Nine University Review - Amazon FBA Samuel Roth Reveals Scam or Not!

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Here is another in our continuing series of interviews with actual Nine University students. This video features student Sam Roth being interviewed by Nine University founder Taylor Hiott. Sam shows us how to ramp things up fast with Amazon FBA.

He credits where he is now on his confidence and experience of running several successful businesses at the age of 26 years old, along with the in-depth Amazon FBA training he received in his Nine University course.

The following interview is Sam's honest Nine University Review.

Choosing the right training program can help save you from becoming the victim of an FBA scam.

Sam: [00:00:00] If you don't take the first step, you'll never have the last step. There is no reason why it should not work.

Taylor: [00:00:10] What's up everybody? We're back. You have not seen one of these with me yet. A no-nonsense Nine University review. My name is Taylor. My partner Kale has been in a bunch of these, but today I'm really excited. Okay. What we have today is a gentleman by the name of Sam, and what I'm so excited about is the fact that Sam has actually started other businesses in the past. He's a business owner. He started a bunch of businesses when he was 15 he doesn't have a job. This is what he does, and he decided to add another revenue stream with Amazon. So Sam, welcome man. Can you tell the people a little bit about yourself?

Sam: [00:00:48] Thank you, Taylor. Thank you. It's a pleasure being here. My name is Sam Roth. I'm living in South Florida. I own two businesses. I own a supplement company and I also own a real estate investing company. So when people ask what is that? I help investors buy and sell off-market real estate. I started both of those companies completely on my own. No help, no assistance, no funding, nothing. Amazon really appealed to me because I know the power of Amazon. We all use Amazon for as consumers. And one day it just kind of clicked and I said, you know what? This platform is unbelievable. I need to be a part of it. It's growing rapidly. It's putting other businesses out of business. I need to be a part of it. So what better way than to, you know, I'm on my daily work schedule is already filled pretty much to the max, so I wouldn't be able to create another business as I already had with the submit. So FBA is perfect for me.

Taylor: [00:01:52] So it's crazy cause you answered my next question, which was why Amazon, right? You're already a busy guy. You're already starting companies. Why Amazon? So you've already answered that one. So how about we do this? You own these other companies and with no help, right? You didn't have some kind of education program or course or anything for those other two businesses.

Sam: [00:02:14] Correct. Actually, I dropped out of college. I was working part-time as a delivery driver for a food service company. And, I was going to school full time, working part-time. I dropped out of school because my business has started taking off and I really didn't have the time to do my schoolwork. And here I am. I just turned 28 a week ago and I've been self-employed for six years now.

Research and Trust: The Two Reasons Sam Chose Nine University

There are a lot of programs out there that teach Amazon FBA. Some are scams. You have to be careful. Taylor asked Sam why he chose Nine University for his FBA education.

Taylor: [00:02:44] Happy late birthday, by the way. So you have your two companies, you came in, you saw the power of Amazon, you wanted to get involved with Amazon FBA. Why did you decide to go with Nine University? Why did you decide to get that education for this business?

Sam: [00:03:02] Well, I saw the ads on social media. They were comical. They were very funny. They were entertaining. I saw a bunch of different ones. Something about you and Kale. It's just, I just find you guys genuine. You guys are real. I did research a lot of research, like many, many hours of research on your program from other people. I heard a lot of good things, your programs, the real deal. I saw others promoting a similar thing and I just didn't get the same vibe. That's just my personal opinion, but I just felt like I can trust you guys. I felt like you guys knew what you were doing. You guys had a similar cause I actually heard, I think it was Kale's back story. I can really relate to his back story. It was almost identical to my situation. I just took a shot and I said, you know what? I'm going to go for it. And. Well, see what turns out.

How Fast Can You Begin Selling in Amazon FBA?

One of the questions I see being asked every day is how fast can you get up and running with Amazon FBA. Taylor asked how long it took Sam after joining Nine University.

Taylor: [00:03:57] How long have you been in the program for in Nine University?

Sam: [00:04:00] Probably around five weeks now. So I've six weeks now. Something around there.

Taylor: [00:04:04] Okay. So five weeks in, where are you at with your business?

Sam: [00:04:09] My products have already been manufactured. I ordered 500 units to start. They should be hitting Amazon literally any minute. Any day now. So as soon as that hits Amazon, Amazon will start to process them. It takes around three days or whatever it may be, a week up to a week from what I've heard. And in that time I'll get my pictures/ my listing, all the keywords optimized for my listing and my product will go live. I'll be ready to rock.

