Selling on Amazon FBA With Chad Lacy

Chad Lacy started his Amazon FBA journey with Project Nine University in March of 2020. That coincided with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic--not exactly ideal conditions for launching a business. He was trying to start a fundraiser for his not-for-profit, but the economic climate and the pandemic were proving to be substantial obstacles. He decided that he would start an Amazon FBA instead. Click the link to see a video about his journey and keep reading to learn more.

What Chad Likes Most About Nine University's Amazon FBA Training Program

When asked what he liked best about learning through Project Nine University, Chad explained that it was the support of the community.

There is so much to learn when it comes to running an Amazon FBA business. It is sure to include a lot of troubleshooting and learning as you go. Project Nine University has a wealth of information and a large support group of others who are on their journey to turning their Amazon FBA businesses into successes.

The Secret to Getting a lot of Good Amazon Reviews 

In the world of eCommerce, it is critical that you stay a step or two ahead. In other words, you have got to have a plan. Chad explains that a great strategy is to use the time while you are waiting for your product to ship to plan things like how to get reviews.

Chad was able to get nineteen reviews in just a week! While he was waiting for his product to ship, he found several Facebook groups that were related to his product or the use of his product. He used the downtime to ask general questions and get to know the people in the groups. After his product arrived and he was able to launch his product, he reached out to the groups that he had joined and used the groups for a product giveaway. He gave away twenty units and received nineteen five-star reviews.

Why Did Chad Choose Project Nine University to Start his Amazon FBA business?

Chad had already decided that he wanted to pursue a career in eCommerce. After some Google searches and other research, he began to see ads for Amazon FBA courses. The thing about Project Nine University that eventually won him over was that they were honest and realistic. They do not purport to be a get rich quick scheme or sugarcoat anything. They are adamant that you will have to put in work to get a return.

What Did Chad Do Differently?

When he started his Amazon FBA business, one of the things that Chad did that most people do not was to tackle branding right away. He made sure that he was brand-registered and that his brand was protected from hijacking. This gave him an advantage because it was a learning curve that he worked through early on and that gave him a strong brand before he ever launched his first product.

You Can Start a Successful Amazon FBA Business Like Chad!

If you are interested in becoming an Amazon FBA seller, Project Nine University can teach you how to be an Amazon seller and guide you throughout your journey. They are a team of experienced Amazon FBA business owners who are excited to share their knowledge with you. When you choose Project Nine University, you will be given clear instructions through every step of the process. You will also have the opportunity to reach out to an awesome community of people who, just like you, are following their dreams of quitting the nine-to-five for a better lifestyle by making passive income through Amazon FBA.

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