Nine University Review: Amazon FBA Success - The Secret to Winning

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“Like people think that it’s ah SCAM! This whole thing! They think that Amazon’s a SCAM. They think programs like this are a scam. I’m talking about what YOU think?”

Here’s an interview with Nine University VIP student, Hunter, also known as the “Positivity Station” on the student Facebook pages. Hunter has been in the program since last April 2018 and recently posted his “scoreboard” details to the group saying, “Scoreboard! Just your basic newb trying to break 5K!”

The following interview is Hunter’s honest Nine University program Review. Choosing the right training can help save you from becoming the victim of an FBA scam.

Kale: “What's up everyone! Welcome back. I have my main man Hunter on today. He is going to talk about his experience in nine-university in KT VIP he’s like the positivity station. I love this guy! What’s up man say hi to the people.”

Hunter: “Hello everybody.”

Kale: “Where are you from?”

Hunter: “I’m in Arkansas.”

“Just your basic newb trying to break 5k five thousand dollars in sales in the past month."

Kale: “Okay that’s what I thought. Arkansas, I knew there was a little twang in your voice. Ha I love it. So lets let's get right into um Hunters results because that’s what you guys are here for. If you are watching this video right so um right here if i share my screen were in the kt vip group and there he is. He’s got his little he’s kinda of incognito with his little name here Hero kind of think its cool. He says, "just your basic newb trying to break 5k five thousand dollars in sales in the past month". How does it feel man? You’re doing it! You’re are making progress.”

Hunter: “I've learned to not get too comfortable. You can be ah flying high one day and the next day you know not so good. So it’s best to just try to a keep it even keel. You know just keep doing what you gotta do to try and improve everything and keep hitting it out of the park you know."

Kale: “Exactly what’s your experience been like you probably saw some, some kind of ad jump into vip right now you yeah you're in.”

Hunter: “I just uh I was involved in researching various ecommerce and I saw you know the high energy of you guys which you hear about so you know I jumped right on that and ah I think i’ve been involved since last April. So uh you know I took started watching the videos and Took a good long time finding that first project because it was a bundle and it took a lot of coordination and so far so good it’s still very unique on amazon and you know I plan to expand that genre into some kind of uh brand for sure. now I just uh you can enter in and not know anything and just follow the course and then I noticed that y’all then when I joined ya’ll have improved the course since then like right midway. Like version two or three or whatever came out so i was like oh that’s good and there's always some form of help me personally always have my questions answered and there’s always you know on the live streams there’s always somebody so you end up being in kind of a close-knit little community and people actually you get to know people some of my good friends that I’ve talked to day to day I may or may not ever see their face physically you know we talk all the time you know and that’s the only way you're gonna succeed is to get that camaraderie going and share because there’s so much to know and you know you just gotta push forth and everyday. You learn something they’re like you watch those live streams or you read the forms there’s something’s always there.”

Kale: “One hundred percent I agree you hit it right on the head the community. I mean you're such a big part of the community. Um talk a little bit about like people think that it’s ah scam this whole thing. They think Amazon’s a scam. They think programs like this is a scam. Talk about what you think.”

Hunter: “You know I’ve thought a lot about that and I’ve seen some of that you know going around but it’s also with every other course you know. Someone that’s got a little problem with something you're just looking at a world of complete variation flying at you at all times.”

Kale: “MmmHmm.”

“It’s like trying to nail jello to a tree”

Hunter: “It’s like trying to nail jello to a tree.”

Kale: “Haha I don’t think I have ever heard that before.”

Hunter: “I mean it’’s hard.”

Kale: “NAIL JELLO TO A TREE! That sounds HARD! That's the quote of the interview. Okay keep going.”

