The Truth About Nine University

Nine University has established itself as the leading consulting business for Amazon FBA.
Nine University originated for one purpose: to help sellers create a stable and successful business. And providing in-depth knowledge about how Amazon’s Fulfilled-By-Amazon (FBA) works.
There are plenty of other consulting businesses that share the same goals of Nine University. Unfortunately, just like in any other industry, there are always businesses trying to take advantage of their customers.
Today we are here to expose the facts about why Nine University stands out from the rest. As well as why our customers continue to put all their trust in us.

Is Nine University a Scam?

When buying a product, the first thing you want to know is if the company providing the service is legit. This is a common concern for most potential clients. The last thing you want is to make a bad investment.
You may have seen bad reviews on the internet about Nine University. There are two main reasons those results pop up. Unethical profit and customer dissatisfaction.

Unethical Profit
Top searched keywords generate online traffic, which generates profit.

According to Google trends, the word “scam” is one of the top searched keywords. In fact, it had a popularity search range between 45% to 100% in the last year. Meanwhile, the keywords “Nine University” have also reached a high popularity search rank with a 30% to 100% margin.
If someone is trying to profit from YouTube, the easiest thing to do is create content with popular keywords .  Such as “Nine University scam”  to increase the number of viewers. Unfortunately, this practice, can be used without the best intentions and harm other businesses.
The main problem with this harmful content is the people behind it . At least in our experience . Have not personally tried our services. And they probably won’t try them, because that is not their purpose. Their purpose is to make a profit.

Customer Dissatisfaction
Every single business has customer dissatisfaction with their services/products. 

Does customer dissatisfaction make a business a scam? No. But it can lead to negative reviews that aim to fall into the “cancel culture” tag.
At Project Nine University, we understand that our method is not for everyone. But if you have had any dissatisfaction with our products, please let us know. We aim to improve along with our clients.

How do I know Nine University services are legit?

There are two ways of knowing that our services are legit. Unbiased reviews and Nine University free learning resources. 

Unbiased Reviews
You can find unbiased Nine University reviews in acknowledged publications. Such asForbes, Business Insider, Grit Daily, and many more!
Also, you can find reviews from real customers on our VIP All-Stars and Wall of Fame sections of our website. In these reviews, you will find people’s stories about how they grew their business with our help.

Free Learning Resources
If you are unsure whether you want to hire Nine University services, we recommend trying our free learning resources first .
Nine University has over 250 YouTube videos of free learning resources to implement in your Amazon FBA business. Among these videos, you’ll find tips about how to avoid mistakes that we have made in the past .  For example, this video of how Nine University owners lost around $50,000 worth of Amazon sales.

Contact us today to learn further about Project Nine University and whether you are the right fit for our Amazon FBA educational program. We want to see you succeed. Let us help you! 

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