“What’s wrong with this? Why won’t it work?” - Real Student Victim of an Amazon FBA Scam?

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If you can’t beat them, join them! This is the outlook of our newest interviewee before he jumped on-board with the Nine University Amazon FBA program. He had an EXTRA amount of skepticism when starting out. So was he a victim of this online training course scam?

He went through the course, step-by-step, waiting for the other shoe to drop. He overcame the challenges and is now expanding his Amazon business with the profit from his first product!

$16K In Two Months - Scam?

Kale - What’s up everybody! Welcome back to the channel. My name is Kale! I got my man Aaron on with me today. Aaron is a stud! Aaron is killing it on Amazon! He got up to 16k at one point with the program. You wanna just show them this? From September 18th through October 18th Check it out Baby! 16k!! Then what happened? You ran out of stock huh?

Aaron - See the drop at the end? There’s where I ran out of stock.

Kale - I’m just kinda looking through my VIP Group and saying “Who are the guys that are killing it? Who are the guys that are putting in the work?” Aaron posted here on November 13th obviously this is before he got up to that 16k mark but 5300 here just on these average days and then ran out of stock, unfortunately. He’s a super super awesome member of the group contributing a ton, learning a ton. Overall man what do you think about the VIP Group experience? Are you enjoying it?

Aaron - What I really like is uh… Let me just back up just a little bit. I’ve tried a million things of my own accord in the past and I really wanted to follow something that was simply step by step. So all I did was stop thinking and just do what it says. Even if I didn’t agree with it, I’m like “You know what? This has worked and this is gonna work for me!” I just don’t think about it.

“Don’t think about it! Just follow the steps!”

Kale - That’s so interesting. So like you’ve said you’ve started other businesses in the past what made you start amazon and choose us.

Aaron - I owned this supplement store and I was selling over 100 thousand a month on ebay until they decided I couldn’t sell on there anymore because of some of the products. I had looked into amazon and I had a bunch of stuff listed on there but none of it was FBA and I started realizing that that’s the way to go. Just to give you an example, one product I’m selling I’ve had about 20 of them returned to my house and I just had listed them for sale by merchant. I’ve had zero ordered even though it’s 50% cheaper. I saw the power of it (FBA) plus I was in North Carolina and Amazon has their own delivery system with their own vans and everything down there. I always say if you can’t beat em join em. Time to join the winners.

Kale - That’s so interesting! That’s such an interesting way to think about it like “Hey this didn’t work and I’m seeing what is working let me just jump on this train right here.” That’s so dope. So when did you get in the program? A few months ago? How long ago?

Aaron - I started in May. It was my birthday present to myself.

Kale - and what happened? You went through and like you said you just followed it step by step. A lot of people I guess watching this probably think Amazon is... they’re not sure if it’s a scam. What was your experience like just going through the program?

“I literally could not find any reason why it wouldn’t work!”

Aaron - So obviously when I start looking at something first I’m just trying to disprove it. that’s just my nature. “What’s wrong with this, why won’t it work?” And I literally couldn’t come up with any reason why it wouldn’t work. I liked how simple and straight-forward everything was. The hardest part was talking to the chinese people. There’s no real good formula for it. You give a lot of good pointers. But other than that, everything else is black and white and that’s what I liked. There’s no guess-work really.

Kale - Huh! I love that! So cool! If you had a tip for someone who was just starting... like you hit 16k! That’s pretty significant! What do say to those people?

“Do your Due Diligence!”

Aaron - I think the program is an awesome foundation. Obviously you’re not gonna be teaching advanced techniques and I get that. If you just stick to the rules or suggestions as you call them, I don’t wanna say there’s no way to fail but if you do your due diligence there’s very little chance that it is going to fail. Let’s just put it this way, my one product, I straight up stole it from, What’s the other dude’s name?

Kale - Taylor

Aaron - Ya this is how lazy I am! On one of the videos he was like “oh ottoman serving trays that’s interesting” so I looked it up and thought I’ll do this, No one else is gonna do this. That was that one product.

Kale - That’s awesome! It’s so true! There are so many products out there! What do you think about the industry as a whole? Do you think this is something you can do for the next 20 years? What are you plans for all of this?

Aaron - My plans. I have pretty hefty goals. By March I want to be between 7-10k profit a month. I have 3 more products coming in. By this time next year my goal is 40k profit. I’m gonna use that for some future stuff. As far as the longevity of it goes, time will tell. This is my take on it, there's still a lot of room for growth in the industry. Amazon is still growing by leaps and bounds. One day it’ll kind of level off and that’s where I think things will be hard but I don’t foresee that for 5-10 years maybe even longer.

Kale - We talked about this before, your goals and dreams but why do Amazon? This is one of the coolest Ideas I’ve ever heard!

“I want to have my own boat working down in the South Pacific!”

Aaron - I’ve started my other business here and created some debt so using it to pay that off. But then using most of it just to grow bigger. This has kinda been my goal since I was 20 but just never thought it would be possible. I was sitting around a couple weeks ago and I was looking at the numbers and saying “If I actually do this I can do what I want to do. I used to live in ocean city Maryland and one of my buddies dad’s used to run surf charters. I’ve been really wanting to get into it. I’ve been doing a lot of research and one day I want to have my own boat working down in the south Pacific, like Indonesia and Bali. This is definitely one of my stepping stones to get there.

Kale - This guy!! If you’re watching this and listening to this write a comment. This guy wants to use the Amazon money to do surf tours off the coast of Bali off of his boat! How cool is that?!? If that’s not the freelance life, if that’s not the American dream to do what you want to do and not what someone else wants you to do, I don’t know what is dude. When you do it we will have to get you back on the channel I’ll facetime you from Bali or whatever.