Hunter: “Well that’s like trying to please everybody all the time. All you can do is put out the basic information, but what people fail to understand is there’s a work component you know they think they’re gonna throw some little trinket up on amazon it’s gonna work out. No, it’s you might be working from home but you're working from your car, from the lake, from the if you have your phone or your computer with you. It’s all day. I mean you have to stay on it and you have continual because you know that algorithm is going to change or we who really knows but you listing may not be as optimized as it was when you first so if you just it sit there you have to keep improving you have to keep tracking.”

Kale: “Absolutely”

If you keep working at it you will get better!

Hunter: “A route you know and concepts that you thought you understood in the beginning you find out, well, I guess I didn’t know that too well. Like, you read something you go, “OH! That’s what they’re talking about!” If you keep working at it you will get better!”

Kale: “Mmmhmmm.”

Hunter: “That’s just I just talked to the guys that are doing 50, 60, 70 a month and it’s possible.”

Kale: “Yeah.”

Hunter: “They’re walking the same earth I am”

Kale: “Ahhah.”

Hunter: “And they have the same eyes up you know they read just like I do, but they’ve stuck in it longer and they keep learning.”

Kale: “Exactly.”


Hunter: “You know you're gonna have some bad days, but that's the difference between you and somebody else cuz someone else will quit and sometimes you gotta just step back and reassess and you know if money is a situation and you got ah you know it’s kind of warfare you’re on the front line you pull back a little bit because, IF YOU DON’T QUIT, THEN YOU WIN!”

Kale: “Yeah!”

Hunter: “If you just give up then yeah you gave up and that’s where you were when you first started. NOTHING so you know it gives people opportunity to uh learn a skill it’s hard if you work hard enough you’re gonna get something out of it you know. I improved my listing like two days ago. My sales have dropped off.”

Kale: “Yeah.”

Hunter: “Well then what is it? I improved it. I’ve changed my pictures a little bit. I made my keywords better. This is all in the course by the way.”

Kale: “Yeah.”

Hunter: “Yeah it's like I mean we’re not curing cancer here it's just uh you have to be PERSISTENT you know you’ve got to keep at it. So, I changed it and all of a sudden the next day I mean it has to get you indexted all of a sudden. BAM! Shh. I was like, I don’t know what I did but my sales went up.”

Kale: “It happens over and over. Change your pictures do something simple and it works, but you hit it right on the head you said, “if you don't quit you’ll win.” I mean, that's incredible because it’s and you’re also if I could summarize what you just said. You said basically you said it’s a real business. There’s good days there’s bad days. You come in and you work hard you keep learning and you make it happen. I mean you started a real company with a real product and you’re doing 5 thousand dollars a month.

What would you say to people that are watching this who you know haven’t gotten started yet should they do it should they join vip should they not?”

Hunter: “You know I don’t remember. I mean I jumped right into VIP so I don’t know what it would be like to start at a different level.”

Kale: “Yeah.”

Hunter: “I think you SHOULD DO WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD. Just realize that there’s a lot of information there you know. Give yourself a chance. If you feel like you need more help then get that help. I was involved in FastTrack and I’ve seen how it’s done for people and how we help people when I was on it [FatTrack] and I don’t know what the terms are now but I know that you can get on there and get immediate help like NOW. I mean like right NOW.”

Kale: “Yeah.”

Hunter: “You can convince my condense my first 3 to 4 months into about 30 minute conversation with the right person. You’re like hey here is my problems. They’re like oh do this. I mean when I first started I had to figure it out on my own. I’ve seen people that I talked to on FastTrack that are doing really well now.”

Kale: “HmmMMm”

I CAN do this!

Hunter: “They go they go past that first little you know the new wore off and they got busy with it and they realize, I CAN do THIS”


Hunter: “There’s some folks that are not as smart as you and me that are doing REALLY WELL.”

Kale: “AHAH.”

Hunter: “Well I mean they’re just persistent.”

Kale: “And there sneaky. They’re, they’re hiding.”

Hunter: “Yes they are.”

