Should You Start an Amazon FBA Business in 2020?

Amazon Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) has been getting a lot of hype on the internet over the past year or two. A lot of people have started Amazon FBA businesses and a lot of new products have hit the Amazon marketplace. With so much attention on Amazon FBA lately, you might be wondering if it is still a good idea to start your own eCommerce business in 2020. Click the link to watch a video about this or keep reading to find out how Nine University can help you improve your Amazon business!

Check Around!

If you are skeptical as to whether or not Amazon FBA is still a good opportunity, the first thing that you should do is check around. There are a lot of Facebook groups and forums dedicated to the subject of Amazon FBA. Read what they are saying right now. You will find that not only are there a lot of Amazon FBA businesses out there ,but that they are thriving.

Why Are Amazon FBA Businesses Thriving Right Now?

It might amaze you that in such an uncertain time any business should be thriving, but if you look at it closely, there are actually a few good reasons. Let’s take a look:

The Internet Connects Us
The internet has seen a steady increase in traffic since its inception. Nowadays, the internet is so accessible that people use it as a means of communication and entertainment. Smartphones make it possible to put the internet in your pocket and take it with you. Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces that there is. People are shopping on Amazon all of the time. People also see ads for products all day on social media and other platforms that they use on a regular basis. It just makes sense that more and more people are shopping on Amazon’s giant marketplace.

As if the popularity of online shopping was not great enough already, the pandemic has forced many people to do most of their shopping online. From ordering dinner to having groceries delivered and more, there are more and more reasons that the internet and online shopping have become a necessity.

With such saturated markets, (keep in mind that businesses have had to go digital as well), you might think that it would be impossible for your brand to stand out. This is actually very far from true. With a good marketing strategy, you can bring plenty of traffic to your Amazon FBA page and even make great money. The only catch is that you have to market your products with specific techniques and practices.

Project Nine University

This is where Project Nine University comes in. There is so much to know to run a successful Amazon FBA business. Sure, you can learn through trial and error, but this takes a lot of time and the mistakes can be expensive. Therefore, if you want to start your Amazon FBA business off on the right foot, or if you want to take your Amazon FBA business to the next level, you should click the link and check out Project Nine University. They are a team of professionals who have learned everything that you need to know about Amazon FBA, and they have learned it through experience so that you do not have to.

The team at Project Nine University is passionate about helping people just like you to chase their dreams of making passive income from home through Amazon. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but a real way to make money if you are willing to do what it takes. 

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