Two Guys From Miami Beach Discover the Truth About Nine University

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People often say Amazon is oversaturated. And if you aren't in by now, it's too late to even think of starting - there's just too much competition. Daniel shares his thoughts about other sellers selling the same product as his during this important interview.

This is another in our ongoing series of No-Nonsense Nine University Reviews. Nine University founder Kale Abrahamson interviews Daniel Wetterau and Steve Perini who are students of Nine University to get their honest review of the program and to share their simple roadmap of succeeding with Amazon FBA.

Kale: [00:00:00] Amazing interview you guys. You guys are awesome.

Steve: [00:00:01] Once you do that first product, keep going. So look at it this way, if you're making a thousand or 10,000 a month on one product. Times 10 products. You do the math for yourself.

Kale: [00:00:14] What's up guys? Welcome back. My name is Kale. I got two awesome people here. Why don't you guys introduce yourselves to the YouTube squad?

Daniel: [00:00:20] I'm Daniel Wetterau.

Steve: [00:00:22] I'm Steve Perini.

Kale: [00:00:23] They are in our VIP program kicking butt, taking names. They're always in here interacting. I just wanted to give them a chance to share their experiences. Guys, how's it been so far? What do you think about the program you got in the boxes behind you?
It's real, and it's happening!

Daniel: [00:00:34] The program is great. I learned so much. I wouldn't have been able to do anything without the program. Just follow the steps and you'll be successful. It's pretty easy.

Try To Make Your Mistakes Early And Fast

When asked about his thoughts of the program, Steve told Kale he took his advice on something Kale later says was one of he and Taylor's biggest mistakes, and one that's a trap many FBA sellers unknowingly fall into when trying to succeed fast...

Kale: [00:00:44] What do you think, Steve?

Steve: [00:00:45] I think the whole program has been fantastic.
It's very informative. And the guidelines that you've set forth in the program are spot on. And, you know, we've launched the first product and it's been pretty successful, and we have two more products probably being launched within the next 30 to 45 days. But we followed your rule, launched the first product first. And get yourself profitable and moving and that was very important because you make little mistakes along the way, but you learn a lot from the first product.

Kale: [00:01:15] I'm glad you followed the advice. I mean, geez, it's one of the biggest mistakes we made is not getting it right. And then multiplying those mistakes five or six products at the beginning.
It sounds like you got the first one right now you're going to go for another and another and another.

Steve: [00:01:32] And we also want to comment that the school's recommendation to use Evolved. Once you start to grow and scale, your business is spot on too. In fact, we're dealing with Matt Smith over there. Great guy. Very informative. And so we're going to be bringing them on board, as a key tool to scale our business. Probably within the next two weeks. And we look forward to it.

Kale: [00:01:51] Yeah. Evolved for those of you guys who don't know, is basically a partnership we've made where they'll help with a lot more, they'll run a lot more aspects of your business, including pay-per-click, including pretty much everything, honestly. That will allow you to focus on sourcing more products, getting new product ideas, and then your pets, spending time with what's important.

Steve: [00:02:16] Exactly. The guys that have all been fantastic. We'll be executing a contract within two weeks. And we ask a lot of hard questions. So it's not just a recommendation from the school. We really checked into their reviews and they have spectacular reviews across the internet. We checked them out big time and they are the people to go with for sure.

All the Tools Needed to Succeed With Amazon FBA, Except Maybe One...

Both Steve and Daniel agree Nine University provides access to all of the tools needed to succeed with Amazon FBA, from software to step-by-step videos. The one thing missing, however, is what the student brings to the table. Work ethic. That one is up to you. How hard are you willing to work to make this a reality?

Kale: [00:02:37] That's so awesome. So people watching this are probably on the fence of doing an Amazon FBA business or on the fence of doing something with Nine University, with VIP, with Elite. What do you say to those people?

Steve: [00:02:47] I say the faster they get it done. The better off they're going to be. And you know, there are always stumbling blocks into building any business, but you've got to keep moving forward with it. You're going to have experiences with sourcing products and using the software and so on and so forth. Just keep at it, work hard and you're going to be a great success. You know? That's pretty much the facts.

Daniel: [00:03:13] They give everything from the software, Boost Nine, to the pictures, to the logistic help, and help with the business math and other people. You can't go wrong. They give you every step by step by step what to do. Just keep looking for products and that's it.

Kale: [00:03:28] I appreciate you guys saying that. People will always say this though. They are going to say, I paid you to say it. Did I pay you to say this stuff guys?

