Nine University: How It All Started

Project Nine University was started by two normal guys who are much like you or me. Kale, the CEO of the company, had always been entrepreneurially minded. The beginning of the business was rough, but through it all, Kale and Taylor learned, persevered, and now run a successful business. Click here to learn about the beginning of Nine University and keep reading for more.


Like in any venture, the start of Kale and Taylor’s Amazon FBA business was rife with trials and hardship. The main mistake that they made was trying to sell the wrong products at first. The first products that they tried to sell, along with a few other setbacks, put them in the hole by nearly $50,000! 


After such losses, a lot of people would have just given up. Kale and Taylor, however, did not. A good deal of their success up to this point was due to the fact that they persevered and had the stubborn ambition to turn failures along the way into learning experiences. Amazon FBA is not unlike any other business venture in that you will make mistakes and you will have setbacks. The difference between successful Amazon FBA owners and unsuccessful Amazon FBA owners is perseverance. If you can stick to the process, stick to your goals, and maintain confidence, you will succeed.

Fail Fast, Fail Forward

One of the mantras that Kale and Taylor abide by is “fail fast and fail forward.” This basically says that you should not be timid. If you go at Amazon FBA with veracity, your failure will be fast, but so will the learning process. To fail forward means to learn from your mistakes and keep going.

Being the Best at Something

Kale and Taylor started out as just Amazon FBA owners. The cool thing about getting good at something is that your knowledge and experience will be desired. After learning so much through experience about Amazon FBA, they realized that they could offer a lot of information to people who wanted to run successful Amazon businesses. If you are good at something, don’t do it for free, right? That is how Project Nine University was born. Kale and Taylor realized that they could offer vital information and courses about Amazon FBA selling that people truly needed.

Project Nine University Review

If you want to learn about how to really earn passive income from home, Nine University is the best place to start. Kale and Taylor have learned everything that there is to know about it and have employed a huge number of people that comprise the Nine University community alongside people just like you that are learning how to use Amazon FBA right now.

When you join, you will not only have access to a lot of crucial information, you will have the support of all of those people. It truly is an amazing opportunity to connect, learn, and make money from your business.

If you want to learn more about Project Nine University and how you can build an Amazon FBA business from the ground up, click here. The people at Nine University really are excited to share with you everything that they know in order to help your business to become a success. If you want to learn more details about how Nine University started, watch the video at the top of the page. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see where Amazon FBA can take you!

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