How to Find Amazing Products to Sell on Amazon in Seconds!

If you are just starting to work with Amazon FBA, you probably already noticed that finding a good product to sell is one of the first big hurdles. There are so many products and so many opportunities, yet some of them might not make you any money. How do you know what to choose? Click the link to watch more informative videos about how to do product research like a pro!

Amazon Products Research Software

It can be overwhelming if you are trying to manually type in keywords on Amazon and research each product individually on your own. There will always be details left to guess if you do it this way as well. This is why a lot of people have turned to software programs to help with product research. There is one program called Boost Nine that stands out amongst the rest. 

The Reason Behind Creating Boost Nine

The people at Project Nine University understand that 99% of the battle involved in selling on Amazon consists of finding a good product to sell. Their goal of Boost Nine was to create a program that is at least ten times better than other available product research software.

They quickly realized that other programs do not have a concise way of showing which data points are most important or which products are viable options without having to dig around and meticulously analyze the data that the programs do show.

Another problem that they encountered was that for these programs to work, you have to randomly search keywords until you find one that you like. There are so many products out there that you could spend a lifetime doing this. There is just so much to sift through.

What Makes Boost Nine So Great for Finding Amazon Products?

The first thing that you should realize about Boost Nine and Boost Nine Pro is that its creators actually use it. The purpose of creating Boost Nine, was never to gain profit, it is for people to be able to use it and have an easier time when doing product research.

The Seven and Seven Rule
Project Nine University created Boost Nine with the “seven and seven” rule in mind. This method deals with the demand and competition for the product that you are researching. The “seven and seven” score that Boost Nine focuses on refers to a perfect “Goldilocks zone” for a product’s viability. To learn more about why the “seven and seven” rule works, click the video link at the top of the page.

Already Analyzed
Something that sets Boost Nine apart from other product research programs is that the data that is shown is already sorted by importance. In other words, it is very easy to tell, right away, whether or not a certain product is a good idea to try to sell on your page.

Easy Button
The coolest feature that is available on Boost Nine Pro is a true game-changer. There is a button that will show you the top fifteen products on Amazon in real-time that have a perfect seven and seven score or a score that is very close. These are the best Amazon products to sell. You just click the button and, BAM! There is a list of fifteen of what could be the best-selling Amazon products. Using this function will save you so much time and energy that would have been spent randomly searching keywords.

More Tools with Project Nine University

If you are starting your Amazon FBA business, you really need to click this link and check out Project Nine University. They have so many tools and so much information that they are itching to share, including everything you need to know about finding the right Amazon products. Click the link above and get the help that you need to make your FBA business a success!

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