Steve: [00:03:36] Absolutely not. What's paying us to say it is the money we're making in our Amazon accounts.

Kale: [00:03:43] Hallelujah! Best thing I've heard all day guys. Oh my gosh.

Beware -- All FBA Courses Are Not The Same

At this point in the interview, Daniel explains why Nine University is heads and shoulders above the other courses and groups he has joined.

Daniel: [00:03:49] When I looked at all the different courses, there's a hundred out there. You guys are personable and gave a good impression. So he was skeptical too. He was like, I don't know. So I took the course and who could be selling $5,000 in the first month, second month after launching the product after three months? I've been in other groups and I'm in a bunch of courses and, they talk this and that, but nobody's really doing that well. And then sometimes they even put your group down, you know, they're like, "Oh, those KT9 guys think they're so.." but you guys are awesome.

Steve: [00:04:21] And one other thing to all you people out there, once you do that first product, keep going, because we have three products. We have the first one that was launched and we followed the school's direction. We learned a lot from doing it. Product number two and number three are being launched within about 30 days.
And our goal is seven more products for 2020. So look at it this way if you're making a thousand or 10,000 a month on one product. Times 10 products. You do the math for yourself and look forward to reorders because the more money you spend, the more you're going to make. So keep reordering and buy buy buy. It's that simple.

Kale: [00:05:02] That's incredible guys. I love that. As you said, that is crazy quick. It's a couple of months here making money. What would you say to people that are just getting started to get them there faster?

Steve: [00:05:15] Just pay attention to the course and do exactly what they tell you to do and if you don't understand something, put on the breaks.

Learn about it before you move forward, but just keep moving forward because the course is phenomenal. I've even told friends of mine, forget sending your kids to college and send them to Nine University because they actually start the business up while you're learning. You know what I mean? I told two or three friends, they laugh, but I told her, don't send your kids to college. Send them to Nine University because it's learning as you go and it really works.

Kale: [00:05:50] I got to get you guys on a commercial or something. This is the coolest thing I've ever heard. You make me feel great. It's true though. I mean, we can talk all day about numbers. Let's talk about the fact that you go to college for all those years, it's a hundred grand in debt and then you work at Kinko's. Why is no one talking about this

Steve: [00:06:08] I've been in business my whole life and one of my businesses was doing $24 million a year. I sold it. I work with Daniel. I'm his partner in our LLC. And I see the sky is the limit on the investment and you can build this business as big as you want. It's just how hard you want to work at it. You know what I'm saying? A couple of challenges that you'll face is sometimes. You know, dealing with manufacturers in China could be a problem. But just keep moving forward. We've run into some stumbling blocks here and there, but we just keep pushing forward and, our results are showing. And, we're gonna make $1 million business out of this by the end of 2020. There's just no good doubt in my mind.

Kale: [00:06:59] I love that! Amazing interview. You guys are awesome. Where do you see this going? Any last words for the people? I guess you probably know who's watching this...

Steve: [00:07:09] The sky is the limit with this business. The more you buy, the more you have the opportunity to make. Just to give an example, we put up $8,500 on our first product order. And puts us at $51,300 worth of retail on Amazon shelves for a little over $8,000.

We're netting about 35 to 40% of the total gross dollars. And as far as where you want to bring it, it's based on how hard you want to work at it. Danny, my partner here is up all night talking to China, un till about three in the morning negotiating with manufacturers. When you get a product we like, we source it through probably five to 10 manufacturers to get the best prices and you just got to keep moving forward and you're going to be a success. Just follow the course. That's all you've gotta do.

Daniel: [00:08:01] Never stopped sourcing. I'm always looking for products. It's one thing to find a product, but to actually get the right price from the supplier can also be difficult. We have about four or five products ready in line. If we want to pull the plug on them, we can do it. But we've taken our time methodically to do the right thing. Just follow the course- follow the course- follow the course. And PPC can be difficult. That can be tough to master it. That's why I think bringing somebody on, like Evolve will do us justice.

Steve: [00:08:33] And once again, we did our homework. The recommendation of the school recommending Evolve and the school is right on dealing with these people. They are a first-class operation. They're very knowledgeable. Our contract will be signed with them two weeks and we'll be underway. We did our diligence on them and checked them out big time and they're great.

When You Work Harder Than Everyone, You Have No Competition

People often say Amazon is oversaturated. And if you aren't in by now, it's too late to even think of starting - there's just too much competition. Daniel shares his thoughts about other sellers selling the same product as his.

