Real Student Victim Of An Amazon FBA Scam?

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When you see anything online that says you can make good money quickly, your first thought is likely, “Yeah, right”. There are so many scams out there that it really does pay to be skeptical. This was Aaron’s initial thought when he saw an ad for Project Nine University’s Amazon FBA course too. With apprehension and skepticism, Aaron signed up for the course and waited for the ensuing disappointment. The funny thing is that he never got it. Check out the video and read below to see what actually happened!

A Sudden Drop in Amazon FBA Sales

Aaron started his Amazon FBA business and decided to use Project Nine University’s program to start things right. His sales quickly increased and the business became profitable. At one point, Aaron watched his monthly sales profit hit $16 thousand dollars! If you study his progress, you will notice that he had a sudden drop in sales. So, what happened? The answer might surprise you. He literally ran out of stock! As it turns out, the Amazon FBA course turned out not to be a scam after all. He had hit a goldmine of information and his business really had taken off!

How Did it Work for Aaron?

Aaron swears that it was as simple as following the steps and sticking with it to the end. The course offered by Project Nine University is one of those things that produce results that directly correlate with the effort that you put into it. Aaron was able to set goals and follow the program through to see his results.

He was skeptical at first, but as he tried to disprove the validity of what he was doing, he could not find anything wrong or any reason that it should not work. The only real trouble that Aaron feels that he encountered was the fact that some suppliers had a significant language barrier. He said that he got used to it, however.

Products, Plans, and Goals

Just as with Aaron’s experience, choosing the right products to list will greatly benefit you. There is a sea of different products that is swarming with competition. It is crucial that you choose to sell a product that you can reliably obtain, easily check for quality, and that does not have such steep competition that your business cannot rise above. It is also important that you set a plan that is a few steps ahead, always. That is also something that Aaron is doing to ensure his success. Do not be afraid to dream big. Aaron has set a goal for himself to one day own a boat in the South Pacific. If you set a goal for yourself, keep it in your mind or even print a picture to put up at your desk or in your home office. It can be a huge help in keeping you focused and determined while you put in the necessary hours to make your dreams happen.

Pros and Cons

Aaron points out that there are only a few downsides to learning how to sell on Amazon. The first, in his opinion, is the patience that it requires. But let’s be real, the turnaround is actually pretty quick. The second is that “You have to stick with the analytics”. He says this because “going with his gut” got him into some trouble when he first started.

The positives are numerous. The main thing that has really impressed Aaron is the size of the industry and the potential that anyone could have as an Amazon FBA seller. There is so much out there, but yet still so much room for even more market expansion.

Should You do it?

If you are thinking about elevating your business with Amazon FBA, get in touch with Project Nine University. Amazon FBA really can take your sales to the next level, and Project Nine is here to help!
Wherever you are in your Amazon FBA journey right now... from not even started, to deep into selling product, we can help you get to the next level.

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