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There are many success stories inside of Nine University, but there are a select few that seem to go above and beyond the average students results. This is an opportunity for you to meet the all stars of Nine University.


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Aaron Kim

"The $27,000 in 3 weeks man!!!"

"He is able to charge nearly DOUBLE what others are charging"

Aaron's product went semi "viral" on Amazon and made him 27k in his first week of selling.

Aaron was able to catch onto a trend in a market that simply exploded.

His photography and listing quality simply blew away the competition, so he is able to charge nearly DOUBLE what others are charging while still maintaining the same rate of sales.

Aaron recently
quit his job to pursue entrepreneurship full time and we are SO EXCITED to see where this journey takes him!!

Gary Hutton

"Gary now makes 30k per MONTH!!!"

"A shy guy who has been through a lot... what else is there to say than HE IS A BEAST!!!"

Gary came to us when he was basically homeless, sleeping on an air mattress with his dog and a laptop from 2006. (Image left)

He dug up a credit card somewhere, somehow came up with the funds necessary to join KT V.I.P. and start Amazon FBA.

He was willing to literally put his last dime on the line, and wow, has it paid off.

Gary now makes 30k per MONTH selling on
Amazon FBA, and that number keeps rising.
Seems like every day there's a new screenshot posted in the student group.

We are SO PROUD of Gary, he is literally living the American Dream and a prime example that if you REFUSE to GIVE UP, no matter the circumstances, you can actually change your life around.

Joseph & Kylee

"They make $1million per year"

"This is literally just the beginning. This will be our first 8 figure Amazon FBA Success Story within 6-8 months."

Joseph and Kylee found me back when I was still a business consultant at Duquesne University.

We literally had Amazon "workshops" every Friday for 3 hours.

I typed on their computer... I went through everything with them step by step... Then I quit my job and got super busy running Nine University and KT V.I.P.

Joseph walked back into our new office 6 months later and said "bro, it's blowing up".
He hadn't touched anything, just let the PPC campaigns do their thing over the 6 months.

Now, they make around $1,000,000 a year from ONE of their 9 products that they have on Amazon.

Brian Snoddy

"Has his sights set on 20-30k per month!"

"He lives out in the country with slow internet and giant rocking chairs on his front porch, and he loves it."

Brian came to us with zero knowledge of Amazon FBA.

Working from home for his "normal" job gave him the ability to start Amazon FBA as a side gig.
Now, he says that paying for your mortgage using Amazon FBA is "easy" and something that everyone should do.

He easily broke through the 10k per month mark and has his sights set on 20 and 30k here in the coming months.

Brian is also an amazing resource in the VIP community, posting frequently and helping out fellow members as much as he can.

Maddy Gamble

"18 years old… making nearly $10k/month"

“Once she restocks, we fully expect her to reach 20k per month from her first product.”

Maddy likes to destroy excuses… how?

because she's 18 years old… and makes nearly 10k PER MONTH selling on Amazon FBA

Not only is she super sweet and helpful in the student group, she isn't intimidated by a business model that is flooded with serious entrepreneurs.
instead, she sticks to her guns, and simply follows the process.

Her first product has only been up a few weeks and its already SOLD OUT.

Keep killing it Maddy!

Nick Andreala

"130k PER MONTH on ONE product"

“He waited 3 months (because he was skeptical) before joining our Nine University KT V.I.P. program.”

Nick came to us when he was already selling on Amazon, doing about 20k per month in revenue.

The catch?!

He was making zero profit...

All of his money was eaten up by fees, advertising costs, and mistakes along the way.

So how did we scale him to such a level?

When we started working 1 on 1 with him, we started with two things.

1) Increase his review count.

We got him from 20 4 star reviews to 100+ 4.5 Star Reviews in a matter of weeks with one simple hack.

This alone doubled his sales from 20k to 40k.

2) Optimize his advertising.

This was the big ticket... We needed to make sure all the money he was spending to put his product in front of people's eyes was PROFITABLE.

We fixed this and automated it, which allowed him to scale to 135k per month.

How much PROFIT is that, you ask? About 50-60k, cash, in the bank, every single month.

It's a crazy success story. It sounds like a lie even as I type this. But it ISN'T.

Nick is now sourcing his second product, we fully expect him to be at the 200k level within a month or two!

7 figures or bust!

Kyle Stephens

"The Newest 100k Club Member!"

“Watch my interview with him when he was doing $4,500 a month”

Kyle is a VIP in every sense of the word

Got Nine U... Got his pictures from Honey Badger Boost... Optimized his listing with us...

And crazy enough?

Kyle is super determined and fun to talk to. Watch my interview with him when he was doing $4,500 a month - his positivity is infectious!

Now, he's nearing the 10k per month barrier and is super pumped to be the newest addition to our 100k club (100k per year + on Amazon)

He's just getting started!

As You Can See...

KT VIP Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?


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