How To Find Products to Sell on Amazon Quickly

If you are a new Amazon FBA seller, it might seem like an overwhelming task to try and figure out what to sell. There are so many products that you could get your hands on, but which ones are going to make you some money? This is a valid question, but the truth is that it is pretty easy to figure out what to sell on Amazon. For an in-depth explanation, check out this video made by Nine University. Below are a few things that can help you along the way to find the top-selling products on Amazon and the items that will work best for you.

You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere

The first thing you can do is literally start searching for products at random. Just start typing in the search bar and see what Autofill comes up with. Since there are so many products on Amazon, doing this letter-by-letter will show you the products that people search most often. Doing it this way will save you the trouble of having to check the viability of certain products one at a time.

Look at the Numbers

Once you have found a few products you could see yourself selling, the next thing that you should do is look at the numbers. Check to see how many sellers there are. If the products sell well across the board, and what sets the better sellers apart from the sellers that are not doing so well. It is also important that you pay attention to the cost of the item. If you do a little digging and see that the overhead is out of your reach, move along.

Check the Competition

Even though the competition is not as big of an issue in the world of Amazon FBA, it still matters. The main thing is that you check to see if you can keep up. Can you keep quality products in stock? Can you afford the ad campaigns and keywords it will take to stay relevant? Will your product produce enough ROI? 

Pay Attention to Competitor Reviews

If you think that you have found a product that makes sense for you to sell, keep up on reviews of your competitors’ products. What sets their products apart? Why do people like or dislike it? When you do this, you can learn a lot about how you can stay relevant in that particular niche market. It will also give you an idea about how easy or difficult quality control will be on your end.

Try to Sell Somewhat Related Products at First

When you first start, you might find it easier to stick with products that are at least somewhat related. Doing so will allow you to thoroughly learn your market, the keywords. As well as all of the things that your market requires in staying relevant. This type of cohesion also makes your ad campaigns a little easier while you learn the Amazon seller app.

Try a Course

At the end of the day, it will be greatly beneficial to learn Amazon FBA from people who have experience. The guys at Project Nine University have learned the business and have a lot of knowledge that they share in their course. The cool thing about Nine University is that the communication, clarity, and depth involved in the course are second to none. It really is simple. Join the program, and follow the steps. They can help you to bring your business from breaking even to being highly profitable in just a short amount of time if you are willing to put in the work.

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