Want to Make Amazing Content to Sell Your Amazon Products? 

It takes a lot of effort to become successful at selling products through Amazon FBA. One of the biggest secrets is social media. You have got to produce quality content on a regular basis to post across all of your social media platforms. The content should be engaging. As well as unique, and relevant. If you simply pitch your product and advertise it in the same manner every time you post, it will not generate the attention that you are hoping for. It is also important that you post a lot of stuff, all of the time. What is a content creator? In this video, the team of Nine University tells you about it and how to go about it. Keep reading for tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Ask Yourself These Nine Questions About Your Content

 Nine University has put together a list of nine questions to ask yourself to make sure that your content is up to snuff. Let’s have a look:

Question Number Nine: Will it Grab Attention?
You should always make sure that your content will grab the attention of your audience. As well as cut through the noise of all of the other chatter on social media. You need to be exciting and interesting right away. Keep your intensity through the post. Your post will do no good if people do not feel involved all the way through.

Question Number Eight: Heart or Head?
Each post needs to appeal to either someone’s heart or someone’s head. Continual sob stories get old and annoying. Just the same; teaching and preaching can get old too. It is best to appeal to both. Make sure that your audience learns something. As well as feels emotionally connected every single time they see your posts.

Question Number Seven: Is There Motivation to Share?
Before you share or submit your content, review it to make sure that you have given your audience a reason to share your post with others. The whole idea is to get your content to reach as far as possible, right? So, be sure that your viewers have a reason to generate more viewers for you.

Question Number Six: Is It Human?
When you start posting on social media, overproduction can be devastating. The more you script it and try to perfect it, the smaller the human aspect will be. Keep it real and keep it honest. Let your audience feel as though they are listening to YOU.

Question Number Five: Will it Build a Relationship With Your Audience?

Similar to question six, you want to make sure that your audience feels like they are getting to know you. Keep it professional, but let it be personal too. You want your viewers, readers, etc. to feel personally connected and comfortable with you and your brand. Let them feel involved.

Question Number Four: Will it Lead to Engagement?
You have to be intentional. If you do not use calls to action, people are not likely to organically engage with your content. The more people engage, the wider reach your content will have. Tell your audience what to do. Tell them to subscribe, comment, like, etc.

Question Number Three: What Vs. How?
What you are saying is way more important than how you are saying it… sort of. However, the bottom line is that you can have expensive equipment and all sorts of gimmicks, but you will get the results that you want by offering the “what?”. Focus on your message first.

Question Number Two: Do You Care?
Review your posts to make sure that your audience can tell that you care. It is hard to talk about things that you do not actually care about and your audience can tell. Stick with what you care about to keep it honest and real. If there are areas that you need passion for, go out and get it before you post about it.

Question Number One: Is it the Best That You Can Do?
This one is simple. With all of the content being produced every day, it is hard to stand out. Although, you MUST put your best foot forward if you want your content to do its job. Review it and make sure that you are giving it your best shot before you post it. Check it every time.

Where to Go for More

If you want to know how to be a better digital content creator, Nine University can turn you into a great content creator in no time. Check the video above and have a look at their website to learn more.

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