Kale: “They will not post it. There are so, you should see me trying to get it out of them. I’m like hey man, I know you're selling. I know you're doing well. He’s like, hey man I just like to keep it low key you know.”

Hunter: “Yeah, so I think it’s you know it’s kinda like a little American dream. You will have to put a little bit of money in there. You will have to take some risk because it’s any kind of business, but negotiating for products and all that it there’s all kinds of resources that do this.”

Kale: “Mmmmhhmmm”

Hunter: “And use your own life experiences to do that. I mean people like you know they complain about it, but then there’s some people that hop right in and they knock it out of the park.”

Kale: “Exactly.”

Hunter: “It’s just a skill and they’re just like you and me. You know, but the primary different government, but I am just saying they have family they care about. They are just trying to do a job and go home. So once you connect with them on a human level you're gonna get what you need out of them. At least that’s been my experience. So those hurdles that you meet can be overcome and ah it’s all just kind of laid out in the course. It can be DONE!”

Kale: “Yeah Absolutely you said it, you said it’s like the American dream in a box.”

What’s your favorite part? Again to summarize VIP or you know your experience with us in nine university. What’s your favorite part?”

Hunter: “Okay. I like that it DOESN'T MATTER HOW BIG your little victories are. You can have a thousand dollars a day. You can have a 25 dollar sale, but if you post it and say HEY, people actually care. I mean they’re not like, “oh bro you can do better.”

Kale: “Haha. Yeah.”

BAM you’re like, WELL OH MY it actually works

Hunter: “There’s gonna theres somebody there’s more then somebody. There’s a ton of folks that are gonna be supportive of you because they remember waiting on that first sale. I recalled in the video you talking about how to feel when I had my first sale. Like the best feeling you know it’s like you know y'all were going back for and I walk like I was thinking I wonder what that’s going to feel like. Then you’re like your stuff arrives at amazon. You like put all this work into it and then all of a sudden BAM you’re like, “WELL OH MY it actually works!”

Kale: “WOW”

Hunter: “Yes.”

Kale: “Incredible.”

Hunter: “And so yes you can you can do it! I’m now, I’m at the point I am trying to get to the point where I can do even better. Because if you I know I can do five a month. Then I can do $10K.”

Kale: “Absolutely”

Hunter: “That’s the deal… $10K… $20K… then you know talk to these guys see were doing $50K, $60K. Don’t tell me you mean just tell you what they’re doing. It's not like you can swoop in there and take their business. They’ll tell you a lot more coaches and they’ll tell you here’s what you do now. It’s your choice to do those things, and I’m actually adding something like you know Many Chat thing. You know trying to do some rebates and you know then all terms of service. I don’t want my studying that’s like what am I not doing so what are the big dogs doing? Follow them. It’s not like you got to create something new.”

Kale: “Exactly”

Hunter: “And you get MORE SUCCESS out of it.”

Kale: “Um speaking of all those guys... You know, like the guys who are who you’re talking about Kyle and Scrhone and all these guys that are doing those those crazy numbers.

Do you see yourself getting there?”

Hunter: Like I, you said before, you’re it’s just a matter of time and just how I’m gonna keep grinding is that is that your goal for this.“

"Where do you see this going?”

Hunter: “I want to be one of the one of the guys others come to you know cuz I’m going through my own trials and tribulations with it, but I know that I can like ah in a year or so you know. After I’ve built up more products and all that kind of stuff, and when I hit five. I was like yeah I’m gonna do this. I was just talking to my wife and I said when I do my next product I know exactly what I’m gonna do cuz I’ve learned from what I’ve already done. I’m like, I know exactly.”

Kale: “Absolutely.”

Hunter: “It’s just dawns on you your like ok. So product research takes on a whole new thing now like I know what I’m looking for.”

Kale: “MmmHmm.”

Hunter: “I know I have a feeling I don’t know what their products are but I know certain things about their products that make them more profitable.”

Kale: “Yep.”

Hunter: “You know and your’re not gonna know that until you just get in.”

