Sick of Working in Retail, Pennsylvania Man Takes Chance Selling on Amazon. What Happened Next Was Almost Unbelievable

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Dylan was sick of working a retail job so he decided to see if the hype about Amazon FBA was true and if the leading training course was a scam.

You’re about to discover the true story of how an average, ordinary guy with less than zero experience (in his words negative 10 experience) reached $9,587 in sales in his 30 days with Amazon FBA. This is another in our ongoing series of No-nonsense Nine University Reviews. Nine University founder Taylor Hiott interviews student Dylan Shively to get his honest take on Nine U.

Taylor: [00:00:00] Today I'm very, very excited to introduce the world, the YouTube world to this dude named Dylan because he's killing the game. Dylan, why don't you tell the people a little bit about yourself?

Dylan: [00:00:10] I'm a guru. Oh, people like what I'm doing. This is so cool. And I'm like, Oh, do I do it? I was like, no. They said, don't do it. This is what you got to do. Just follow along with the video. That's it. There's nothing else.

Taylor: [00:00:24] What's up everybody? Back again for another no-nonsense Nine University Review. I'm loving these. I'm loving the videos. I'm loving the people that we're getting to talk to. I love that we're taking time and getting to know some of the people who are coming through these programs and they are just absolutely killing it. And today I'm very, very excited to introduce the world, the YouTube world to this dude named Dylan because he's killing the game. Dylan, why don't you tell the people a little bit about yourself?

Dylan: [00:00:50] My name is Dylan Shively. I live in Redding PA, and I am a Nine University student. I am probably forever a die-hard now after everything that's been happening. I come from retail sales. I was a district manager for Verizon and you know, the retail hours were just kinda killing me. I want to spend more time with my family. I'm growing a family, which by the way, congratulations. I know you have a baby, right? I've been paying attention. So, fatherhood is new to me. I'm learning a lot. And the main thing that I'm learning is I want to spend more time with my family. And retail just wasn't cutting it and I wanted to do something more. So actually I came across a couple of different courses. You know, when you start thinking something, the FBI gets involved and all of a sudden on Facebook, everything on there. So I see Kale and Taylor, right? I see their first video where you guys are in an alleyway in Pittsburgh. I think you were in like a Jetta or something like that. And you're like, look at my Lambo. And I was like, yo, these guys are kind of funny. And I'm watching the video and I'm like, all right, it's not a pyramid. It's not this. I'm thinking, oh, they love what they're doing. Let me watch this. And, so I'm kind of getting through it and I was like, well, whatever these dudes are doing, they're talking about some hundred K club. I would love a hundred K. Whatever they're doing, I want to do it. I was one of those people that I got to research because, you know, I second guess myself and I try to make sure I'm making the best decision. So, once you look at one, I'm getting YouTube ads in the middle of watching, music, videos or some other guru showing me $1 million. And you know, I made this in 30 seconds and you can too. And I'm like. no, I don't like that.

What Was the One Thing Dylan Regretted After Joining Nine University?

It was at this point in the interview Dylan unveiled the one true regret he had after joining Nine University, it seems to truly bother him, as he mentions it again later in the interview.

Dylan: [00:02:47] These guys were like real about what they were saying, it was probably three weeks to almost a month before I decided to pull the trigger, and honestly speaking, the only regret that I have about this entire thing is I didn't start from the first time that I saw the video. I'm mad I waited those 30 days because I know where things are now, and I can only imagine if I had an additional 30 days under my belt, what would have happened.

Taylor: [00:03:07] You joined the program at the beginning of August, correct?

Dylan: [00:03:14] Yeah.

Taylor: [00:03:15]And now when we're filming this, we're at the beginning of December, so September, October, November, December. So it's like four months. Can you give me your journey, you got in in August and September, and now where you at?

Dylan: [00:03:29] Sure. So, I joined August and, I was watching the videos that you guys had in the course, and I was doing product research most of that time. I was looking, looking, looking, and I would find something, and I know your guys' golden rule is you want that seven and seven score.

