Pinterest Hacks: Growing Your Amazon Traffic Organically

While you might think that growing your Amazon Seller Central audience all depends on Amazon, Pinterest is a great way to organically grow traffic. Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, instead, it is a search engine. With the right sizing, text overlay, and color scheme, you can attract hundreds to you as an Amazon seller. In order to usher traffic towards Amazon Seller Central, you will need to keep up with Pinterest trends. In this presentation, Kyle, our resident Pinterest expert and Nine University CEO, is here to share the top three ways that we can optimize our pin pictures to organically grow your Amazon Seller Central traffic.

1. Correct Sizing

Many times, you will see pins where users are not using the right sizing on their photos. Because of this, pictures may appear fuzzy or important details may be cropped out. There is a very specific size of photo that Pinterest prefers. When you are making the pin, Pinterest will let you know what size they want it to be. Kyle recommends using Canva, which is a free design program that allows you to create amazing graphics. Canva even has a template built for Pinterest where you will receive many free options for different backgrounds and formats.

2. Text Overlay

Text overlay is very important for a variety of reasons. “It’s going to catch the attention, catch the eye of the person who is looking at your product,” Kyle explains. “If you have a really nice looking pin, whether it has a picture in the background or if it’s something like a color scheme, a nice text overlay over top of it will really help that pin stand out.” A text overlay will quickly get your point across to a buyer so that they understand what that pin is about. Kyle explains that, in his experience, text overlay has always proved to attract more buyers than no text overlay. Check to see the font that your competitors are using. While it might seem insignificant to some, the right font can draw the attention of many Pinterest browsers.

3. Color Scheme

If you study the pins in the category that you are interested in, you will often notice that other users are using a color scheme. While this might not always be the case, you will notice subtle color coordination in pins. While it is impossible to predict which color will attract a customer’s eye, any color is more likely to catch their attention than white. Kyle recommends “spying” on your competitors to see what they are doing to try and draw in attention. Are they using a particular font for their text overlays? A certain color for their background? Be prepared to change your style on Pinterest often. The popular trends on Pinterest are always changing.

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