reading to find out what you need to do and about how long it will take you to get your ducks in a row. Let’s dig right in with the things you will need to do:

Gain the Knowledge You Need For Amazon FBA

This first chunk of time is fairly subjective. You should do your homework and learn as much as you possibly can when you start your venture. The amount of time that it takes is entirely up to you. This is also dependent upon your comfort level. Some people are comfortable fairly quickly, while others need some time to gain the confidence that is required to start out on a new way of life.

Do Amazon FBA Product Research

The next phase can take anywhere from a few days to a few months or more. Product research is crucial. You will have to find a product that you are comfortable selling that people want to buy. You should also set a budget and stick with it. People typically take a month or two to do this, but you should not rush yourself. It is important that you find the right product and make sure that it is going to work for you.

Negotiate With Your Suppliers

Negotiations typically take about a month to complete for your Amazon FBA business. This process is when you actually talk with a supplier and ‘nail down’ your wholesale cost. You should always try to get a low price so that you can maximize your ROI. After negotiations there will be time required for order fulfillment and shipping. All in all you will probably spend three to four months negotiating and waiting to receive your first shipment.


If you are the type of person to need time to think about your decisions or if you get ‘cold feet’, negotiation will most likely take a few more weeks. It is sometimes difficult to get in touch with your supplier. If you need a few days to ‘think something over’, it will likely end up setting you back a few weeks.

Amazon Intake

After all of this and after you have inspected to make sure that your product is sellable, you will need to send it to Amazon. The shipping is supposed to take three to ten days. But with the way everything has slowed down as of lately you can expect around two weeks for shipping and processing. After this, you will be ready to launch your product and start making sales.

Beyond Your First Sale

The work does not stop here. At this point, you are going to have to be adamant about your advertisement, optimizing your listing, and generating reviews. Sure, you might make some sales, but the goal should not be to make a few sales. The goal should be to allow your new business as an Amazon FBA seller provide you with the money that you need to replace your nine-to-five job. This is not as far-fetched as you might think.

Learn From the Best

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Amazon FBA seller, click here. Project Nine University has a lot of great information and one of the best courses to take that can teach you everything that you need to know to start your new business.

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