Marketing Funnels for Amazon: What Are They?

Marketing funnels are exactly what they sound like. They are funnels or directional ways for people to learn about your business, see your products, and prompts that generate click-through to lead to sales. There are plenty of ways to acquire or create a digital marketing funnel. Nine University has a video to teach a little more about marketing funnels here. Keep reading to learn about some of the best marketing funnels and how to make them work.

The Importance of Email

One of the most overlooked yet successful marketing funnels is email. Email works great because it goes directly to potential customers and provides information about your brand and product. Email provides a great avenue for people to follow and click to lead them directly to your website and ordering pages. When you decide to make marketing funnels using email, you will need to track your open rates. This is basically who and how many people actually open your emails. MailChimp is a great program for this. They are one of the top auto-response programs available. There is more in-depth information in the video above.

Landing Pages and More

When you are trying to funnel your traffic, you will need different pages at which your customers will arrive. These will be landing pages, “Thank You” pages, etc. When you are building your website, you should use software that will allow you to add these pages seamlessly and effectively. One of the more intensive builders is called ClickFunnels. This software will allow you to make these pages and allocate them according to their respective funnels.

Social Media

Software such as ClickFunnels will also allow you to integrate social media pages and more. Social media is a great way to create marketing funnels. Pictures and videos are incredible when it comes to brand awareness and educating others about your products. The other important thing here is that there are so many people on social media, and the more accounts that you have to show off your product, the more funnels you will have. Every link that you post, every account that leads to your website in one way or another, will increase the reach of your funnels and lead more people back to your website. The key is to create quality content on a regular and routine basis so that your brand is constantly promoted. Then people will always have access to information about your products and a way to find them.

Stay Personal in Tone and Professional with Your Content

Something to remember when you are trying to achieve a higher open-rate or click-through rate is that you should keep your content friendly. It helps to think of your emails and content as messages to your friends. Engage with your audience and let them feel important, considered, and as if you are giving them a gift when you tell them about your business. While doing this, you will need to remember to keep it professional. Just because you are thinking of them as friends does not mean that you can cut corners. Keep it simple and nice, yet informative and professional.

Learn From the Best

If you want more in-depth information about marketing funnels and how to grow your Amazon FBA business, check out the video link at the top and visit Nine University’s website. They are experienced, professional, and have so much information that they are excited to share. Do not wait around to start growing your Amazon FBA business. Reach out today and learn how to take your business to the next level.

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