(The 7/7 score is a score we use to determine if a product has the potential of being profitable.)

Dylan: [00:03:52] So I had that in my brain. It had to be 7/7 or better. And, I find things that are a 7/6. And I'm like, ooh, do I do it? I was like, no. They said, don't do it. This is what you gotta get. You know? I was just following along the videos and learning because previous to this I had zero idea that somebody like me could actually be friends and make a partnership with a manufacturer and then put a label on it and trademark and patent it and sell it and people would buy it from me on something as big as Amazon. I'm doing my product research. I'm trying to figure out what's going on. And, that's where I spent the majority of my time. And, fast forward to about the beginning of November. I, I mean, I used all the videos and all the content, all the tactics and the hacks that you guys gave in the video. And I literally just followed along with the videos.

Unveiling the Secret Sauce in the Nine University Training Program

Something most review videos never do is actually reveal the one secret that makes their program work. Usually, secrets remain secrets and the only way to learn them is to buy the course. Read on as Dylan bucks the trend and explains what he thinks the secret of success with Nine U is.

Dylan: [00:04:12] By the way, for anybody who ever watches this. If you want like the secret sauce, if you want to know what the magic fairy stuff is or whatever it is, just follow along with the video. That's it. There's nothing else. I made sure I didn't get ahead of myself. I made sure I was talking to suppliers and I literally copied and pasted exactly what you guys said. I got such a great response rate from that. So then, I get a little bit of a negotiating going on. We'd come to an agreement, I get a sample. It comes in, you know, and nice little hack that you guys said I would have never thought of, my supplier did wind up giving me a credit for my first sample order towards the order. So, you know, it was a few bucks, you know, the shipping's expensive. And so it saved me money on the first order. You know, something I would've never known. Anyway, I get my product, I ship it to the house cause I wanted to inspect it. I go through it all and this is that process of the first two and a half months. I'm going through all of that. The fun part though, after I get through everything, I create my shipping labels. I send it to Amazon. About a week goes by, I'm live. Right?

Taylor: [00:05:55] What day did you actually go live?

Dylan: [00:05:56] I went live the very beginning of November.

Taylor: [00:06:01] Okay. So about a month ago from right now.

The Moment of Truth: Dylan Finds Out if He Sinks or Swims With FBA

While wrestling with a bit of self-doubt, Dylan launches his product and waits for any sign of life. What happened next took him by surprise...

Dylan: [00:06:04] I think it was actually like November 1st or second. It was literally the beginning of November and everything that I used from you guys. Everything I learned from you guys, now it's time to see what happens. Did it pay off? Did I screw up majorly? What's going to happen?

Dylan: [00:06:16] Another big thing, I waited for my 10 reviews. again, guidance from you guys. So I was going to three sales in a day, the next day, zero, two, three sales again. And I've lost some, I start seeing reviews come in. And I was super pumped and I was like, Oh, people like what I'm doing. This is so cool. You know? I was excited, I'm looking at my scoreboard and I'm thinking, Oh my God, I sold five today. I'm a guru. I know it, I can't believe it's happening. I made it, I'm literally selling five in a day. That's awesome. And, I was pumped. I was so pumped.

Getting Sales by Unleashing the Power of PPC Campaigns

Experiencing a surge in sales by properly setting up a PPC campaign in Amazon is typical, especially when setting up the exact way it's taught in the Nine University course.

Dylan: [00:07:07] Well then I get my 10 reviews and I turned on a low-bid auto (PPC campaign) and I follow the exact guidelines again of what you guys said to do in the video. All of a sudden I got five within the first hour of my waking up. And I was like, huh? And I was like, okay. Then all of a sudden I check an hour later, and I was up to eight. I've so many screenshots on my phone the next day when I broke the record of the most that I sold. My phone's camera roll is backed up with multiple screenshots of orange bars going up and up. And, so now where I am today, at 30 or 32 days from being live? I am just that over $9,500 in sales in my first real 30 days. Of being in the business. That's why I wanted to make sure that I sent you that screenshot so you could see the last 30 days I think it was $9,587 if I remember correctly.

