The True Story Of How One Person Went From Being Underwater With Amazon FBA To Being Profitable In 6 Months

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Terri Beth had a rough start with her Amazon FBA business. She had a good product, a good work ethic, and even her customers were happy. All of this being said, she still was not making a profit on Amazon FBA. Luckily, she found a way to quickly turn her story around. Check out her interview with Project Nine University and read on to learn more about her secret.

Terri’s Amazon FBA Success

Before we get too far along, let’s take a quick look at the numbers to see just how well Terri is doing. Terri had been an Amazon FBA seller for just a short amount of time before she became frustrated with her sales. When she finally decided to do something about it, her numbers skyrocketed in a short amount of time. She went from just barely breaking even to making $16 thousand in revenue per month! That seems a little bit ridiculous, right? Well, with the right tools in your arsenal and a better grasp on Amazon Seller Central, you too can experience the rapid success that Terri did.

Terri’s Initial Problem

Okay, so we know that Terri turned her business around. But where was the money going in the first place that made it a rough start? The answer is simple. She was simply not selling enough products to bring a profit after paying for her ad services and promotion. After Terri got on board with Project Nine University’s program, however, she learned some critical lessons that allowed her to curb her profit problems.

The Solutions

The first thing that Terri learned through Nine University was that a major factor in Amazon FBA success is product niche and competition. It is easy to pick a product and go for it, but product quality and whether or not you will be able to stand up against the competition is a whole different ball game. Terri learned that there are several product markets which lacked a lot of competition and quality products. This meant that with a little bit of a change in direction, Terri was able to find the right products that would turn her business around.

Another thing that Terri learned through Project Nine University was that it is important to pay attention to other Amazon FBA sellers. Through Nine University she was able to keep contact with others who were much like herself. The main advantage here is that you can see others’ success in real-time as well as their mistakes and growth.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Anyone can learn how to sell on Amazon, but few will learn how to avoid the problem that most Amazon FBA sellers face. Finding the right products to sell is key when starting an Amazon FBA business. Terri credits Project Nine with helping her to learn which products and markets to sell and follow and which not to bother with.

Another pitfall that Terri overcame was done all on her own. She did not succumb to the apathy or defeated mentality that many face when starting a business. Just like anything, being an Amazon FBA seller requires work, and being a profitable FBA seller takes even more work. With the right plan, a little guidance from the experts at Project Nine University, and a stick-to-it attitude, Terri watched her business go from barely floating to extremely profitable.

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