Aaron - I haven’t done much research on what kind of wifi you can get out there but ya!
Kale -We’ll have to figure it out! I’ll just fly down there and learn surfing! We’ll just film it in person! That is sick! For people that are really far away from Bali, like they’re stuck in a cubicle, they’re stuck wherever they are and they wanna do Amazon what are the pros and cons? What do you think?

Aaron - I’ll start off with the Cons. There’s not a whole lot of them. 1) You have to be patient 2) You have to stick to analytics - Never go with your gut! I say that because of a couple mistakes I made. But that’s really the only Cons. The pros - It’s such a big industry. I could tell you exactly what I’m selling, you could sell the same exact thing and probably wouldn’t even put a dent in my sales honestly. When you think about a trillion dollars that's what they brought in last year, part of it had to do with awos. When you think a trillion dollars, it’s 20% of all goods and services for an entire year that's being done in the US. It’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around what that number really means. It’s pretty much as close to unlimited as you can get. So the potential is pretty much unlimited for who knows, maybe the next 20 years. There really isn’t a reason not to do it. So ya, just dive into everything and be patient.

Kale - So good! So many gems! What’s the one thing you learned from VIP that you wouldn’t have gotten somewhere else, you know there’s youtube and other places you can learn stuff but what’s the one thing you’ve learned here that's invaluable?

Aaron - I started research before I fell into this group and what I had come up with was my projected/target ROI was somewhere between 70-100% So since joining, I’ve been thinking a lot bigger than that. Not gonna lie after my first product, pay per clicks and all, we were making like 5% but I’ve got three more items coming in that are above 200%. I think that maybe it made me aim higher than I would have otherwise.

Kale - So like margins and actual ROI and the return is something you learned?

Aaron - I’ve sold a lot on ebay and generally if I’m buying a product for 20$ and I’m selling it for $29 minus shipping, I’m making 3$. That’s the world that I’m used to.

Kale - So ya definitely bigger margins. There have been people saying that the margins on amazon aren’t very good and I’m like, there is a 20-40% margin! When you start a restaurant, it’s like 3% and I don’t know what your supplement business is and I’m sure it’s good but it’s not 20-40% margin right?

Aaron - 50-60% before overhead but then you add that in and you’re looking at less than 10%.

Kale - Ya it’s just typical and that’s the retail issue and that’s what Amazon lets you solve. It lets you sit at home, you don’t have all the employees, you don’t have all that stuff. When you were at 16k you said you had a 30% margin? What was your margin?
Aaron - Right around 30%

Kale - So you’re taking home 4-5%?

Aaron - Ya between 4-5% was profit

Kale - Well let's get you back there and get those new products up like your goal of 10K profit, 20K profit. It looks like you’re right there once we get you back in stock.

“Amazon takes care of Marketing for You!”

Aaron - Ya it won’t happen again. So it’s interesting what happened, somebody actually bought the last 60 units I had and re-listed them as fulfilled by merchant. It’s been more than 30 days so they can’t return them, Thank God, but it was kinda interesting. I don’t know if they’re trying to pull something or what. I will say the one thing that Amazon does for you which is my biggest weak point is marketing. You could have the greatest product in the world and if you can’t market it, no one is going to buy it. Amazon takes care of all of that. Even if you suck at the pay per click there’s other services you can use for that.

Kale - That’s so true and that's why I encourage people to use Amazon. Obviously there’s other ways to make money online but a lot of those other ways involve you driving traffic right, you being the marketing and people don’t realize that’s one of the hardest things to do. The reason you do Amazon is the customers are already there. They’re already in buying mode.

Aaron - I run two websites that do pretty well but it’s the same thing as paying monthly for SEO and a ton for google ads and stuff like that. You could have a good month and then a bad month because of the demand for this type of stuff. Your rent changes. Your rank may change on Amazon but you’re still there. I was 3rd page google and now I’m 15 and nobody is coming to my site at all.

Kale - Interesting! Such a cool interview! Any last thoughts? You’re talking to people on the fence, they’re on the fence about me, about taylor, about nine university and about amazon, what do you think? What do you say to those people?

“You guys put a fun twist on this Journey”

Aaron - I would say that you guys have definitely put a fun twist on things, you know you see a lot of these programs out there. They’re very serious, which is good, but you want to be able to laugh sometimes and enjoy yourself. You guys definitely put that fun twist on it. I truly believe you guys actually care about the people doing well. Ya you wanna get interviews with people that have done well for marketing or whatever but I feel like you guys actually care about people. If I were to be like dude I’ve got this problem and reached out, you would send me to somebody that could help me instead of just saying you’re on your own.

Kale - I appreciate you saying that because we do care! We Really do. And that is going to an even bigger level here soon with some cool announcements that I think we are gonna do. The one thing I forgot to say and I’ve gotta say this in every interview, I’m like obligated. I didn’t pay you anything to say all those nice things right? I wasn’t like holding a gun to your head?

Aaron - Ya I wasn’t offered anything for this. It’s using my batteries so it’s actually costing me money.

Kale - He’s paying me to say this stuff guys! I’m winning! But seriously I appreciate your time. Guys if you’re watching this, guys like Aaron, taking the time out of their day to do stuff like this, Hit it with a like, hit it with a subscribe. It’s not really about us at this point guys! It’s about people like Aaron and getting everyone out of their comfort zone and willing to do something like this. I can already see it now man! Surfing off the coast of Indonesia! That is something that is worth it for me!! I am super happy for you man Thanks for Jumping on. Thanks everybody for watching!

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