Taylor: [00:08:11] Well, here's what we'll do. You're, you're on Zoom on your phone so you can't show it to the screen, right? But what we can do is I can actually pull up this on my Facebook. This is Dylan's message with this screenshot right here. Here it is guys. Here's the screenshot. Okay. He sent it this morning it was updated at 9:53 AM Eastern time. Right now it's like 10:20 Eastern time. So this is very, very recent, but you guys can see where all through here... he was just getting his reviews and then he turned on that one low bid auto campaign. And that's what's led to this. And just to confirm to do these, especially these days is spiked up, over a thousand dollars you didn't do anything different.

Dylan: [00:09:00] No. Nothing. Literally nothing, not one thing. The only thing actually, let me say this, the only thing different that I did is that I kept checking my app more. The only thing different than I did, I just checked the app more because when I hit 10 sales, I was like, what? When I hit 15 sales, I was like, Oh man. I thought I was the guru at five I just tripled that. I'm a God, I'm done. This is it. The past couple of days I've done over 40 and that's my new highest.

Taylor: [00:09:47] When you're going to run out of stock bro? How many, how many products did you order at the beginning?

Dylan: [00:09:59] So it was a weird number because of the way they box them, but I ordered 504 of them.

Taylor: [00:09:59] Right. You're probably about to run out of stock.

Dylan: [00:10:00] I was just going to say, I even went as far as raising my price to slow down sales so I can at least keep stock. And I still sold 49 yesterday. I think I have a total of 37 left in stock.

Taylor: [00:10:23] So you're going to go on a stock today?

Dylan: [00:10:26] Yeah, and I already, I placed an order to replenish it. And you know, I had to take more money out, which is perfectly okay. Because I check like the back office and I know I'm getting the money back. So I'm not worried about that. But I placed the order and I did the first hundred to ship by air because I'm trying to not be out for a while. So I took a little bit of hit on the cost because it's so worth it and I don't want to lose the momentum of what I have, I don't even know how I got it, but I have it. It's here!

Is Prior Experience Needed to Succeed With Amazon FBA?

Many factors contribute to success in any new business. Having prior experience in the field is usually one of them. Dylan begs to differ. At least in this case when you have the proper education as a roadmap...

Taylor: [00:11:04] So prior to seeing that first video back in July or August, did you know anything at all about Amazon FBA?

Dylan: [00:11:14] This much. Dylan makes the zero hand sign.

Taylor: [00:11:15] I know we've talked a little bit about this, you followed the course basically to a T, you went through all the videos. Is there anything in the course specifically that kind of stuck out to you that was like, "Oh my gosh, this is incredible". Or any part of it that really stuck out to you?

Dylan: [00:11:34] A huge key to somebody like me that has zero knowledge that this existed and I can do it. That just spent quite a bit of money to invest in a new business, right? Cause this is a real business. So to invest in a real business. It took real big boy money. When I'm looking at this course, and every single video is put in extreme detail and they feature screen shares that I can follow along with, watching the videos on my phone, all right, he's going here. He clicked this and I'm on my laptop and I'm looking. Oh, it's right there. Click. Oh, it did what his did. That is such a major key for somebody who has zero knowledge that it was broken down Barney style, step by step, how to do everything. And in the middle of some of the videos, there'd be these random hacks. So you guys would say "here's a quick hack". Those, I think really set the bar, those really made a difference. So one of my favorite hacks was, and I don't know how much it did, I mean, clearly, by the increase in sales, it had to do something. But one of the hacks were you take your top keywords and use those keywords to name your photos. Little things like that, like who the hell thinks of that?