Daniel: [00:08:55] You know, you don't need Evolve, you can just do the course if you want to, we're just trying to scale quicker. You can just follow the course through the program. Use Boost Nine, Helium 10, Viral Launch and get yourself going. It's hard to find a good product, but once you do... I've seen other people in the group selling the same product we are and based on numbers, it's different results. So it's based on much work you put into it.

Steve: [00:09:25] We'll give you the exact numbers. We were doing about 200 units a day.

Kale: [00:09:33] Wow! That's something right there and to summarize what they've said is the program is obviously great and we've proven that over and over again, but the people are different. So we put different people through and different people have different levels of success. As you guys can see, these are two studs. These are two beasts. And they are because of their work ethic and their effort and their consistency. They're outselling someone who's selling the same product, 200 to one.

Steve: [00:10:08] We've paid a lot of attention to our photos and the way our ad was presented. We compared a lot of the top sellers, on their ads and we went through probably five or six of the top sellers of our first product to see how they were advertising. And we picked and chose what we liked and what we thought would grab the attention of the buyers. The packaging was also really important. We went into great detail on the packaging with the manufacturer and graphics. So, learn from the top sellers as you go from the course, analyze how they're setting up their ads and pictures because that's super important. You know what I'm saying?

Daniel: [00:10:49] Our first-month conversion rate was 12%. The second month the conversion rate was 25% and our third month when we started looking at it and analyzing it, we're at 37%.

Action Takers Are Money Makers

Another common myth people love to say now days is that you can't make any money on Amazon. After Kale introduces this topic, Steve answers with a very true one-word answer...

Kale: [00:11:03] Whew. Wow. That was the last question I was going to ask you guys too. Cause you do have other business experience and people are out there saying things like Amazon is low margin and there's not any money to be made.

Steve: [00:11:14] Bullsh*t.

Kale: [00:11:14] Yeah. What do you say compared to your previous businesses?

Steve: [00:11:18] I'll tell ya that they're wrong for saying that because I'm basically very much a numbers guy and I'm built some very big businesses and if you follow the 200% ROI, as close as you can get it after expenses, I would say you're going to be averaging 28 to 38% return on the total resale price, the total retail price. You'll probably eat up probably 35% of the 200 ROI that the school recommended you start with, but if you do it smartly, you're going to be at 33 to 38% of the gross dollar is going to come right back to your pocket.

And once again, how you present the ad and your pictures are super important. Always think like a consumer. Don't say to yourself, "Oh, I like the color red". It's not what you like, it's what the consumer likes. And if you think like that, and if you pull from the top sellers and you get your ad right, and you get together with the right people and you learn about PPC, and once you get above that $2,000 a month figure, you go with Evolve, and add a few more of the products that we're going to, so we'll have a total of three to spread across the board. It's a winner. There's just no question about it.

Kale: [00:12:38] We could go all day. I mean, you guys are killer.

Steve: [00:12:44] I'm going to charge you for this. I don't know.

Kale: [00:12:48] (Laughing) You guys are quote station. I love it. Are there one any last words for the people?

Follow Your Dream, Follow the Course and Trust the Process

Daniel and Steve both share their advice on how to make your Amazon FBA dreams a reality.

Daniel: [00:12:59] Never give up, man. Just follow your dream, follow the course and trust the process and you'll make it.

Steve: [00:13:05] Yeah, no question about it. Just keep moving forward and follow the guidelines the course has set forth and if you work hard, you'll be successful, just keep moving.

Kale: [00:13:14] I love it guys. Hey, if you're watching this, subscribe, give these guys a like, I mean, are they incredible or what? See you guys on the next one.

You Can Do This Too! Get the Education, Do the Work, and Live the Life You Want to Live

I truly believe the fastest way to understand how to succeed at your Amazon FBA is to join a step-by-step comprehensive FBA course like Nine University or the Nine University VIP course. This will give you a stronger foundation to build your FBA business rather than relying on random YouTube videos for tips that simply cannot give you the complete picture. So, invest in a decent FBA course. If you stick with any course from the KT Nine team you can't go wrong. When you read Nine University Reviews from actual students who are putting in the work, you'll see that 9U is the real deal.

It should be noted that neither Daniel or Steve were paid in any way for this interview. In fact, as Steve puts it, "What's paying us to say it is the money we're making in our Amazon accounts."

Nine University KT VIP can give you a far stronger foundation to build your FBA business than relying on random YouTube videos for tips that can't give you the complete education needed to succeed.

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