The CEO Kale Abrahamson Reveals How He Ultimately Became Successful on Amazon FBA

The CEO of Project Nine University, Kale Abrahamson, had humble beginnings when he and his partner Taylor began their Amazon FBA business. In this video and in the text below, we will dig a little deeper to find out the keys to their success and the strategy that got their business to where it is today.

The Spirit of Giving

Kale and Taylor have always been active members of their community and church. At the beginning of their business venture, before they were actually making much money at all, Kale and Taylor felt a strong conviction to help their church financially as much as they could.

After donating a large installment, they continued to donate as often as possible. Kale says that for this spirit of giving, they were blessed with success ten-fold.


Since Kale and Taylor admit that God blessed them for their servitude, they know and understand that God is holding them accountable as individuals and as a business. If they were selling a scam or being dishonest, there should be no reason that God would not shut them down. If they were to turn their backs on the morals that their business was founded upon, they would no longer be serving a bigger purpose, The business would just be about self-promotion and their business would have no ultimate purpose and no reason to continue. This accountability keeps their spirit of giving alive and keeps them in check along the way.

Amazon FBA is all About Hard Work

Kale will be the first to admit that the program takes work. A lot of people expect that the process will be easy and that Amazon FBA will not take time and energy. This is not true. Project Nine University and Amazon FBA are not get rich quick schemes.

Kale also explains that it is easy to react out of pride for the hard work that they have done. Nevertheless, humility is essential in maintaining a productive attitude as an Amazon FBA seller and as a business owner. It is easy to react in a prideful way that can be hurtful to others. Kale admits to reacting poorly in the past, but that forgiveness and humility allowed him to make it right and helped his business in the long run.

Generosity: Helping Others to Succeed in Amazon FBA

It is tempting to keep the knowledge and experience that you have earned to yourself. However, Kale says that the giving must go on. If you have something that has been a blessing, keeping it to yourself will do no good. You have got to be willing to help others if you want to succeed. It is not in Project Nine University's interest to keep secrets on valuable information about Amazon FBA. 

Check Them Out & Start Your Own Amazon FBA Business

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There is no such thing as a job that does not take time and effort. Running an Amazon business is hard work and will require ambition and a stick-to-it attitude, but it can be extremely rewarding and bring in a good incomeif you do it right.

There is so much information out there regarding Amazon FBA that you really should learn from people who have experienced the process. With the right guidance, you can avoid making costly mistakes that can set your business back before it is even off of the ground. Be sure and click the link above to start your Amazon business with the best!

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