Dylan: [00:13:44] I didn't even know that I could sell an Amazon. You think I'm going to be creative enough to know that that's going to do something to mess with the algorithm of Amazon to get me there? To get more sales? That stuff was huge. Little successes besides the money. By the way, I did want to mention, just watching the videos in these 30 days, I've accomplished way more than just the money. So another part besides the education and the Nine U group on Facebook, which is awesome because anytime I have a question, those guys are on it, like instant responses. The Amazon choice badge, I got that in 14 days of sales. I went from ranking at, I think it was at 101,000 and something that right now I think I'm to like 10,200 and something. Just this timeframe, and then, Amazon's choice, Amazon loves me. I'm their choice. Like what? That's so cool to me. Obviously, the money's great. Anybody who does it, they're looking to make more money. They want to create a business. Just follow the video. Don't do anything other than that. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. All of those things were all wins that I know if I tried doing this thing myself, I may have gotten some wins. But I don't think in the timeframe I would have accomplished half of what I have right now.

Taylor: [00:15:18] Obviously, you started this for a reason and we talked a little bit about it earlier when you were introducing yourself, but what are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish? Why are you doing Amazon FBA? What is the ideal, perfect world is your end-game?

Regaining Control of Your Life and the Most Important Things

While describing what his ultimate goal is with this business, Dylan next touches upon a hidden benefit of success with Amazon FBA.

Dylan: [00:15:33] My perfect end game is that I want to be able to do two things. One, I want to make sure that I'm not that dad, that the kids know they love, but they never get to see. And if I would have stayed on the path in the retail world, that's exactly who I would've become. Because in that normal world, when you're exchanging that time for money -- it's exactly that. You know, everybody wants that pay increase. They want to make all this money, and in that nine to five, I mean, not knocking it for the people that do it. I'm not trying to say anything bad about it, but for my personal why, I want to be there for my kids and my girlfriend and my family, I can't tell you how many birthdays, funerals, weddings get-togethers and things that I've missed. Just because I'm working holidays and I'm closing and I'm opening and covering shifts and I'm doing phone calls and you know, the drawer is off and inventory is missing and all this stuff. So now I'm able to spend that time with them. And that is one of my biggest why's on why I started. I wanted something more for myself that I could manage, cause I'm used to inventory and all from the retail world, but I'm not necessarily doing 90% of the work that I used to do, but somehow I'm making 90% more of the money. So that's a big why.

Taylor: [00:17:03] Do you feel confident that within a couple of months, a year, maybe two years, it doesn't matter how long it takes, somewhere in that timeframe that you're going to be able to get to where you want to be?

Dylan: [00:17:18] 100%. 150 million, bajillian%. There's no way I'm not getting there.

Is Nine University a Scam?

If you are still unsure about whether you should join Nine University or not, Dylan suggests asking an actual student that has gone through the course for their advice.

Taylor: [00:17:28] What would you say to somebody who is asking themselves "should I join Nine University or should I not join Nine University? What would you say?

Dylan: [00:17:34] Join. Because I am telling you right now from personal experience, and I don't know how this works, these people can feel free to add me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram, do whatever. I don't really care. Find a way to get in contact with me because I know things like this get produced and people think that like, "Oh, they probably paid you to say this", or "Oh, they're telling you what to say". I'm telling you straight up right now, get on a phone call with me, video chat me. So you see that I don't have a script anywhere. I mean, I'm in my car
sitting outside of a school getting ready to do that.

Dylan: [00:18:24] Talk to me at any time and I will share the same experience. All of this comes from the heart, the gratitude I have for this course is beyond measure. You want to join, go do it. If you don't think about joining, have fun being second, have fun not winning because I'm telling you right now, the simplicity straight to the point, extra hacks and personal stuff like this. You do not get this from anywhere. You don't, you do not get this kind of attention anywhere. Anytime I've had a question, you guys have always answered it or somebody from the fam has answered it. Anytime there was an issue and I had an email, somebody would email right back. But also those questions were limited because you guys gave all the damn answers in the videos.