Taylor: [00:04:42] Okay, so your, your product is basically about to go live any second now, and you've been in the program for five weeks. You gave me a little rundown earlier. But can you give me another little rundown for the people of your timeline through like from when you get started to where you're at now?

Sam: [00:04:58] Absolutely. So I'm an all or nothing person. So when I do something and I'm committed, I go zero to 2000 and no time. So that's just how I am with everything I do. So when I joined the program that very day, you guys just created the two-week Bootcamp before the actual weeks. That's a whole lot of great additional content that you guys didn't have before. So I'm very grateful to be a part of it now that you do have it. Because that two-week Bootcamp really boosted how fast I was able to get this stuff done. So within four days, I had the two-week boot camp end pretty much up to like week five completed, which is the week where you can't really do anything much. More than until you have a product at Amazon. So that's pretty much what I, I got all the education out of the way in the first four days. I had a sample ordered on day four and arrived the following week at my house. So within about 10 days, 12 days, I had a physical product from a manufacturer in China in my hand. So. I had a physical product and manufacturing in my hand within 10 to 12 days. I can't remember exactly, but it, the product ended up being exactly what I wanted. The manufacturer did a great job. They had really good communication, and that day that I got the sample, I had completed my first full order. And paid for it in full, and it was already off to the races from there. And here we are a short time later and my product is done, already been inspected, everything, and it's ready to go live any day.

Taylor: [00:06:36] Let's be honest with everyone about two things. So first off, we're not paying you anything for this. You're doing this out of the good of your heart. We didn't give you anything to say anything. We didn't tell you what to say, correct?

Sam: [00:06:51] Absolutely. 100%

Taylor: [00:06:53] Okay. And then second off, you have actually not made a penny on using Amazon FBA yet, correct?

Sam: [00:07:02] I have not. No, I haven't made a dollar using FBA. My product's about to go live any day. I have not made a single dollar as of right now. No.

Taylor: [00:07:10] Okay. So based on your experience, you currently own two businesses, you said earlier, like a random stat of like, you've created 10 businesses since you were 15 or something crazy like that, in your experience how confident are you in the Amazon FBA business model that once your product gets up that you are going to do well.

Sam: [00:07:34] Well, that, see, I actually explained this to somebody online, so somebody asks you, they tried to doubt me because I said, the program is great, but yet I don't even have a product up. Right. As you just explained, I'm, I feel that I'm experienced enough in business being an already successful entrepreneur that. When I see a good education, I know what's a good education. When I see somebody leading a platform, I can tell that they really know what they're doing. When somebody can deliver videos the way you guys delivered it in your education platform, I really can view that and know right away whether you are the real deal or not, whether you know your craft or not, whether you will have experienced what real people that should be teaching have experienced and. I was able to know that immediately upon viewing two videos. So right then and there, I knew the education was going to be good and yes, it was amazing. It couldn't have been easier. Literally, step by step, click by click. I've never started a business this easy in my life. So anybody who's out there doubting that, whether they can do it or not, I promise if you are determined to get it done, you will. You will do this. This is not that difficult. It's building it. You know what I mean?

Taylor: [00:08:51] Yeah. So what we've found is the biggest difference between people who have success and people who don't have success rate is what you're talking about right now is the determination, the mindset, the willingness to go out and do it, because all the information is there. Right. If you could give one or two tips to like somebody who is thinking about getting started with Amazon FBA, whether they're, they're getting, they're going to go through Nine University or not. Either way, what would you, what would you tell somebody who's trying to figure out if they should do this or not?

Why is Sam so confident in the Program and Amazon FBA?

It's hard not to get excited when looking at the sheer size of Amazon's marketplace. it just so massive, it's no wonder third-party sellers are flocking to it. Sam has a unique take on it...

Sam: [00:09:23] Go for it. I mean, listen, just look at Amazon. Amazon has put how many businesses out of business? Amazon is, how big to date the owner of Amazon is, what number of a wealthy person in the world. So those things tell you the future of Amazon and where Amazon is today based on that. I wanted to be a part of it. I don't know about you, but I want to be a part of something great. So. I had to become a part of it one way or another. And what better way than to do FBA when you already have a busy schedule, you already have a nine to five job where you already are a successful entrepreneur. It doesn't matter. You can add FBA into your program and it can really become a very lucrative revenue stream when you put your mind to it. Just like anything else, you know, once you get everything going, the day to day is not really there. Like Amazon fulfills the orders. Amazon handles the customer service, so it's a great additional revenue stream for somebody like myself. And I'm sure a lot of people watching this.

