How This Navy Vet Went From Being on a Submarine to the Top of the World With His Own Amazon FBA Business

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After Bobby Pullen got out of the US Navy, he started his life in sales. He says anyone can be a success with Amazon FBA, but they'll need two things. First, they'll need to work hard at it, and second, they'll need a proven roadmap to follow. This is Bobby's story, and this is his honest Nine University review. Please enjoy this interview between Nine University founder Taylor Hiott, and Bobby Pullen.

Taylor: [00:00:05] Taylor here for another No-Nonsense Nine University review. I'm super pumped today because we have this fella, his name is Bobby. He's in the house and I have a lot of respect for Bobby. He is a veteran. He has been in sales for a long time, but recently, he decided to open his own Amazon FBA business and now. It's taken off and I'm just excited to see where it goes. So what we want to do today give people an idea of where you're at, where you've been, that kind of thing. So Bobby, would you just introduce yourself to the people?

Bobby: [00:00:43] Hello. Everybody it's an honor to be here with you guys and talking about Nine University and talking about Amazon sales. In a nutshell, I think I'm just an everyday guy out there. There's a lot of salespeople in the world, but I do sales. I live and breathe sales. I love sales. I'm a veteran. I served in the Navy. I was a Nuke EM on submarines. I'm excited about being here. I think this is an extension of what I do in life anyways. I sell.

Taylor: [00:01:09] Let's start from the top. So how long have you been in the Nine University program?

Bobby: [00:01:16] 90 days.

Taylor: [00:01:18] So that would be like maybe the beginning of August-ish. Somewhere in there?

Bobby: [00:01:23] Yeah. August, September range. Yup.

Taylor: [00:01:25] Okay. I know when your product first went live. So tell me about September and October. What was that process like? What were you doing? All that kind of stuff.

Bobby: [00:01:38] Of course, I saw y'alls ads on Facebook about the Nine University Program with the cool cars, and this isn't that. It's not the cool car. I loved the ad. It did exactly what you teach in the course. It caught my attention. I really loved it. Honestly, the two or three weeks before seeing that ad, I had been looking at selling on Amazon. I had been thinking about it. I'd heard people talking about it, and we all know Amazon is blowing up and selling huge numbers online.

But I, when I come across that course and you guys talked about the 200% ROI. Nobody else had talked about that kind of ROI upfront. And then you talked about targeting products that had low competition, but high demand. That's all I needed to hear. I said these guys know what they're talking about.

So obviously I joined the course, and I methodically went video by video, by video learning, researching, checking products, and following along found with a product that I liked. I actually found seven or eight or nine products, and I had samples sent and things coming in.

What is the 7/7 Score?

Bobby says the very first step in picking a product to sell is the 7/7 score. The 7/7 score is a score we use to determine if a product has the potential of being profitable. It helps you determine if there are high demand and low competition for a product. This formula was created by Taylor and Kale, the founders of Nine University.

Bobby: [00:02:38] You know, the 7/7 Score is a starting point. It really is. It's going to evolve. It might be a 7/5, or an 8/7. It's going to fluctuate. Don't worry about the change. You've already made a decision. Just say "this is my product". And once I pull it in, I look at it and I say, is it going to be quality? Am I going to get great reviews? Am I going to minimize any negatives or returns? You know, we're getting it made in China, obviously, so we want to make sure we're still getting a quality product and a good price with a 200% ROI. I ask is this something I would buy? 

I could see myself selling something I might not personally consider purchasing, but I mean from the consumer's eyes... is it quality? Would I purchase it? So that was kind of my thing. I would tell my family or friends about the product. Maybe I don't like polyester sheets, but polyester sheets are amazing. And this is a quality polyester sheet, just for an example. So once a product met that criteria, then I ordered it.

The Importance of an FBA Ghost Listing

Nine University teaches students to create a ghost listing before they make purchase their product. It has helped many people avoid costly mistakes. Including Bobby...

The next thing I did was to get that ghost listing up. My first product has batteries, so I'll put that ghost listing up in two or three days later. One of the variations actually threw up a flag and said, "Hey, do you need this, MSDS sheet and you need these things or you can't sell it".

You know, that would have been disastrous to figure out at the point of shipping. It took me a week or 10 days to get through that and get that product approved. So that was a huge tip, making sure that I did that.

And then just following through with the manufacturer's negotiating, I spent a lot of time, I mean that first 60 days, I did my day job and then I clocked in here and I got four hours sleep a night for 60 nights, and I put it in the work. So the work's coming back now.

So the first period up to getting a product launched was a lot of time spent sampling products, isolating the product, ordering the product, negotiating product. And then once I isolated it, which will probably be your next question, I don't want to steal your questions, but once I isolated that product, I placed my order, put up my deposit, I then shifted gears.