Kale: “Yeah it’s so hard. You have to go through it.”

Hunter: “If money’s a thing. Buy yourself five hundred dollars worth of something and learn from it. You get gets you put on there get your stuff in the amazon and just, just learn because once it hits and you start to optimize and you see well you know like man, I sold that. I sold out of that no time then your’re you get some confidence. Your like, I know what I’m doing a little bit now, and so be smart about it.”

Kale: “Yeah. that’s what some of our students do is they you know our programs obviously our programs aren’t cheap but they invest in the program. And then put like five hundred bucks on amazon and they throw it up and it sells out and they're like dang and then they’re hooked and it sounds like you get it's kind of intoxicating ah right.”

Hunter: “Right. It’s it’s good that there’s people that are involved that are actually selling you know like you can I mean you can talk to kyle and all these guys and there like well here's what I'm you know they are doing just what your doing.”

Kale: “Hmmm hmm.”

Hunter: “Their also working full time jobs on top of that so you know sleep is optional.
So you know I respect those guys and they’re honest they’ll tell you don’t do this one thing cuz you're being an idiot like me and you know this is what happened to me and you know so you know you talked to Schrone or whatever he’ll tell you he’s got stuff stacked up his garage from a failure.”

Kale: “Mmhm.”

Hunter: “You know there’s evidence right there stuff happens.”

Kale: “Yeah happens to everyone yeah and that’s, that’s something you can be encouraged with too is that those guys like Kyle. Like I just off, I just did on of these with Schrone like 2 days ago and he’s telling me I think he said, I don’t want to miss quote him in the interview, but he said he spends like 1 hr a day or something. You watch you guys can watch the interview. I’ll link it below, but right now once you get to a certain level it does get easier which is crazy. Like its almost harder at the level that your at because its a day to day trying to break through and get that organic freaking train going, but once that happens it’s gets, you know a lot more passive. So super excited for you man. I think you are right on the edge of a breakthrough. Thanks for, thanks for taking the time to jump on. Any last, you know I can’t make these so long or people won't watch. Ahhh yeah, any last like literal last words of wisdom you are talking to people on the edge to do amazon and they're like this close get them over the edge or don’t it’s up to you.”

Shrone interview →

Just be careful of the negative stuff you hear

Hunter: “I would say just be careful of the negative stuff you hear because that’s everywhere, now make your own decisions. If you're going to find 5 people that are negative about something then you are going to find 10 that are like mans best thing I ever did, and like you said, a lot of these guys are hiding because they don’t want you to know - it’s like they don’t want to get jinxed you know. They're like knocking out $70K something a month like I don’t show my face you know.”

Kale: “They are afraid. They don’t want everyone in the group asking them like hey, help me, help me, help me. You know?”

Hunter: “Yeah I mean it real quick like one of the interview you had with someone is that one guy he wanted a BMW. Now he’s off and hiding somewhere in Bali and you know he’s doing all kinds of stuff and like i heard on one day he won't come to the surface about nothing because he’s like mmmmmmmm he’s like noo.”

Kale: “I’m not making any money noooo.”

Hunter: “NOOO, yeah so uh man I love to be that way you know, but I don’t plan to quit at ALL! I’m just going to find 10 of what I'm doing.”

Kale: “Yeah.”

Hunter: “I’ve, I’ve haven’t lost faith.”

Kale: “Look, thank you so much Hunter. I really do appreciate your time. If you are watching this and your still watching you’re the faithful people. CHECK out the stuff I’ll put helpful stuff in the description. Other then that guys subscribe to the channel if you want. We’re here. We're posting stuff again. We're back! Love you guys. See you guys soon.”

** Hunter wasn't paid for this interview, he was happy to sit down with KT9 founder Kale Abrahamson and discuss the Nine University program. He has shared his favorite FBA tips, as well as his personal advice on how to grow your Amazon FBA business to the level you want.

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