Pinterest and Amazon FBA: How Do The Two Mix?

One of the biggest parts of starting your Amazon FBA business, and possibly one of the hardest parts, is conducting product research. The backbone of a successful Amazon business is a good product. You will not only need to find a quality product, but you will have to find a quality product that is actually going to sell and make money for you. The task of finding what to sell can be daunting. But Nine University has a great video about how to use Pinterest to figure out what to sell. We are going to dive into it below. Let’s get started!

Use Your Amazon Search Bar

As you may know, Amazon is all about keywords. Every product, every listing is attached to keywords. That is how you are able to type in the name of a product that you are looking for. As well as find a bunch of different options to buy on Amazon. Basically, all you need to do is pick a letter and type it into the search bar. Amazon will autofill the most popular searches beginning with that letter. This is a great place to start when you do not know what to sell. This, however, can still lead to disappointment if you are still overwhelmed and do not know what to sell. Let’s check out another way.

Using Pinterest for Product Research

Pinterest is another platform that is built on keywords. The cool thing is, since Pinterest is a completely different platform, it will have completely different keywords. You can use Pinterest in the same manner as listed above. You should start with a letter and continue to type letters according to the suggested auto-filled letters in the bar. After you have found a few good keywords that are of interest to you and that have potential to be related to products. You can check for them on Amazon.

How to Know Good Keywords

After you find your keywords on Amazon, you can use your preferred program to check how often they are searched. And the profit margins, etc. There are some helpful tips on how to know whether or not a product is worth your time on the Project Nine University website.

Why Use Different Methods for Product Research?

The main reason that you might want to branch out for your product research is that you might not want to be confined to the products that Amazon will show you in the search bar. It is easy to get bogged down while searching on Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you might find that Pinterest and Amazon can be used together to find some really cool products. You might not have otherwise thought to search. 

More Tips and Tricks

If you want to find more tips and tricks like this to use as an Amazon seller, there are so many on the Project Nine University Website. There is so much that can be learned from other people who have experienced the trial and error phase. The people at Project Nine University have learned a lot about Amazon FBA and are so excited to share with you. There is no substitute for guidance from people who have been through the process and have become successful. They have a super beneficial online course,  and a lot of media on YouTube. As well as a community of other people just like you who want so badly to quit their nine-to-five. And make a better lifestyle. The dream is not as far-fetched as it might seem!

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