Want To Become an Amazon FBA Seller? Here's What To Expect

Amazon FBA can be an instrumental program if you wish to take your business to the next level. However, there are a few things that you should know when you decide to take the leap to become an Amazon FBA seller. Today, Nine University covers what exactly Amazon FBA is, its benefits, and other things to keep in mind.

What is an Amazon FBA Seller?

Anyone can sell on Amazon, but that just means that anyone can use Amazon’s website to list and sell their goods. This leaves the storage and distribution of those goods up to the seller and is not necessarily a bad thing for those with a small customer base or a relatively small amount of stock. Storage and distribution can, however, become a massive hassle for a company that proliferates and has to ship to broad areas while keeping more items in stock. Enter Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) is a service offered by Amazon that allows a business to store its goods in a warehouse owned by Amazon. Goods can are in a warehouse located in a central area or in an area that is closest to specific customer demographics. This means that Amazon can ship the order in a small amount of time as well. All in all, Amazon FBA will reduce shipping hassle and allow your business to keep more products in stock. Now let’s take a look at what you can expect as an Amazon FBA seller:

You Will Still Have to Ship Product

Just because Amazon is going to ship your products to customers does not mean that the shipping process is entirely ‘out of your hands.’ You will still have to send your products to Amazon and set up a shipping plan. Basically, Amazon will need to receive your products and know where they are going to be going. 

Your Products Will be Available Through Amazon Prime

Customers looking to buy your products will be able to experience the benefits of Amazon Prime shipping etc. This will decrease the time it takes for customers to receive your products and increase customer satisfaction. Your customers will also feel confident that their purchases will be what they need and on-time. 

Being an Amazon FBA Seller is not Free.

Amazon does charge a monthly fee for FBA sellers as well as fees associated with storage time and the size of each product. If you are thinking about becoming an Amazon FBA seller, you should first weigh the cost and determine if it would be beneficial to start utilizing Amazon FBA. You can learn much more by taking an Amazon FBA course or clicking here for a short video overview.

Customer Support

One of the most significant advantages associated with being an Amazon FBA seller is the customer service that Amazon provides. Amazon has a customer support line that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that the headache of dealing with issues such as returns will be avoided by utilizing Amazon FBA.

Is it Worth it?

Becoming an Amazon FBA seller can reduce many stresses associated with getting your product where it needs to go. It will also mean that your product is more widely available and conveniently accessed. If you move a lot of products and need additional space (or expect either of those things), becoming an Amazon FBA seller will be extremely beneficial and can be the decision that takes your business to the next level. For more information about Amazon FBA, visit Nine University. You will not be disappointed.

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