I got my branded product to me as quickly as possible so that I could get the photos made. So I could start optimizing my listing. I used Honey Badger Boost, but I also took what they gave me, and I worked it. I didn't just throw that in there. It's my listing. I wanted to understand it. I wanted to massage it. I wanted to make to put myself in it too. By the time our product was ready to ship, I had seven photos and a fully optimized Helium 10 8.0 out of 10 grade. The only thing I didn't have was the reviews. So I made sure I had those.

And then I built my PPC campaigns. I watched y'all's courses and I built my PPC campaigns. I had them in the background, paused, and I think that helps with how those spiders crawl around and they figure things out. Because when I turned the PPC on after I got the ten reviews, it just blew up. But I think that was because it was there and it was ready and it was built. It had been sitting there a couple of weeks by the time it was to that point, you know?

Taylor: [00:05:41] I love everything that you're saying. I didn't want to stop you because what you're talking about, you're talking about it in such detail.

And so much thoroughness that's the biggest thing that we want people to understand, is that Amazon is 100% an amazing opportunity. And it's not too late. It's not, but we want to make sure people understand is, it's not easy. Right? You got to put in the work, and YOU have put in the work. You know what I mean? And that's amazing. So you went through all of that, right? September, October timeframe. And then if I'm not mistaken, your product first went live on November 8th, right?

Bobby: [00:06:18] I would consider the point at which I got it to the review level and turned the switch on for my PPC on November 8th, and then we would have been on a few weeks before that. But as far as I'm concerned, I went live on November 8th, that's when I flipped that PPC switch.

Taylor: [00:06:36] Gotcha. So your product went live about 45 to 60 days after you joined the program. What were your results for November?

Bobby: [00:06:52] I ended up my first month at about 11K, $11,000 and some change.

Taylor: [00:06:57] And so far in December, we are filming this on December 7th where are you at from December 1st to December 7th so far?

Bobby: [00:07:14] I broke $7,000 last night. About $7,300 this morning I've already got about two or $300 in sales this morning.

The Proof is in the Pudding

At this point in the interview, Taylor showed a screenshot that Bobby posted from his Amazon Seller app in the Nine University Facebook Group. Check this out and be inspired.

Taylor: [00:08:38] I love the fact that this is here and this is the reason why I love this. $10,000! That's a big milestone, and I love the fact that this is what you said. "Ok this is a big deal to me and my family, just broke $10k gross sales MTD, my first month!! Technically started Nov 8th!! My personal goal was $5k!! If you told me that was possible a few months ago, well I would not have believed it!! Thank you God, Family and NineU!!"

What is Bobby's Big Secret?

So what IS Bobby's secret? And, how is he succeeding with FBA so fast? And, are his numbers typical of all Nine U Students? Taylor got him to spill the beans.

Taylor: [00:09:14] So here's what I want to know. You've been in the program for about 90 days. Your product's been up for 30, 45 days somewhere in there. Talk to me about what your secret sauce is. Cause there's gotta be a secret sauce. And I'm going to be really honest with you. The results Bobby is getting right now are not typical. So Bobby, what are you doing that's so special? What's the secret sauce. What are you doing?

Bobby: [00:09:47] You need to stand out in a sea of indifference.
Am I the only person selling this? No. There's 5,000 people selling something very similar to this. I branded it, I made it my own and I put it out there. But that's through the process. You guys teach branding. You teach us how to make the right title, choose the proper keywords, bullet points, and product descriptions. I researched very heavily how to do those things. I used Honey Badger Boost. Honey Badger helped immensely, but I still took what they gave me and I tweaked it and I built my PPC campaign around all of that. So I think. The secret sauce, if I had to say, would be to follow the process and the process yields a great goal.

Was Bobby's Early FBA Success a Fluke?

Did Bobby just get lucky? Could he repeat it, or did he just luck out and find success once? At this point in the interview, Bobby talks about what happened next.

Taylor: [00:10:39] What would you say to somebody who comes at you, Bobby, and they say, "Congrats on your success, but the only reason you're having success is that you got lucky. And you happened to pick the right product and you won the lottery with the product, and most people aren't going to be able to do that. How would you respond to that?

Bobby: [00:10:58] Well, I would say that would be my thought too. So I launched a second product. I actually have a second product up. It went up two weeks after the first product. And the second product is a totally unrelated, totally separate category. One's a toy and one's a pillow. And the second product's already selling, doing amazing, and I just got it to the review point just turned on PPC, I've probably pushed a hundred units already of that one out of 500 when I started with.

I typed a keyword into Amazon search, and used Boost 9 and found a product with a good 7/7 score. For that same keyword, I put into Boost 9, I'm already number four out of the top 10 and I'm green in green with the reviews and over five K in revenue. That product's been going less than a month and I've already cracked where I wanted to be. I mean, what does that say? I mean, it's stupid, right?