Taylor: [00:19:08] It's amazing. I'm just super pumped because I told you this before we started recording, I love it that you're seeing an incredible amount of success. Like I told you, it's not normal. It's not ordinary that everyone comes on and in their first 30 days makes 10 grand in revenue. Right. But what I love about it is, what you're talking about, there isn't some special sauce. There isn't some special something that you're doing any different than somebody else. All that you're doing is following the program, right?

Dylan: [00:19:45] That's literally, it. Literally, there's nothing more than just follow the program. And don't be afraid. If you're afraid, if you're second-guessing if you're somebody who's that over-thinker or you gotta do all your research and all that stuff, which is probably why they would be watching this review. I'm telling you right now, just pull the damn trigger. There's this five-second rule that I've taken throughout my whole journey of life, even outside of Amazon FBA. Usually, we have about a five-second window in our brain from when we think of something that we want to do versus the time when all of the what-ifs and the negativities and the excuses start rolling in. You know what if I fail? What if I screw up? What if I don't turn out like that person? What if this doesn't happen? What if that doesn't happen? If you're looking at this course, you have three, four seconds before that, fifth-second kicks in, just like hit buy now. Start getting your emails. Get ready. Because I did the same thing I was an overthinker. I was the person that did all the research you heard at the beginning of it. You know, it took me almost 30 days before I decided to pull the trigger. My only regret with this is that I didn't start 29 days prior to that 30th day. That's it.

Taylor: [00:21:05] That's amazing, man. Listen, Dylan, thank you so much for coming on and just sharing. I really appreciate you, man. Is there anything else, just open book, you want to say to the people at all?

Dylan: [00:21:16] I am so serious when I say I am nobody special. Right? I am no guru. I mean, I barely graduated high school. I never went to college. I have no degree in business. I have no social media marketing strategy. I have zero. we could go negative if we want. I have a negative 10 knowledge about this. And I did it. And I plan on continuing to do it and my goal now is 2020, I don't see why I can't hit a hundred K right? That hundred K club that I saw in that first video, that was my vision? My vision was to get into that hundred K club. And I didn't know if I was going to do it until I really started paying attention and following along. Now that I've taken the course and I'm a graduate in away. I would take that course 10 times over and honestly, I'm not just saying this for the video, I would pay again if I had to take the course again because of the stuff that was in there. I've looked at other courses, they were way more expensive. And I can already tell the people were just fake. I mean, look at this. Look at this. We're on a Zoom call right now. One of the creators of this entire program that has multiple businesses is on a Zoom call with me just to find out what's going on. Go find the CEO of some multimillion-dollar company that's going to take the time out to find out about your personal experience with their company and their business. That doesn't happen. I dunno if I could curse or not. I was going to say something, but I'll try to keep the PG. That's, that's my passion behind it. You know, anybody's a SpongeBob fan, that's my sentence enhancers. I can't say enough man. I could be on here for hours, I just, I can't believe I'm where I'm at and coming from absolutely nothing. I can't stress that enough. Don't be afraid to screw it up. Don't be afraid of like, "well, I don't know how to do this, so how am I going to be successful"? Watch the damn videos. That's all you gotta do is watch the videos.

Taylor: [00:23:45] Man, thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much for the kind words and I appreciate you, man. Here's what I'm most excited about. It's coming back in a couple of months and doing this again. And then a couple more months doing it again and seeing the growth of, okay, first 30 days, we're at 10,000 in revenue. Where are we at after the first three months? Where are we after at the, after the first six months, you know what I'm saying? And I'm just really excited to see where you go and I'm looking forward to having some update videos. I appreciate your time, man. Thank you so much and guys this is as real and as honest as it gets. Once again. Thank you so much.

Dylan: [00:24:27] Thank you, man. Have a good one. I'll send you that update.

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