Instagram: How To Create Amazing Amazon Ads

The two most powerful advertising platforms used by average people are Facebook and Instagram. This basically means that the traffic is immense and the click rate is ridiculous. If you have money in your advertising budget to spare, you should dump it into Facebook and Instagram. This is no joke. There are millions of people who hang out on social media all day every day. They click things, follow hashtags, watch advertisements, and even buy stuff. Yes, millions of them do. That is why advertising on social media is critical. In this tutorial, Nine University explains how to make awesome Amazon ads. (Here is a video that is definitely worth checking out.)

Make a Video

Simple. You have a sixty-second time limit, awesome editing options, and an amazing base of viewers. It is a perfect opportunity to get the word out about your product. Although it might seem simple, let’s go ahead and list some things to keep in mind when you make your video.

Make it About Your Product
Duh, right? You should make sure that your video is clear when it comes to the product. Show your audience what it is, let them know why it is awesome. And make no bones about how proud and excited you are about it.

Engage Your Audience
Make your video creative, witty, or, even better, make it funny. Everyone on Instagram is endlessly scrolling for a laugh. Go ahead and give it to them. It will also pay off to offer up any tips, tricks, or hacks that you might be holding about your industry. Nobody likes a miser. Go ahead and throw your viewers a bone. Make them feel like you are telling them valuable information about your product.

Use Good Editing Practices
If you are serious about your ad, spend time and energy on your editing. Get creative! You will want your video to look slick and awesome to keep your audience interested. Check out the video link above for more about how to better edit your video ad.

Link to Another of Your Pages
Be sure to link the post to your website, YouTube channel, or something else relevant. The more clicks, the better, right? It is not super critical since the main goal of your Instagram ad will be to get them to watch your video for a certain amount of time. But it really does help to give them another avenue through which to engage with your brand.

Instagram is a Phenomenal Way to Target Your Market
The best thing about Instagram ads is that you can immediately see who is and who is not interested in your product. If the person watching makes it through 50% or 75% of your video. BAM. You know that they are interested. Instagram is the best platform for targeting Amazon ads.

Get Amazon FBA to Make Real Money For YOU

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