Taylor: [00:11:50] That's amazing. You just followed the process. I personally do not believe Amazon FBA is the most difficult thing in the world. It's definitely not the easiest thing in the world, but I don't believe it's the most difficult thing in the world because everyone could have access to knowledge. It's what you do with that knowledge, and how hard you work, and what you're going to put into it, that dictates what you're going to get out. And that's what I'm so pumped for what you've been doing.

Bobby, let me ask you this. What has been the hardest thing for you in the course or with Amazon or any part of this process?

Bobby: [00:12:32] Well, I agree with you that selling on Amazon, once you understand the process and once you're in the process is not hard. But having said that, the process isn't hard, but the work is. You will work, you will put in the hours.

It is not easy. So I think the hardest thing to this point is a couple things. The work required to be at this level in 90 days was immense. I put in two full-time jobs. So I did do a lot of time and I'm still going to do a lot of time, but we're talking about replacing my day job, right? We're talking about leaving it. Why wouldn't I put as much effort into this or more than I do my day job? Again, I'm not going to take away from my day job. I'm going to do it, but I'm going to put that effort into this. So the hard thing is the work required. I think the second thing is maybe a little bit of the unknown. Cause everybody's facing the unknown with this. You have no idea. You understand what's being told and you're learning what you're being told, but you've never experienced the result. 

So the hard thing is getting past that. And trust in the process and following the process because of human nature. I fall back to that a lot because I'm in sales and I love human nature and when you understand human nature, you now people will make an excuse and deviate and to say something failed because of "X" or "Y" and we don't take ownership of it. So take ownership, put in the work. And get through the unknown and learn this, you have to learn this. If you really want to make six figures and be a million-dollar seller, I mean, I want to be a million-dollar seller. I got a big income to replace and to do that, I'll fail a bunch of times and struggle. You're gonna make mistakes. There have been things that come up that were challenging. But I got through them. And I'm going to have more of those moments. I expect them, I try to preempt them, but I know they're going to happen.

Taylor: [00:14:18] That's amazing. Everything you're saying is so accurate, man. I love everything about it and honestly, what I'm most excited about, is to do another one of these interviews in three months, four months, six months, whenever it is. And I'm excited to see the growth. I'm excited to see where you'll be at 180 days instead of a 30 45 day period. That's what I'm really excited about.

How to Determine if You Should Start an Amazon FBA Business

Bobby thinks it's easy to decide if someone should start selling on Amazon if they can answer one question.

Taylor: [00:14:48] So you've already given this answer, but I want to emphasize it even more because it's so important. If someone asks you "should I start an Amazon FBA business or should I not?" What would you tell them?

Bobby: [00:15:05] Well, I guess that answer would depend on if you want to change your life or not. Are you happy with what you got? Are you happy with where you're at? I guess stay there, but if you want to change your life. If you want to make... I see Amazon on Cyber Monday broke its own record for sales in the whole world. If I can get a sliver of that, I would love to have a sliver of that. FBA gives you the ability to reach a market that's immense. I drive my stores now going down the road when I'm working and I think, "why would I ever open a brick and mortar?" I don't understand it. They got customers within five miles. I got customers, all of the United States, people ordered my product in Canada, Alaska, Utah. I mean, it's all over. Where else can you reach that kind of a market? And I know, quite honestly, it's like the tip of the iceberg where I'm at because I still have a lot to learn. There's so much more that can be done to grow this thing.

Taylor: [00:16:01] We haven't paid you to say any of this. We haven't offered you any kind of compensation, right? I want your true and honest answer, whatever it is, we're going to put it up. But if someone asks you "Should I use Nine University as an education platform to build my Amazon business?"

Bobby: [00:16:31] I'll be clear, I've been paid nothing. I expect to receive nothing. But I will say is 1000000% if you're going to get into Amazon, the process itself works and the fact that we're going in and you're targeting this level of ROI, in the beginning, is brilliant because you're going to spend it, you know you're going to spend a good chunk of it. You're gonna spend half of that getting where you need to be. So if you want to make money, you could start like all these other people teach and you're going to give away products. It's what you're going to do and you're probably going to pay to sell on Amazon. So the brilliance of Nine University, number one is teaching how to get in there and actually make money and have the money to market yourself and go through. So 1000000%.

Number two, the community is incredible. So the fact that we have a community of people in this group who are like family. It starts at the top with you guys, you stress family, and you love us and you love your family. So this is a great group, a great family. They support each other. Just the group itself is worth the course. The course is free.

Taylor: [00:17:34] That's amazing. Bobby, listen, thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. I hope any of you guys got something from this. So once again, thank you, Bobby, I really appreciate you, man.

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