Social Media Hack: How to Save Time to Promote Your Amazon Business

If you are starting an Amazon business or trying to make yours better, you probably already know that it is extremely important that you funnel traffic from as many places as possible. Some platforms take quite a bit of effort to generate the traffic that you need and to keep your platform relevant. Facebook is a platform that can require a lot of attention. However, the Nine University team has come up with a trick to help you save some precious time while funneling traffic to your Amazon FBA business. 

The Importance of Content Quality for Your Amazon Business

It is not a secret that the content you post to your social media platforms should be of good quality and should be used to drive people to want to visit your Amazon FBA page. There are a few things to keep in mind when posting content to ensure that it actually works. They are as follows:


Doing all of this can eat up a lot of your time, especially when you have to start over with all of these (and other) considerations each time that you post. One of the best ways to be more efficient when it comes to posting your content is to schedule your posts. This way, you can spend a small chunk of time once each week on posting content instead of taking time out of every day to create your posts.

How to Schedule Your Posts

From your Facebook page, you need to go to your fan page. From there, just click on posts. Then, on the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a tab labeled scheduled posts. Go ahead and click on that tab. Click create post. 

On this page, you can upload your content (pictures, texts, links, etc.) just as they will appear on your Facebook page. You can then set the date and time when they will be posted onto your page. You can repeat this for all of the posts that you want to make throughout the week. Doing this will allow your posting to be consistent and on-time, and you can do it all at once to free up time throughout your busy week.

Project Nine University 

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