Taylor: [00:10:31] Yeah. So you told me earlier that before Nine University, before coming into the program and getting that education, you knew basically nothing about Amazon FBA. Is that right?

Sam: [00:10:43] I mean zero. I knew how to use Amazon as a consumer and that was the extent of my Amazon experience. I knew nothing about Amazon zero, nothing at all.

One Tip Sam Learned from Nine University Has Already Saved Him Thousands of Dollars

When you have a course as big as Nine University, you'll likely find many, many small nuggets of gold. Some are really worth their weight in gold, like this one Sam found...

Taylor: [00:10:51] Got you. Is there a certain part of the education, the course that you've watched so far that has like really stuck out to you, really hits you or really was like, aw, here's like the light bulb. Like here it is.

Sam: [00:11:05] I will tell you one little thing that I said, I would have never known to do this if it wasn't for you, and that gets inspections done on your own. Products after they've been manufactured. I honestly didn't even know that existed that you could do that. So that tip from you guys, making sure that we get inspections on the quality control of our product before they ship to Amazon from the manufacturer saved thousands and thousands of dollars for a small business because if something is wrong and they ship it to Amazon, you have a huge problem on your hands, and that is a preventative for becoming part of a bad situation. And without that, if I didn't go through you, I would have never even known that. That's just one small example, but that's one that sticks out to me off the top of my head. Because it's a very integral part of the process. Very important that that's done properly. Because if your products aren't right, you're not going to sell anything. I don't care what kind of business you are in.

Taylor: [00:12:06] Based on your experience overall in life, in business with Amazon so far, you seem very well-spoken. What would you say to the world about business, about Amazon, about yourself, what would you say? I just want to give you an open floor. Say whatever you want to say.

Advice For those People Sitting on the Fence

Sam: [00:12:28] Just go for it. Just go for it. I mean, I know it's, it sounds so cliche, but if you don't take the first step, you'll never have the last step, so you just gotta go for it. You just got to do it, period. No matter what it is you want to do, whether it's Amazon or whatever you want to do, become an NBA player, NFL, just go for it. You got it and put your mind to it. You gotta be determined. You've gotta be focused. You got to eat, sleep, and breathe the things you want to accomplish in life. It's not going to be handed to you. You don't expect it to be handed to you. You've got to go out and work for it. You've got to want it. You've gotta grind for it. You've got to wake up every day ready to kill the next day. So that's just what it is. And that's how you get to places that you want to go in life.

Taylor: [00:13:10] This man just said if you don't take the first step, you won't ever have the last step. WOOOOHOOOOO Last question. Obviously, you have your business, you're getting your Amazon business started. You talk about the need to eat, sleep drink whatever what are your goals are, what you want in life. What are your goals, man? What do you want out of life? What are you trying to accomplish?

Sam: [00:13:35] My overall goal is to be retired completely by 40 so I only got another 12 years to go. And I'm on track to doing it. I, I feel as if I'm on track to doing it. That's it. And honestly, the Amazon piece is going to be a major factor in that. I really believe that. I truly feel that even though I haven't made a single dollar, I can feel it. I can see the potential and I really am expecting Amazon to become a major key and I'm going to make sure it becomes a major key in all of this.

Taylor: [00:14:05] I love it, Sam. Listen, man, thank you so much for taking your time. And I just want to say this man. What I'm so impressed by you on is obviously you have everything going for you. But the thing that I'm most impressed is this stage right here where you're like, I'm waiting for my product. It's about to go live on Amazon. This is the moment where most people, they're freaking out a little bit. They're like, all right, I just put my investment down it's about to hit, am I actually going to do anything and right now a lot of people can get stressed out, can be anxious, but right now it seems like you're more confident than ever right here in this place. Is that true? Are you freaking out? A little bit.

Sam: [00:14:48] That's 100% true. You have to be confident in the moves that you make. I mean, especially when you put your money behind something, you've got gotta be confident in the process. You've got to be confident in the people you work with. And that's you guys with the program. You guys literally taught me step-by-step how to get to today. And I'm confident that it's correct. I'm confident that it's gonna work and I'm just confident all around. There is no reason why it should not work. So you're right.

Taylor: [00:15:15] Awesome man.

Sam: [00:15:16] Thank you so much for your time

Taylor: [00:15:17] I'm really excited because I look forward to having Sam back in a month, two months, three months, six months, whatever it is, and get a little update video from him, see where he's at, see what he's doing. But once again, Sam, thank you so much for your time. See you guys in the next one.

Sam: [00:15:32] Thank you.

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